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The city of Altenmarkt im Pongau is included to the state Salzburg and to the district St. Johann im Pongau District

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Altenmarkt Im Pongau, a travel destination to advise

Altenmarkt Im Pongau, a small Austrian town located about 60 kilometers from Salzburg, is renowned for its winter sports as much as for the activities it offers to its visitors. © © summer. Austria's top tourist destination, the city regularly hosts the alpine ski world cup. But Altenmarkt Im Pongau has developed its tourism by expanding the range of its activities and offering more services to its visitors. Summer and winter, a multitude of options are available to you: nature, well-being, sport and relaxation. All in a beautiful setting within the Salzburg Amadé Sport World area, a ski area of ​​350 kilometers of slopes! In winter the snow is exceptional and there is sunshine is at the rendezvous. In these conditions, difficult to find better to take maximum advantage of a frame of mountains that this station which knew to develop around a high quality tourism.

Points of interests / things to see

A strong local tradition

While being open to the world and offering the comfort of a modern culture, the village has preserved a colorful tradition and folklore that locals like to share with visitors. The place is particularly famous for its "harvest festival", during which all the natives present in a fun and festive way the farm life of today, a unique way to discover the way of life of the inhabitants of Altenmarkt Im Pongau. The whole village brings the traditions of the Salzburg region to life through concerts in the market square, folklore shows and the sale of local handicrafts. If you want to explore this culture in more depth, do not hesitate to visit the local history museum. If you are lucky enough to be in the village at the time of the cheese festival, you will discover another highlight of the traditions of the region. In winter, the village is transformed and welcomes visitors to discover the magic of the end of year festivities as it does not exist anywhere else. With its Historical Ice Trophy, in January, the village runs a snow and ice race circuit where drivers from all over the world come to compete in all types of cars, from the oldest to the newest . A spectacle not to be missed! For the most sentimental, it will be the festivities related to the Christmas period that will attract them to the city. Because the end-of-year parties are not taken lightly here! The magic of Christmas is in full swing. The two municipalities of Altenmarkt and its neighbor Zauchensee offer their visitors moments of pure fairytale around the market place. Let yourself be carried away by the events of Advent which transform the two villages into places of introspection and reflection. The traditional decorations of wood and the passage under the door of the "angels" will transport you directly into a world of festivities and meditation. Do not hesitate to join the torchlight walk organized in music to the sounds of local folklore legends.

Salzburg: the neighbor of Altenmark, city of culture and history

What would be a stay in Altenmarkt without visiting its famous neighbor, Salzburg? The city of Mozart has a spectacular heritage and can be proud to combine a very active modern cultural life with a past full of history. Only 66 kilometers from Altenmarkt come and meet the city that gave its name to this region of Austria. With its festivals all year round, its cultural life (more than 4000 events a year) and twenty or so religious buildings to visit, you will not be bored in this city. Historic in the heart of Europe. Among the monuments that will not be missed when visiting the city, the Hohensalzburg Fortress will not fail to surprise you. The cathedral of the city, baroque style, is also a place quite apart. But there are many other religious buildings in the image of the Franciscan Church, opposite the Monchsberg hill, which deserve a mention. On the horizon, the famous mountain Untersberg. Independently of the buildings and monuments to visit and to admire, the city of Salzburg beats of a vibrant heart filled with traditions and a vivacious local culture. Enjoy the local gastronomy, family restaurants that are still there and the atmosphere that emerges from its old streets.


If you are on vacation in Altenmarkt, you are probably looking for relaxation. The village has developed its tourism and infrastructure to allow you to find all modern means to relax and take care of yourself during your stay. First of all there is the frame. The fresh air of the Austrian mountains and its breathtaking beauty instantly revive the most gray moods. Local cuisine, often based on local products from organic farming, will be a perfect complement to this bowl of air to take care of your body. But beyond this healthy environment, come and find in Altenmarkt the baths, swimming pool and sauna that the village offers. If you come to visit the area in summer, you can swim in lakes and outdoor pools with mountains as a decor. Then, let yourself be pampered with the honey massages or body treatments offered by professionals from various health centers. Every visitor who tries it comes out calm and in harmony with his body and what surrounds him. The offer of these centers is complete, in particular that of the medical center of care, composed and realized by specialists of the well-being and which represents a perfect combination between care medical and natural therapies.

