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The city of Canberra is included to the state Australian Capital Territory

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Canberra: Capital City of Australia

Canberra, Australia is the display of all things Australian. There are many things to do and visit and see. Canberra is very welcoming and open. There is something for everyone here. From family fun, to night clubs, to museums, to the great outdoors, there are many wonders to be explored, all in the Australian way. Canberra also has wonderful wine tasting and some of the world’s most remarkable landmarks. Tours are available to introduce visitors to the many attractions of Canberra, Australia. Also in Canberra are popular spas for possibly the most amazingly relaxing experience found anywhere. For families, there are many great activities available. Hiking beautiful trails, a golf center that offers everything golf, a sports center that gets visitors personal with champion athletes, and more. Guests and residents alike love Canberra for its activities, sightseeing, and overall beauty. As capital of Australia, Canberra rightfully displays a little of everything Australia in just one amazing place.

Points of interests / things to see

Food of Canberra

Canberra is famed for its lovely dining experiences. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful city. Restaurants offer the freshest of foods, amazing wine tasting experiences, astonishing dining room décor, and inspiring views. Canberra is a wonderful place for food lovers and travellers alike, offering the best experience possible in many ways. Canberra is also home to several food markets. The food markets offer fresh, fresh greens and other produce for home cooking an amazing meal. There are also dining areas here as well, and some of Canberra’s great restaurants purchase their ingredients locally in these fresh markets. Another popular food stop in Canberra are the wineries and breweries. These places offer amazing wine tasting opportunities unknown to the rest of the world. Several vineyards are open to the public for wine tasting and tours of the wine production sites. With several vineyards available for exploring, guests may learn something new with each one. Some vineyards are owned by a world famous wine production company here in Canberra. Some vineyards may even allow for the opportunity to meet the maker themselves. Canberra also has two wonderful breweries to explore. Both of these fine breweries offer unique experiences and are more than worth exploring.

Nightlife Fun in Canberra

Though the sun goes down in Canberra, the fun and experiences refuse to skip a beat. There are several things to do in the evening in Canberra, and nightclubs are a popular stop. Canberra is known to serve some of the most fantastic drinks in a great setting. The clubs offer great stereo music with great drinks in great company. The bars are nice for drinks with a side of live music and even big screen TV sports. For a quieter scene, the cinema and theatres thrive in the evening time in Canberra. The cinema offers great movies viewed with amazing quality. With the big screen and the perfect sound, there’s nowhere to watch a better movie. Another show is the live performances at the theatre. Several theatres are open with great shows in the evening. However, the theatres are home to more than just plays. They also offer amazing dance performances, musicals, and even concerts. It’s the perfect scene for entertainment. Another popular stop for fun in Canberra is the casinos. The casinos are fun and welcoming. They have great dining available, as well as games and other entertainment. Casinos and clubs in Canberra offer many different types of atmospheres so the perfect one for everyone is available out there somewhere.

Sightseeing Around Canberra

Lots of sightseeing is available for exploration in Canberra. Several churches offer spectacular stained glass pictures and stunning interiors. There are also many buildings in Canberra available to view and explore. Such structures and architectural masterpieces are wonderful places of inspiration well worth exploring and learning the ways and means of Canberra’s great beauty and majesty. Foreign embassies also located in Canberra are a great learning and visual experience. These embassies offer insights from foreign countries stationed in Canberra. Many historical buildings and memoirs are located in Canberra as well. They offer wonderful insights to Australia’s great history and inspire visitors of all kinds. There are also several museums and art places to explore in Canberra. Here, visitors can find and discover the many secrets and wonderful histories of Australia. A popular stop may be the dinosaur museum or one of the many fantastical art galleries. The art displayed in these galleries are awe inspiring and a real treat. Not many capital cities offer the amazing advantage of both city and nature. Canberra does, however, and does so beautifully. Several great trails and parks are open to the public. A few reserves offer opportunities to witness emus and the famous Australian kangaroo free in their habitats.

Relaxation in Canberra

It’s not hard to take a deep breath in Canberra. In one of the fine spas located here, it’s one of the best deep breaths one can take. There are several options available in Canberra’s spas. Massages are a popular choice. The expert staff in Canberra’s spas offers personable experiences in deep massages. Also available is the hot rocks treatment. In this experience, guests may find a lovely and full relaxation of muscles, and in turn, the mind and soul. Spas in Canberra also have great salon treatments and specialize in beauty, rejuvenation, and an overall satisfied guest. Additionally, spas go beyond the regular treatment and into true serenity. Some of these fabulous spas specialize in natural nourishment. In these fine places, guests can find a different means for relaxation than that of the traditional spa. The facials at these natural spas are known for nourishment of the skin, with a wonderful, glowing outcome. The ingredients involved with many of these spa treatments are pulled from fresh plants locally in Australia. Mud treatments and lounge rooms and steam rooms are also available at Canberra’s finest spas. Guests can enjoy the best of everything. No matter how much or little time is spent at a Canberra spa, it’s not unlikely for guests to walk away glowing from the inside out.

