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The city of Umhausen is included to the state Tyrol and to the district Imst District

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Umhausen, authentic village life in the Tyrolean mountains

Umhausen is a small village in the Austrian Tyrol. Just over 3,000 people live in Umhausen, and especially in the winter months, a few hundred tourists come to appreciate the location and the tranquil atmos- phere of the village. Umhausen is known for a very beautiful winter sports area. Especially runners and hikers, but also skiers and snowboarders, come in Umhausen at their expense. Furthermore, Umhausen has a strong culture with many customs that still exist today. Umhausen is located in the enchanting Ötztal valley. More specifically sucked in the midst of an imposing valley broadening on the Murkegel of the Horlach brook, which reigns itself in an enchanting environment. The village Umhausen is scattered on several small residential areas, which can be easily reached by means of smaller hikes by pedestrian. The proximity to Innsbruck, so the capital of Tyrol is only 60 km away, makes the journey to Umhausen very easy and fast.

Points of interests / things to see

-country skiing

Umhausen is known for its first-class opportunities for cross-country skiing. At an altitude of 1,550 meters, snow is guaranteed as early as the month of December, ensuring perfect cross-country skiing conditions. The nice thing about the trails in Umhausen is that there are many different levels of difficulty, so that is right for beginners and professionals alike. The following is a brief list of the various cross-country ski trails: The Early Cross Country Ski Track is a 1.5 km classic cross-country ski area and offers the possibility of skating over a distance of 1.5 km. The trail is considered moderate. The Tauferberg cross-country ski trail is a 3 km long classic cross-country skiing area and offers the possibility for skating on a distance of 3 km. The trail is considered difficult. The trail Horlachtal is a 10 km long classic cross-country skiing area and offers on a distance of 10 km the possibility for skating. The track is considered medium. The trail Matau is a 4 km long classic cross-country ski area and is considered medium. The Sun Plateau Trail is a 5 km classic cross-country ski area and offers the possibility of skating on a distance of 5 km. The trail is considered easy and beginner friendly.


Snowshoeing is one of the most intense ways to discover the enchanting natural landscape and to soak up your peace in your own body and take it home with you. In addition to the relaxing effect of snowshoeing, the sport has a very positive effect on fitness, but at the same time is suitable for people of any condition. One of the most beautiful trails for snowshoeing is the Tauferbergrund. This is the flat area in the west of Niederthai and extends to the Öztal, which borders the village Umhauen. In this forest many different ways await the curious winter athletes. The trails are well marked and it is clearly warned to leave them. The starting point is the parking lot football field on the edge of the village Niederthai. A first path leads to the plate ground and after about 50 meters begins the Tauferbergrundgang. The snow tour leads across the Tauferbergwald, along the Wiesle snack bar, and back to the starting point via another path. You should plan for this tour about 2 hours.

Skiing and snowboarding

Umhausen has no special reputation as a ski resort and is much more known for its other winter sports. Nevertheless, the village still has a beautiful ski area, that lovers of ski and snowboard sports get their money's worth. The ski area is relatively small, but still offers everything your heart desires. The Niedertha ski area is waiting for its visitors with a total of 3 modern ski lifts. This is complemented by a practice lift, where beginners can slowly familiarize themselves with the system of ski lifts. Once at the top, there are 4 kilometers of pistes waiting for winter sports fans. The track is very wide and therefore well suited for families with children and beginners. Advanced skiers can lick a little blood here, but are at the wrong address to really let off steam. There is also a ski and snowboard school for beginners. It does not matter if you start from scratch, or if you want to slow down your rusty knowledge and recharge your batteries, at school you are in the right place. Trained professionals will guide you to the matter with a lot of fingertip feeling. For the children there is a ski kindergarten, which is very well received.