Local gastronomy

Altenmarkt retains its traditions. The leitmotif is for culture and folklore as well as for gastronomy, to the delight of visitors! Anxious to offer a healthy stay at the end of which the travelers will return soothed, the kitchen is inspired by many natural and organic local products. Farmers in the surrounding area produce farmed or raised produce, meat and poultry that respects nature. The products that come out are tasty and make up the most beautiful regional dishes. Sit at the table of a family restaurant or directly in a farm that has become a restaurant, and taste the regional delights prepared lightly, such as the soup of cheese, mushroom ravioli or roastbeef with chanterelles.

The activities of summer in Altenmarkt

Altenmarkt is a resort that lives both summer and winter and tourists flock there during these two periods. For the summer, it's no surprise, to see the number of activities offered to visitors during the hot and sunny season. All outdoor activities are represented: hiking, Nordic walking, horseback riding, running, biking, mountain biking as well as canyoning etcâ € | This eldorado of outdoor sports will allow you to keep fit in a spectacular setting, within the "Atomic Vital Park" which offers all these activities. The region is specialized in hiking and offers more than twenty courses from the family level to the most difficult circuits. Each course has a specific theme, from the farm to the moon, and you will learn about nature as much as you spend during these sports getaways. In addition, the village is centrally located, allowing you to reach more than 200 places of interest in the region. For extreme sports enthusiasts, the village has also planned the infrastructures for activities such as rafting, speleology, climbing, via ferrata etcâ € | Open your horizon to all mountain sports!

Winter activities

Altenmarkt is still a more popular destination in the winter, probably because it hosts the alpine skiing world cup on a regular basis. The village, located 842 meters above sea level is in a large valley. The world cup has actually taken place in Zauchensee, his partner city, perched at more than 1350 meters. The area that is there benefits from an exceptional snowfall from December to April. The ski area Radstadt-Altenmarkt is more family-friendly and equipped with new facilities. Altenmarkt-Zauchensee is part of the Salzburger Sportworld, the largest ski area in Austria. Indeed, it is part of the amadé ski, an area comprising 860 kilometers of pistes served by 270 ski lifts. The resort is one of the most beautiful in Austria with an exceptional nature area for off-piste and downhill skiing with only 220 kilometers of marked trails. If you want to discover new sensations in the snow, leave the skis aside and opt for one of the many other activities offered by the village: winter hike, horseback riding in snow and other snowshoeing. For this, you can inquire at the many agencies in the village that offer various departures. For the more cautious, there remains the option of the spa and thermal baths, which allow enjoy with the family a pure moment of relaxation in an idyllic setting. Give yourself a break in one of the health centers. Between two excursions in the snow your body will be energized by the thermal waters and the heat, and you will leave completely relaxed. For families always, ski-clubs and other schools offer courses for young and old who wish to enjoy their stay to perfect their level. Prices are affordable, everything is thought for families to enjoy their stay.

A resort to discover with your family

Altenmarkt has understood this, many visitors want to come with their family and find something to occupy and entertain all their members. That's why the resort has developed around this idea, family tourism. Affordable hotels, special rates for families, a warm and relaxed atmosphere and a multitude of activities are available to those who come in tribe. Whether you opt for a stay in the heart of a farm or in a Bed and Breakfast designed to accommodate families with children, you will find on site all the comforts for lodging, eating and doing business. At all ages.

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How to get there ?

How to get to Altenmarkt Im Pongau

The question is how to join this unique place of tradition and well-being. If you arrive by road, know that the highways are paying and rather expensive in Austria. Take the A10 Tauernautobahn and exit at the Altenmarkt exit. If you arrive by train, nothing easier. The train from Salzburg has a change to Selzthal that you have to take and then go to the Altenmarkt stop. You can arrange it with your hotel so that someone can pick you up or take a bus or taxi to Altenmarkt center. If you go to the station by plane, you will land at Salzburg airport, named after its illustrious local child, Mozart. The airport is located just 3 kilometers from the city from which it will be easy to reach Altenmarkt by train. From the airport to the city, there are also shuttles and you can also take a taxi. The Austrian rail transport is reliable and the region tends to develop its tourism stations, so you will have no trouble finding the necessary information to your various transfers to Altenmarkt whatever your point of arrival.

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