City of Obertauern (Salzburg)

The city of Obertauern is included to the state Salzburg and to the district St. Johann im Pongau District

Presentation of the destination

Outdoor Beauty

The perfect weather conditions and beautiful landscape in Obertauern, Austria make outdoor activities anyone’s passions. The two basic seasons in Obertauern are summer and winter. During the winter, ski conditions are perfect from the end of November all the way to the beginning of May. This allows for months of amazing winter sports and fun in Obertauern. The summer in Obertauern shows the absence of a great white blanket of snow and the land bursts with green again. This time of year is perfect for warmer outdoor activities, such as hiking on the many trails available in Obertauern. Obertauern has seen its history with the ancient Romans and many others for centuries. Obertauern started transformation into a tourist destination in the 1920s after WWI, where skiers began settling in the area. Since then, the land was accommodated for, building ski lifts and other amenities that made the village what it is today. Austria operates on the Central European Time Zone and accepts the Euro as currency. The official language in Austria is the German Language. Obertauern can be anyone’s dream destination.

Points of interests / things to see

Wintertime Obertauern

As one of the greatest ski resorts in the world, a trip to Obertauern isn’t complete without some snowy fun. In the beautiful mountainous scenery, a hut called Dikt’n Alm to all kinds of needs when it comes to snowy landscapes as found in Obertauern. Dikt’n Alm brings guest a wonderful feeling of warmth and coziness after a fun day out on the slopes. Dikt’n Alm provides guests with friendly service, top quality food and drinks, and even an overnight stay at the available apartments. Guests may stay at the Dikt’n Alm in a cozy cabin setting with plenty of firewood, a kitchen, and television. Dikt’n Alm also offers tours of the snowy landscape of a different variety. Guests may venture out for a snowshoe hike, go sledding, snow kiting, or even snow biking. Dikt’n Alm has all sorts of great activities available, some for the family, some more exhilarating. All these great activities and accomodations can be found at Dikt’n Alm at GF Maria Mooslechner-Thurner, Seekarstr. 31, 5562 Obertauern, Austria. Dikt’n Alm may be contacted by telephone at +43 0 6456 7580 or by email at for more information, such as pricing inquiries, other services, and even ski slope route information. More information on Dikt’n Alm may also be found on the cozy cabin’s website at

Summertime Obertauern

Summer vacations can be just as fun and rewarding as winter holidays in Obertauern. At the Wildlife and Funpark in Untertauern, guests can find many different wild species to interact with, go fishing, and taste the freshness of the lands foods at the hotel restaurant. The Wildlife and Funpark is a fantastic family destination, offering dozens of wild animals to interact with, including alpacas, rabbits, chickens, beavers, and goats. These gentle animals and others are great for children to interact with, and even feed. Guests may also fish in the nearby waters for all sorts of fresh fish such as cod and rainbow trout. Guests may then fry their catches on the available grills and enjoy fresh, fresh fish right in the park. Also at the Wildlife and Funpark are great bicycle paths and scenery. At the end of a fun summer day at the Wildlife and Funpark, guests may dive into the new, refreshing bathing lake, made just for swimming and refreshing at the park. There are many activities to explore and discover in the Wildlife and Funpark in Untertauern. The Wildlife and Funpark may be contacted by telephone at +43 0 6455 238 or by email at for more information on the park. More activities, animals, and even pictures may be found on the park’s website at

Beautiful Golf

Golf is known around the world as a strategic sport that takes great concentration and skill. However, even with remarkable skills, a golfer needs a good course to play on. In the sunniest region in Austria, Golfclub Lungau is available to anyone for a memorable golf experience. As one of the best golf courses in the country, Golfclub Lungau offers amazing amenities, including a spectacular 18 hole course as well as a simpler 9 hole course, spectacular scenery, and a fine restaurant. The courses at Golfclub Lungau are professionally built and user friendly. The 18 hole course is a wonderful course for experienced golfers, applying a challenge, while keeping the game fun and relaxing. The 18 hole course cost €65. The 9 hole course is a simpler course at Golfclub Lungau and perfect for beginners and for practice. Golfclub Lungau also offers training for beginners or those looking to improve their game, as well as a driving range. The 9 hole course costs €26 and the driving range costs €10. The landscape at the golf club is nothing short of breathtaking. The rolling hills background, the sparkling lakes, the green of the course and surrounding trees, and much more all blend beautifully together to become Golfclub Lungau. After a fantastic day of golf, guests may relax at the onsite restaurant, s’19er, for delectable foods and a range of choices of wines and spirits. Golfclub Lungau is located at Feldnergasse 165, 5582 Sankt Michael im Lungau, 06477 7448. Golfclub Lungau may be contacted by telephone at +43 (0)6477 7448. The club may also be contacted by email by filling out the online contact form at More information on the golf course may be found on the club’s website at

Exploring the Outdoors

Gnadenalm offers a different approach to highlighting the benefits of Obertauern. Gnadenalm offers everything and more that one might wish to do in Austria. During the winter, guests may choose from a vast number of activities, including spa treatments, indoor and outdoor pools, tobogganing, skiing, sledding, warm fires and drinks, and much more. The tobogganing route is recently flood lit for an enjoyable night ride. Guests may also take a nice horse drawn sleigh ride through the snow. Summer in Gnadenalm is different than the winter months with the absence of snow, with activities based around hiking. Though there are snow hikes offered during the winter at Gnadenalm, summer hiking provides a better view and exploration of the bare earth. The surrounding nature offers hundreds of discoveries on the hikes, spectacular views, and fresh Austrian air. No matter the season, guests continue to enjoy the sights and happenings of Gnadenalm. Gnadenalm is located at Gnadenalmstraße 20, 5562, Obertauern, AT, and may be contacted by telephone at +43 6456 7351. Gnadenalm may also be contacted by email at More information on Gnadenalm, including weather conditions, hotel information, and more, may be found on the website at

