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The city of Fulpmes is included to the state Tyrol and to the district Innsbruck-Land District

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Fulpmes, a traditional forge center and popular ski area of ​​the Austrian Tyrol

Fulpmes is a small town in the Austrian Tyrol with about 1015 inhabitants, which is of great importance for the iron processing industry in the Stubai Valley. The Stubai Valley is the main valley in the Stubai Alps, which belongs to the Central Alps. Especially the Stubai High Trail is very popular with tourists â € "this is a 120 km long hiking trail that leads through the breathtaking mountain landscape and inter alia crosses Fulpmes. The first traces of a settlement date back to 100 BC, while the city itself was first mentioned in writing in 1286 as â € œVultmeisâ €. â € œVultmeisâ € means translated â € œWolvesâ €. Mining and iron working have been a long-standing tradition here: centuries-old tunnels and tools have been found in the area. After the depletion of iron in the 16th century, the economy was switched to blacksmithing. There are many things for the tourist: The Schlick ski area, which is not far away, is ideal for skiing, as well as many other recreational activities such as hiking or mountain biking.

Points of interests / things to see

Religious buildings

Among the attractions of Fulpmes is the Baroque parish church of St. Vitus. It was built in 1747 by the pastor and architect Franz de Paula Penz. The rococo stucco was added by the Austrian plasterer Anton Gigl. The exterior façade bears a fresco depicting the patron saint and the ceiling inside is decorated with wonderful ceiling paintings. There are also several beautiful sculptures inside. The church is located in the Bahnhofstraße. The Rococo branch church dedicated to St. Margaret is rather simple from the outside, but inside it is a very charming sight with its beautiful paintings. It was also built in 1747, but had to be completely restored in 1883, which had caused them severe damage due to the flooding of the Retzbach. The Widum in Fulpmes, a three-storey vicarage, was also built by Franz de Paula Penz. â € œWidumâ € comes from the legal language of the Middle Ages and means â € œused propertyâ € â € "in Tyrol and South Tyrol this is the typical name for a vicarage. The building is located in the Bahnhofstraße.

Other buildings and monuments

For example, the â € œKranerhausâ €, whose windows are beautifully decorated, is also very nice to look at. It was built in 1755 at the church square. Also an imposing war memorial stands here at the church square. In the Riehlstraße is the traditional monument â € žSchmid in Eisenâ €, which was built by the sculptor Ludwig Penz. The monument is an imitation of another work: The â € œWehrmannesâ € by Fulpmes. Close to Bahnhofstrasse 22, there is also a beautiful shrine depicting St. John Nepomuk. On the one hand, Medraz has a nice wooden bridge called "Ruetz Bridge" on the Auenweg, and on the other a pretty Floriani fountain on Deniflestraße.


In Fulpmes there are two very interesting museums. The blacksmith museum informs about the long forging tradition in Fulpmes. It was built until the 16th century in the Schlick valley iron ore. The museum displays original tools from the 19th century, documents and examples of blacksmiths that illustrate the development of blacksmithing. Main attractions include the Riedlschmiede, which owns a grinding machine dating back to 1816, and a very well-preserved forging hammer from 1836. A wood sculpture, the "Fulpmer Schmied", is also one of the museum's main attractions. It was created by the sculptor Ludwig Penz; He was instrumental in the development of sculpture in Tyrol. The museum is located at Riedlhaus in Fachschulgasse 4 and is open every Wednesday in the summer from 14:00 to 17:00. In winter it is closed. The entrance fee is about 2 Euro per person. Also the crib museum in the center of the village is worth a visit. It is located in the â € œPlatzwirt-Hausâ €, a 500-year-old building on Bahnhofstrasse 11 and houses many valuable cribs. On display are artistic and walk-around cribs, â € œucklockâ € cribs and a nativity scene labyrinth. You will also learn about the origins of the nativity tradition, techniques and crib mining, a form of landscaping. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday and costs around 5 euros for adults and 2.50 euros for children.

winter sports

The â € œslipâ € is extremely popular with skiers and snowboarders in winter. As early as November, you can ski here in the high valley between 1600 and 2000 meters above sea level; Also cross-country skiing is gladly operated. The area has a total of four different ski areas with about 150km of slopes; 40 lifts are working to get the snow-lovers up the mountain. Alone nine of these lifts are located in the ski resort â € œSchlick 2000â € near Fulpmes. Within a few minutes, the gondola takes the visitor to the "Kreuzjoch" mountain station, from where a breathtaking view opens up. You can see, among other things, the lime pelvis, the Dolomites of North Tyrol, the Inn and Stubai Valley. The Stubai Glacier is also open all year round. In the middle station of the â € œSchlick 2000â €, there is a children's ward, where the little ones are well looked after and entertained with a colorful program. Here you can accommodate your children Thursday through Friday from 9:30 to 16:00; Lunch is also provided. The Talloipennetz of Stupai has its beginning in Fulpmes; It offers 68km of trails and a charming landscape. There are also 40km of ski trails. In Fulpmes there is also an artificial ice skating rink, which is covered and invites the visitor to ice-skate.

