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The city of Radstadt is included to the state Salzburg and to the district St. Johann im Pongau District

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The Hills come Alive

The historic town of Radstadt is located in what is called the Pongau region of Salzburg. Other towns in the area are Altenmarkt and Forstau. Particularly well known for its skiing areas and central location to major skiing areas in the region, Radstadt it part of the skiing area association known as Salzburger Sportwelt. With about 4,700 people calling Radstadt home, this ski resort is unique. Full of a variety of preserved historic buildings, and a number of fascinating activities year round, this is a great destination. Many visitors use Radstadt as their base camp and venture out into the other parts of the Salzburg skiing region.

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City Fortifications

When Radstadt was originally established in the 13th century, a city wall was constructed. This was an important part of the city given that it was the only major city in the area. As a result, it was a desirable place to attack. In the 1500s, when the reformation began to affect the area, social unrest was drastically increasing. This resulted in a series of riots and civil-war-esque conditions. During what is now called the peasant wars or Bauernkriege, the majority of the important towns in Pongau were captured by the peasants. However, Radstadt managed to withstand the siege. Despite nearly 5,000 farmers attacking the city, Radstadt prevailed. This was in large part due to the city fortifications. As a result of the city’s great achievement, it was awarded the great charter of liberty in addition to the name “Always Faithful.” This resulted in Radstadt enjoying a number of extensive privileges in addition to gaining considerable influence in the region. The majority of the fortifications which can be seen today are the result of the labor of the unsuccessful peasant rebels. After being defeated, these individuals were forced to mend the 13th century wall which they had so stridently attacked.

Historic Buildings

Although the city of Radstadt was established during the middle ages, a series of fires have destroyed the majority of buildings from this period. However, there are still a number of historic buildings to explore in the town today. In fact, the Austrian Association of Small Historic Towns has officially recognized Radstadt as a worthy member of its community. One of the best preserved historic buildings in town is the parish church of Radstadt. This church has three distinct naves all of which originate in the 13th century. The church’s construction was originally completed in 1417. Unfortunately, this building was particularly devastated by fires throughout the centuries. As a result today, much of the church resembles buildings common to 1865. A visit to the church cemetery reveals a fascinating gothic shrine. This monument dates back to 1513 and is called Lichtsaule Schusterturm. These type of shrines were common throughout Austria at one time, but the majority of them have disappeared since the baroque era. Another building of note in Radstadt is the city hall. A place for city business and merriment, this town’s city hall was originally built in the 16th century. A visit to Radstadt should include an investigation of these important historic buildings.

Museum of Local History

This museum is located in the history Schloss Lerchen. This historic castle has been traced in the written records of the town all the way back to 1289. The city has kept its local museum in this impressive location since 1985. This museum offers an engaging walk through the history of this important region. You can get in touch with local culture and identity by exploring everything from the peasant wars, the important role of farming-citizenry, and even sacred art. There are a number of interactive workshops offered featuring traditional workmanship and artisanry. Throughout the museum the important role of the area’s geography is emphasized. Additionally, this is a great place to learn of Radstadt’s most famous composer and organist Paul Hofhaimer. You can also find a number of different cultural associations performing here. The people of Radstadt are still very in touch with their cultural heritage. Many of the traditions performed years and years ago are still actively practiced today. In addition to the museum in Schloss Lerchen, there is an additional exhibit space at the Capuchin Tower. The Schloss Lerchen is open Thursday, Friday, and Sunday from 10:00-12:00 and again from 14:30-17:00. The Capuchin Tower location is open during the same days and hours. The museum is typically open from June 1st to September 30th each year.

Hiking Adventures

During the summer months, Radstadt offers a number of popular hiking opportunities. Just outside the main gate of the town, you will find the local peak known as Robbrand. A hike on this beautiful mountain includes panoramic views of approximately 150 different alpine summits. Due to the popularity of this particular hike, the trail is very well marked. You can easily trek to the summit of this gorgeous mountain. However, there are a number of other scenic mountains nearby. Another popular one is Rossbrand. This trail will take you up 1768 meters. You can catch a cable car from Filzmoos to reach the summit of this incredible mountain. Others include the Seekarspitze (peaking at 2350 meters), Predigtstuhl (1350 meters), and the Hinterer Gaisstein. If you are interested in a much longer trek, Radstadt is a stopover for the length 350 kilometer Salzburg Alp Route. This hike covers all the way from the Tennengebirge to the Dachstein. This trail is so extensive that there are about 120 Alpine cabins to stop and refresh. These cabins are a great opportunity to fill up on home-style Pongau farmer cooking. Just be sure to bring your serious hiking boots as this lengthy journey is not for the faint of heart.