Indoor Sporting

The Sport Center Obertauern offers a different approach to sporting on Obertauern. Sporting is well loved and exercised year round in Obertauern. Guests of the Sports Center Obertauern come for the indoor exercise. Obertauern may sport rough weathers making it unsafe for the usual outdoor sports, particularly during the winter months. Thankfully, guests have the Sports Center to turn to. Guests may also visit the Sports Center, not just because of bad weather, but for a different view of exercise. The large variety of exercise equipment, dart boards, bowling alleys, arcade games, and others allow for many choices, rather than just winter sports or summer hiking. Visitors of Obertauern may also find the Sport Center useful in the event of bad weather on a planned ski day. These guests can take advantage of the many amenities of the Sport Center. Souvenirs and other items may be purchased at the onsite store at the Sport Center. Guests may find great prices on valuable items at the shop, including rentals. The Sport Center Obertauern is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm, and Monday from 9am to 7pm. Booking information and other inquiries can be made by contacting the Sport Center Obertauern by telephone at +43 6456 7656. More information on the Sport Center may be found on the webpage at

Castles Near Obertauern

The Mauterndorf Castle near Obertauern, Austria is a fantastic trip to the Middle Ages. Where travellers used to pay toll whilst travelling through the Alps, guests today approach to discover the history within. The Mauterndorf Castle has an impressive history, with the road it lies upon today dating back to the ancient Romans. Guests can explore the accuracy of detail restored into the Mauterndorf Castle, represented by a costumed guide. The Mauterndorf Castle also has several amenities besides fascinating exhibits, including medieval dining, interactive children’s games, and audio supported guides. The Mauterndorf Castle is located at 5570 Mauterndorf, Austria, and may be contacted by telephone at +43 6472 7426. More information on the Mauterndorf Castle may be found on the castle’s website at

The Mill Tour Near Obertauern

The Miihlenweg Cedar House near Obertauern is a great historical site to visit. From the Cedar House, guests can begin a toured walk of an hour and a half, visiting and learning about the four mills, which have been restored to fully working condition today. Also along the walking path is five stations that represent interesting mill facts to the guests. Miihlenweg is open from June to September, Thursday and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm. Guests may show for the tour, or call ahead for group tours. Group tours may be available at other times and by appointment only. Information about the tour and other information may be found by contacting the Miihlenweg Cedar House by telephone at +43 (0) 680 1111921. The Miihlenweg Cedar House is located at Zederhaus Nr. 19, 5584 Zederhaus, Austria. More Information on the Cedar House may be found on the webpage at

Opera in Austria

The Vienna State Opera is a beautiful opera house in Vienna, Austria, which is a bit of a distance from Obertauern. The Vienna State Opera has a fabulous history, housing many singers since its earliest date in the 1800s. The beautiful building operates today as a concert hall for the world’s most spectacular operas. Guests may search for opera shows and purchase tickets online. The Vienna State Opera is located at Opernring 2, 1010 Wien, Austria, and may be contacted by telephone at +43 1 514447880. The Vienna State Opera may also be contacted by email at More information, including schedules and ticketing information, may be found on the Vienna State Opera website at

Celebrating the Arts near Obertauern

The annual Salzburg Festival near Obertauern, Austria is a fantastic celebration of music and drama. The famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg and so the festival has been chosen to take place here in honor of Mozart. The Salzburg Festival takes place during the summer time, Herbert von Karajan, a famous opera performer, founded the Salzburg Easter Festival in 1967. The Salzburg Festival has several venues, including the House for Mozart. A complete list of venues can be found online at More information on the Salzburg Festival, including dates and featured presentations, can be found on the Salzburg Festival webpage at

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All Roads Lead To Obertauern

There are a few ways to reach Obertauern, Austria. Possibly the easiest way is to fly to either of the nearby cities, Salzburg or Klagenfurt. From either of these two airports, guests may rent a car, or request shuttle service from Obertauern. The Obertauern shuttle service transports guests safely to the Obertauern resort for a decent price. The closest airport to Obertauern is the Salzburg Airport “W. A. Mozart”, at 90 km away. Guests may also take a train to Obertauern. The closest train station to Obertauern is Train Station Radstadt, which is 20 km away. From Train Station Radstadt, guests may either take a postbus or a taxi to finish the journey to Obertauern. The postbus is a public transportation service providing easier transportation for larger group travel. Guests may also take a taxi from the train station to Obertauern. There are several taxi services available in Obertauern, including Tauern Taxi and Taxi Obertauern. Obertauern is also easily reached by car. Guests coming by car may find that many roads lead to Obertauern. There are roads of all directions leading to Obertauern, providing even easier access to the village. Other transportations, such as bicycling and walking, might best be done during the summer. Winter foot and cycle travel are a bit difficult due to the weather. However, travelling within Obertauern is always easy with the many different taxi services, and well paved roads.

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