Adventure Park

The adventure park in Fulpmes is the largest high ropes course in Tyrol. You have the choice between 13 different courses, which offer a total of 130 exercises. Here you can, unlike in other high wire gardens, climb without time limit. It also offers a special team park that can be booked for Teambuilding and Team Spirit outings. There are also nature trails that provide information on the animals and plants that live here. For children who are still too young to climb, there is a large playground. You can also cook and grill at a fire pit. The safety of the climbers is taken care of: the forest ropes course is TÜV-tested and the safety regulations are strictly adhered to. The park was set up in 2006.


Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, is only a 20-minute drive from Fulpmes; the two cities are connected via the so-called â € œStubaitalbahnâ €. The suffix â € œ-bruckâ € comes from the German word â € œBrückeâ €, so that you come to the name derivation â € œBrücke über den Innâ €. said bridge is a popular sight of the city. It is known, among other things, as a winter sports center; In 1964 and 1976, the Winter Olympics were held here, and in 1984 and 1988, the Paralympic Winter Games. Since Innsbruck is located in a valley, it is surrounded by a beautiful mountain panorama. The city has a lot of monuments worth seeing, churches and secular buildings, parks and interesting museums to offer. Worth a visit is, among others, the Botanical Garden of the University of Innsbruck; In the greenhouses, many different plant species are presented, such as orchids, tropical plants, ferns and succulents. The entrance to the garden is free. Also worth seeing is the castle Ambrass, a castle that was built during the Renaissance.


Kufstein is a city of about 17 388 inhabitants, which offers a colorful mixture of opposites: A breathtaking landscape, consisting of forests, lakes, meadows and the mountains of the Kaisergebirge, mixed with centuries-old tradition and a picturesque old town. Because of its location on the River Inn, it has long been an important trade center. The focal point is the Kufstein Fortress, which was first mentioned in writing in 1205 as â € œCastrum Caofsteinâ €. The main tower is the impressive "Emperor's Tower", built between 1518 and 1522. Particularly well-known is the fortress for the Heidenorgel, which impressed above all by her size. The oldest church is the St. Vitus Church; It was built in 1390-1420 in typical Gothic style. From 1660 to 1661 it was converted into a baroque church.


The small town Neustift is only about 4km away from Fulpmes and is a very popular destination. 4 510 people live here. Neustift is a wonderful starting point for skiers, climbers and nature lovers who want to experience the surrounding nature. In addition, the village offers tradition and beautiful architecture; Worth seeing is, for example, the St. George's Church. At the place where the church stands today, there was a church from the 16th century; as this was razed to the ground in a fire in 1772, Franz de Paula Penz built a few years later today's St. George's Church. It is quite simple from the outside, but impressively decorated inside and decorated with frescoes by well-known artists. A Tyrolean forester's lodge exhibits the cultural heritage of ancient times, such as tools, agricultural implements, photographs and household appliances. The museum is open from June to September on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2pm to 5pm. The entrance costs about 2.50 euros.


The charismatic village of Telfes is also near Fulpmes. It is inhabited by about 1450 people and offers sunny weather and a breathtaking mountain and meadow landscape. In addition, you will find incomparably beautiful larch forests here. Among other things, nature can be explored on one of the mountain bike trails. Paragliding and kite flying are also very popular here and offer spectacular panoramas. There is a swimming pool with sauna, a tennis camp and an exciting bird of prey park, where spectacled flight demonstrations take place. 1990 and 1996 took place here the mountain running world championship, 2009 the mountain running European championship. The village itself is adorned with a variety of different types of roses, which bloom in a variety of colors and spread a wonderful fragrance. Â

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getting there

By plane: The nearest airport is in Innsbruck. From here you can get to Fulpmes by car, bus or train. It is also possible to fly to Munich or Salzburg and from there take an airport taxi to Fulpmes. By train: In Fulpmes there is a train station; it represents the terminus of the Stubaitalbahn, with which one comes to Innsbruck. By bus: The bus also takes you from Innsbruck to Fulpmes (line ST, half-hourly), but there are also regular buses to many other cities in the area. By car: You can reach Fulpmes via the B183 (also called Stubaitalstraße), or from Innsbruck via the Brenner motorway (Schönberg exit).

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