Nature Walk

Radstadt is situated perfectly to be the home of a number of gorgeous natural plants and wild animals. The spruce tree is one of the best flourishing plants in the area; however, beech, pine, larch, and sycamore-maple trees also call this area home. In the city of Radstadt, you will discover the Swiss stone pine as well. The northern city wall is the location of a number of old and gorgeous trees. At one time, you could find marshes and alder thickets very near the city, but due to modern drainage systems, regulation of the river, and the recent forest clearing, this is no longer the case. Prior to the regulation of the Enns river, a number of migrating bird would come to stay in Radstadt including cranes, storks and herons. A more recent immigrant is the muskrat. This furry creature came to the area through the Oichen valley as recently as 1925. If you venture into the surrounding forest, you may discover stag, deer, and even chamois. If you are lucky you may see the wood grouse and black cock. Known as the sun deck of the Enns valley, Radstadt is attractive to both human and animal alike. Take a walk through and around the town to get a better appreciation for the variety and intrigue of the local life.

National Park Hohe Tauern

This national park’s claim to fame is its title as the largest nature reserve in all of the Alps. It is in fact the second largest national park in all of Europe. At a whopping 1,800 square kilometers, this park includes Austria’s highest mountain the Grobglockner which is 3,789 meters high. There are about 130 square kilometers of glaciers and a number of major rivers in the park boundaries. The park includes about a third of all the different plant species in Austria as well as 10,000 animal species. Learn more here:

Eisriesenwelt: Werfen Ice Cave

Werfen is home to the largest ice cave in the world. This cave is sure to change your entire definition of the term cave. No longer will you consider a cave a dark and dingy hole. Instead, the Werfen ice cave is home to massive ice crystals and walls of ice. The entry point to this cave alone is a full twenty meters wide. Step inside and you will discover a dome of up to 18 meters high. No too surprisingly, the cave temperature is always around or below zero, so be sure to dress warm to explore this impressive natural wonder.


Located in the far south of the province of Salzburg, this town is famous for its skiing. Although this area was historically somewhat impoverished, with the development of the tourist industry and skiing, Obertauern has prospered dramatically. Here you will find visitors varying from the party hard youth to families bringing their children for their first skiing experience. The biggest attraction in Obertauern in the Tauernrunde which is a set of lifts which allow people to ski around the town. The Beatles actually filmed a portion of the video for the hit “Help” here in Obertauern.

Hohenwerfen Fortress

This fort was designed to to protect the important Pass Lueg. It was constructed by Prince Archbishop Gebhard back in 1077. Thanks to the power struggle between the Pope and German Emperor, the major castles of Salzburg were extended. The Hohensalzburg Fort was extended in both the 12th century and again in the 16th century. In addition to the important military purposes of this fort, this impressive construction has also acted as both a court and a prison. Today you will not find any captives here, but instead a large collection of hunting displays primarily of birds of prey.

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The typical way to reach Radstadt is through Salzburg. Once you arrive to Salzburg you can choose to reach Radstadt via car or train. You can grab a train directly to the Radstadt station where you will find taxis to take you to your specific final destination. If you choose to take a car, you need to take the Tauern motorway and exit Knoten Altenmarkt. Then take the Ennstal- Bundesstrabe to Radstadt. One of the most common ways to reach Salzburg is via airplane. the airport is known as Salzburg W.A. Mozart International Airport. It is a mere twenty minutes out from the city center. There are a number of direct flights which come into the airport rom cities such as Rotterdam, Brussels, London, Paris, and many more. If you are looking for additional connections, one option is to fly into Munich and grabbing the train to Salzburg or all the way through to Radstadt. Another way to reach Salzburg is via car. This city is particularly well connected to both Vienna as well as Munich. In order to make this journey, you will be required to purchase an Austrian Motorway Vignette. You can choose to purchase a yearly Vignette or a ten day pass.

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