Discovering Australia

Australia’s deep culture and history can only be learned and felt by experience. A great way to start is by visiting the memorials and museums and other attractions located in Canberra. The Australian Institute of Sport offers a great insight at the health and wellness of Australia. As well as experiencing the physical challenges firsthand, guests may see how great Australian athletes perform and thrive in their physically tough, yet fun environment. The Australian War Memorial takes guests back ages and ages to days both dark and light for Australia. This wonderful place helps guests learn the involvement and influences that Australia had in war. Next to the National Library, the famous International Flag Display shows over 90 flags from around the globe. This admirable salute to the United Nations is prided and famed around the world. The National Dinosaur museum is a fun experience for everyone. Here, guests can discover prehistoric wonders. This famed collection is of permanence to Australia and an important part of history and discovery. Parliament House is the famed and known meeting house of Australia. Here, important political meetings occur. Possibly the most famous building in Canberra, the Parliament House is a great democratic symbol and welcoming to guests.

Feeling the Bible in Canberra

A religious stop in the tour of Canberra, the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture: Bible Garden is a great place to further get in touch with the Bible. Plaques are set about various plants with their names and their various contributions to the story of the Bible. Also located here are vast grasslands and even a lovely rainforest area available to explore. The labyrinth that houses the plants makes great for walks and exploration and learning. This wonderful and spiritual place is located at 15 Blackall Street, Barton ACT 2600. The facility can be contacted by telephone at +61 02 6272 6201 or by email at A website is also available and houses wonderful information about this Bible Garden and can be viewed at

Exploring Nature in Canberra

Canberra Nature Park is home to several popular trails and grasslands, all preserved and ready to explore. Pinnacle Nature Trail and Black Mountain are popular points to visit. Canberra Nature Park is popular for walking and exploring the beautiful outdoor opportunities that Canberra has to offer. Guests can explore the area, see nature in its prime, and snap some wonderful photos that can’t be taken anywhere else. Canberra Nature Park can be found at Hills, ridges and buffer areas around Canberra; Canberra ACT 2600. This park can also be contacted by phone, toll free at 13 2281. The website for Canberra Nature Park offers some great information about the park and tips to get the best experience. This all can be viewed at

Canberra's Reptiles

The Canberra Reptile Zoo is a fun trip in the exploration of a wide variety of reptiles. From lizards to snakes, the Canberra Reptile Zoo houses it all. It even goes back to explore the evolution of reptiles, and how life was like for prehistoric creatures. This reptile gallery also educates on reptile climate and survival tactics. Guests may also enjoy the exciting meet and greet with the gallery’s python. Unlike some of the other venomous and deadly creatures house at Canberra Reptile Zoo, this python is not venomous, and friendly and welcoming among guests. The Canberra Reptile Zoo also has several great amenities such as an interactive center and photography services available. All this and more can be found at Gold Creek Village, Barton Highway, Nicholis ACT 2913. The Canberra Reptile Zoo can be contacted by phone at +61 02 6253 8533. They are also open from 10am-5pm daily, excluding Christmas day, and entrance fees go for just $11 per adult.

Getting Personal with Canberra's Wildlife

Cooleman Ridge is a fantastic nature park full of trails available to the public. Guests can come enjoy the amazing scenery unlike anywhere else. There is lots of wildlife and plants to explore in this beautiful piece of Australia. Guests can explore the biology of Cooleman Ridge before taking on the trails firsthand for the most enlightening experience. Australia’s finest can be found amongst the different trails in Cooleman Ridge. Cooleman Ridge can be found at Kathner Street, Chapman ACT 2611. Their toll free phone number can also put through contact at 13 2281. The website offers valuable information about the plants and animals located at Cooleman Ridge and can be viewed at Parking and entry is free and the park is open at all times, for anyone to have the best experience at any time.

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Explore the Many Ways of Exploring Canberra

There are several ways to get to and around Canberra, Australia. As the large capital of this great nation, several popular means of transportation are available for use. International guests are welcomed in by flight. Domestic guests to Canberra are also welcomed in by flight, but may also choose another means of transportation to Canberra. For instance, vehicles are popular for travelling to and around Canberra. Those who fly to Canberra may rent a car for convenience in exploring the nation’s capital with ease. Also available are public transportations such as bus and trains. Several tourist opportunities use these transportation types to explore the city at its finest. Canberra may also be navigated via bicycle. Cycling plays a big part in Australia’s culture and lifestyle. Several great bike trails can be found in and around Canberra for a fun, scenic, and healthy travel experience. Canberra may also be explored without wheels. Visiting some of Canberra’s highpoints may be reached on foot. However, if there’s just too much to explore on foot alone, taxis are always willing to pick up a roaming Canberra fan. The sea is also a big part of Australian culture and lifestyle. It’s used for many things, such as fishing, and of course sailing. In Canberra, a popular sailing experience is out on Lake Burley Griffin. This grand lake plays an important part to Australians and is available for sailing, cruising, and more. Paddle boats and sailboats may be available for renting to explore this fun lake firsthand.

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