Tobogganing is a huge fun for the whole family and confirms the good reputation of the community with travelers traveling with the whole family. For many, there is nothing more beautiful than an exciting toboggan ride in Umhausen. There are several toboggan runs in the vicinity of Umhausen so that toboggan fans get their money's worth, and they are sure to find a nice change. The next toboggan run is located directly in Umhausen. This is the toboggan run Struböle, which is 2 km long. At the starting point is the Waldcafe Stuböbele and the Pizzeria la Cascata. It is a good idea to stop off at one of the two restaurants after the hike to the starting point and then get stronger and then take the descent. Every Monday and Friday a very special attraction awaits visitors. On these days, the toboggan run is open and illuminated until late in the evening. Night tobogganing is one of the very special experiences that every winter sports fan should have experienced. With the toboggan run Horlachtal another nice train awaits the visitors. This is located in Niederthai and measures a length of 7 km. The illuminated toboggan run Wolfsegglift is located in Niederthai. It is open every night on Tuesday and Thursday nights and measures 2km in length.

ice climbing

Umhausen is a good starting point to pursue the passion of ice climbing. Responsible for this are the many waterfalls that exist in the Öztal, and which are ideal for ice climbing. There are three major areas that we would like to introduce to you here. On the one hand the waterfall climbing "Spider" with difficulty level WI 2/5 +. It takes 3-4 rope lengths, as you move at a height of 70 to 190 meters altitude. Climbing is on a beautiful ice sheet, which waits with a demanding final final on the daredevil athletes. Park at Tumpen Elementary School and turn left at the farm to arrive at the starting point 30 minutes later. If you only want to dismount, then you can do this over the trees at the lowest point of the wall. The duration is 1 hour. Master Propper is the name of another waterfall climbing, which has the difficulty level WI 2/5 +. This is a relatively difficult, but at the same time very challenging waterfall. The third waterfall sounds like the name crisisila. This is a long waterfall of difficulty level WI 4+. At an altitude of 240 meters, 6 rope lengths are needed.


Umhausen looks back on a long history, which is also reflected in the local factories and especially in the churches. One of the most beautiful is the parish church of the HI. Vitus, which was built in 1220 in the Gothic style and home to some Baroque figures. Not less worth seeing is the parish church to HI. Martin - Tumpen, which dates from 166. It was expanded in 1719 and converted into a neo-gothic style in the 19th century. Then there is the Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God, which is located in Köfels and dates back to 1774.


Farst is one of the oldest settlements in the whole of the Oetz Valley. The small village sits at an altitude of 1,482 meters and overlooks the valley from the top of the stunning Engelswand. The climb is not so easy. So it leads along steep serpentines. Overall, you should plan for 60 minutes. You will be rewarded with a unique view over the beautiful landscape and the warm hospitality of the local people. It is advisable to stop at the all-year-round snack station and strengthen yourself. If you still have not enough, then you can ascend another 60 minutes from here to the Reich Alm.

Gasthof Krone

The Gasthof Krone is one of the oldest buildings in Umhausen and falls right next to the church. The year of construction is not documented, but it can be assumed that this building was built before 1620. The highlight of the building is clearly the Inn, which acts as a social meeting place and one of the main attractions of Umhausen. In 1900, the building was topped up and got an additional bay and another floor. In 2000 it was extensively renovated.

Old craft

In Umhausen, you are especially proud of the old craftsmanship that has developed over centuries of years in the village. Sheep wool and leash are still considered to be of great importance today. This material is used to make carpets and linen towels. Even today there are two companies for this. The blacksmithing is still active today. The many colorful windows are a testimony of the stained glass craft, which is operated in Umhausen. A very special craft is hidden behind the waterwheel Köfels, which then powered the sawmill in Köfels. It is the largest sawmill in Tyrol. All these handicrafts can still be visited today after reservation.

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getting there

By air: The fastest way to get to Umhausen is via the Innsbruck airport. This is 60km from Umhausen and is served by Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hamburg. Once there, the Ötztal Shuttle will take you directly to the hotel in Umhausen. Stress free and faster it is by no means. The airport in Munich is 180 km away. It is 260km to the airport in Zurich-Kloten and only 240km to Salzburg. Also the small airport in the Italian Bolzano is only 180km away from Umhausen. By car: If you have a lot of luggage in tow, then the best way to get to Umhausen is by car. Umhausen is located in the western part of the Austrian province of Tyrol and is very well connected to the road network.

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