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Adéède, a city to visit at any time

Adelaide, the fifth largest city in Australia, is located in southern Australia, known as "South Australia", one of the six states in the country, of which it is the capital. The coastal city is located on the eastern shore of Golf Saint Vincent, in the denominated "Plains of Ade lade" and has about 1 200 000 inhabitants, for an area of ​​870 km ². The city is located above the Fleurieu Peninsula (from where you can get to the very famous Kangaroos Island by ferry) and west of the mountain range of Mount Lofty (which rises to 728 meters). Adéčde was created in 1836 by William IV, and unlike other British colonies Australian, it was not intended to accommodate prisoners but free citizens. It is in honor of his wife Adèle that William IV will choose his name. Until the arrival of the Europeans, the region was occupied by the Kaurnas , an Aborigine tribune.

Points of interests / things to see

"The city of churches", some information before going there.

Adéïde is therefore located in the state of South Australia, which has 1.6 million inhabitants, less than one-tenth of the total population of the country, and the majority of whom live in the agglomeration of Adéïde, since it has more than 1.1 million inhabitants. The state accounts for a good deal of the island's desert settlements. Adéïde is the oldest Australian communal administration (1840 is the date when its first mayor was elected). It is divided into 18 administrative centers, which are managed, as well as the surrounding parks, by the city center of Adéïde. There will also be the government of this state, southern Australia, which works very closely with other major Australian cities, but also with the direction of the city itself, concentrated especially on its urban development and its growth. The construction of the city has been carefully planned, with wide boulevards at right angles spaced by squares at intervals regular, then surrounded by many public gardens. This is an aspect that the city strives to protect, and that it has managed to preserve over time. Adà © lade differs from other major cities in Australia, such as Sydney or Melbourne, by its peaceful dominance as well as by its country airs, which attract less glamor or glitter than other cities, wrongly, because in Adéïde, we can say that it is good to live. Thanks to its architecture, for example, that it chose to keep traditional, always the opposite of these other cities, even in the center, most of the buildings do not go beyond the three floors. which gives it one more time, a peaceful and airy dimension. In addition to its Mediterranean climate, Adéïde is the city of Australia where it rains the least every year, and almost only in winter. With winter in Australia in June and July, Adéïde is a popular destination throughout the year.

An exceptional environment

Adèle is therefore located between the Fleurieu Peninsula and the Lofty Mountain Range. This exceptional position offers visitors many activities and landscapes to discover. First of all on the water side, the sea stretches along the shores of its western suburbs, where You can admire huge strips of white sand beach where the waves of Golf Saint Vincent die. The numerous "urban beaches" that encircle the city are a very popular place for tourists, especially Henley Beach and Glenelg. The Fleurieu Peninsula, a little further down, will offer you many activities. In the natural surroundings of a beauty, again, exceptional. On the other side, surrounding the city, the green hills that form the set of "Adelaide Hills" as far as the eye can see. The Lofty Mountain range extends for more than 300 kilometers, and separates the plains of Adéïde from the immense plains surrounding the Murray, a Another Australian river. On almost all this mountainous chain of beauty lies a magical hiking trail, extending westward, up the Flinders Chain. Â The southern part of the chain is called South Mount Lofty Ranges, it includes the Adéïde hills, as well as the Barossa Valley, and the Mc Laren Valley, both of which are world famous for the excellence of the products extracted from their winery. Its highest point is Mount Lofty, rising to an altitude of 728 meters. The Adéïde hills, which also have many renowned wine estates (open to visitors ) are divided into several protected parks and complexes, in order to avoid any construction and to preserve the exceptional beauty of the places. The three principal ones are the Belair national park and the Cleland and Black Hillet Nature Parks. At the foot of these hills, one can also visit several small towns and villages with many attractive sites for visitors such as museums and art galleries, including the city of Hahndorf , where you can go to the famous bakery "Kaffehouse".

A special story

Adelaide is, we have said, the only city in Australia that has not been built by British prisoners. Globally nicknamed "the city of church" Churches), Adéïde is indeed dotted with numerous churches of different confessions (Anglicans, Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans ..). The reason is simple, it is not a construction on the labor of the English prisoners, but of a construction by free citizens whose claims were the recognition of this freedom and their worship. In fact, many people were fleeing religious persecution in Europe. Two of them, the first, the Holy Trinity Church, were mentioned. built in 1838 and the second, the Scots Church in North Terrace is one of the first churches in Ade'de.

A true culinary journey

The national wine center is also a place not to be missed, it will be a place of relaxation and discovery for your taste buds, perfect to finish an afternoon at the famous botanical garden located just behind. The region has, as we have already said, a wine reputation that is no longer to show, but it is also very well-known for its brewery. re, the best in the country according to the Australians. One can visit the Coopers brewery, on the outskirts of the city, and taste its beers, brown or blond to which a slight fermentation deposition gives its appearance particularly dark, and especially his delicious taste. In the same way, restoring during your stay will be a real pleasure: many streets of Adéïde are dedicated to gastronomy and the culinary art. The locals of the city have a reputation for gourmet gourmands that your trip will not deter! In the center, Gouger Street, Hutt Street and Rundle Mall are the main attractions. In the north, those of Melbourne and O'Connell. To the south of the city, there will be a nice restoration on King Willam road and Unley road. Many Australian restaurants have the denomination "Mod'Oz kitchen", let yourself be carried by this fine mixture of European cuisine. You can also indulge in the famous "Barbie" barbeque in the Australian style, often with free access to the large beaches of the seaside. These barbecues are a place of social interaction and multiple encounters. We can try the essential Australian accessory to give your meat a smoky taste: a small cast iron box pierced with holes where we lock his meat with small wood chips before putting everything in the fire. The second culinary habit that is very well-known in Adà © lade is the Brunch, which is culturally practiced much more than the breakfast and lunch we are The fans of fresh produce will also be satisfied, since Adéïde is also reputed for the large markets that jalonent the city center. On Gouger Street, for example, the "Central Market" is a real institution. This huge covered market offers, in addition to countless fresh fruits and vegetables, a large florilion of food from all over the world: French cheeses, German sausages, Asian food and specialties, teas Coffee and coffee of all kinds and tastes delight locals and tourists alike.

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Plan a trip to Adeida, all practical info

To get to the great and beautiful city of Adéïde, you are spoiled for choice! The city has indeed an international airport, but also a port and many railways that connect it to other major cities in Australia. The airport has only one terminal, Terminal 1, for all flights, domestic and international, so you can not get lost! In addition, it is located in the town of West Beach, just 6 kilometers from the city center of Adà © dïde. Arriving, you will find a set of bus networks, Shuttle buses and taxis are ready to take you to the center quickly and efficiently with little expense. For any technical or practical information, you can contact the airport directly at +61 8 8308 9211, where we will be able to inform you in several languages! The information center of the port of Adéïde is, for its part, located in a classified building dating from 1860, the "Black Diamond Center" ", in which there were originally courts, police offices, prison cells and customs. Besides the beauty of the place, which was restored to its original state (in stone), you will find You will find a friendly and attentive staff, who will be able to inform you about the various transport or cruise activities of the city. place.

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Adelaide Town Hall
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