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The city of Lech is included to the state Vorarlberg and to the district Bludenz District

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- An Introduction

Considered to be one of the premier ski resorts in the western region of Austria, Lech, also referred to as Lech am Alberg, provides visitors and outdoor enthusiasts with unprecedented access into one of Austria's most captivating natural environments. The origins of this town date back to the 14th century, when Swiss immigrants established what was then referred to as "Tannberg." In addition to a name change, Lech has been transformed into a popular tourist attraction for visitors from around the world who are interested in experiencing some of the best skiing and winter mountain sports that Austria has to offer. The official currency of Lech and Austria is the Euro dollar. The primary language in Lech is German, and the community is located within the UTC + 1 time zone.

Points of interests / things to see

Automotive History At The Rolls Royce Museum

Although Lech itself is quite small, featuring a resident population of less than 2,000, nearby communities provide an eclectic array of cultural attractions, including the Rolls Royce Museum in Dornbirn. Both Lech and Dornbirn are located within Vorarlberg, a federal state of Austria. The Rolls Royce Museum includes a wide range of exhibits, installations and (of course) automobiles that successfully and effectively chronicle the development and evolution of one of the world's most renowned automobile brands. The Rolls Royce Museum is significant on a variety of levels. Not only do the objects on display in this institution highlight the successes of an individual company, but they also chronicle the dynamic history of Austria as a whole. Because of this, this museum is highly recommended for both adults and children. The collection of fascinating machines on display will appeal to children of all ages. In fact, the Rolls Royce Museum currently holds the distinction of being the largest collection of Rolls Royce automobiles in the world.  Additional information about the Rolls Royce Museum can be found at the institution's official website, The physical address of the Rolls Royce Museum is Gütle 11a, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria. Group tours are available for individuals and families.

- Tannberg

Designed to preserve and champion the legacy of both Austria and the Vorarlberg state, the Walsermuseum Lech is both a history museum and a cultural center. The exhibits on display here provide fascinating insight into the historical development of the region throughout its centuries of development. The artifacts featured in the collection include artworks, household items and religious iconography, among other objects. The museum has become an important element of the cultural fabric of Lech, due in large part to the relative scarcity of institutions such as these in close proximity to the town. The museum is primarily designed with adults and older children in mind. The relatively traditional presentation of the objects on display may prove to be less interesting for younger children who are more entertained by interactive experiences. The official website of the Walsermuseum Lech is Additional information about the current collection and the visitor experience can be obtained by contacting museum administrators directly via telephone at +43 (0)5583 221 336. An online e-mail submission form is also available via the official website for those who would prefer this form of communication. Admission for both adults and children is free. The museum is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between the hours 3 PM and 6PM.

Museumsverein Klostertal

Designed to promote a unique set of ideas, stories and exhibitions, the Museumsverein Klostertal has created a one-of-a-kind visitor expeirence that allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the core principles of the institution, including rural living and working, the social history of the region, the development of infrastructure in the area and the active promotion of temporary exhibitions that help fulfill a much needed niche for diversity and eclectic intellectual wanderings. The grounds of the Museumsverein Klosteral, were formerly part of the estate of a prominent family in the region. Beginning in the early 1980s, the property was transformed into the enriching icon it has since become. The exhibits presented in this museum can appeal to individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. That being said, this particular institution may be better suited for adults and older children, as the material included is primarily of an educational nature as opposed to some of the larger interactive and entertaining exhibits found in other museums. The official website of the Museumsverein Klosteral is Visitors can find more information about the institution by contacting the Museumsverein Klostertal via telephone at +43 664 4911474. The official address of the museum is Haus Nr. 60a 6752 Wald am Arlberg.

Art And Culture At The Schloss Landeck

Located in nearby Landeck, the Schloss Landeck provides for a fascinating day trip on a variety of levels. Architecturally, the Schloss Landeck is an excellent example of castle building that occurred in this region of Europe during the 13th century. Today, the Schloss Landeck successfully incorporates both an art gallery and historical museum into its infrastructure, offering diverse entertainment and cultural enrichment for visitors from all walks of life. In keeping with the practices of many institutions within the region, the museum of the Schloss Landeck is committed to collecting and collating historical artifacts and relevant supporting documents that further highlight, clarify and explore various elements of the historical development of the region. Meanwhile, the gallery located here includes works from a diverse array of practicing artists, many of whom are still active in Europe today. Because of this "consummate" approach to exhibition, the Schloss Landeck is suitable for adults and children of all ages. The castle itself can provide younger children with an immersive tourism experience that may prove to be of more interest than the historical exhibits presented here. The official website of the Schloss Landeck is Visitors can learn more about current exhibitions and operating hours by contacting administrators directly at +43 5442 63202. The official e-mail address of the Schloss Landeck is

Traveling Through Time At The Bregenzerwaldbahn Museumsbahn

Also referred to as the Bregenz Forest Railway Museum, this particular cultural institution offers a captivating glimpse into the development and history of this unique transport route that travels through the region. The legacy attached to this particular rail line stretches back into the opening decades of the 20th century. Although the total length of the rail stretches only 35km, the stunning scenery experienced along this route has helped propel this particular infrastructural tool into the status of tourist hotspot. For visitors, a trip to the Bregenz Forest Railway Museum can become an excellent complement to a larger tour of the region. Thanks to the interactive nature of this location, visitors of all ages can find enjoyment here. The exhibits presented are both entertaining and enriching, and will serve as an excellent introduction to the railway. Tourists will also have the opportunity to enjoy a ride on this historical rail during their visit here. Additional information about the Bregenz Forest Railway Museum can be found at Further queries concerning ticket prices and opening hours should be directed here. Tourists are advised to contact the Bregenz Forest Railway Museum well in advance to ensure that they are able to book tickets for their desired period of time.

Skiing In Lech

Arguably the most popular outdoor entertainment opportunity in Lech, the fantastic skiing opportunities available here have drawn enthusiasts from around the world. For those who would prefer to snowboard, a number of slopes are also available for this popular downhill activity. Visitors can take advantage of a wide array of accommodation options in the surrounding area, many of which act as entertaining "resorts" for those seeking an all-inclusive experience during their time here. Visitors can learn more about available skiing opportunities in Lech by visiting A number of travel packages are offered here for those looking to book accommodation.

Trekking In Lech

For those who are interested in immersing themselves in the natural beauty of Lech but do not wish to engage in winter sports, the area is also quite conducive to hiking and trekking during the summer months. Thanks to a relatively mild climate, visitors from around the world can enjoy a wide range of easily accessible outdoor adventures through the nearby mountain ranges. Depending upon an individual's previous experiences, treks can be undertaken that are well suited to a variety of fitness levels. Further information about summer excursions through the region can be found at

Resort Life In Lech

Although outdoor sporting activities are an obvious attraction within Lech and surrounding communities, it's not uncommon for travelers to enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle here while staying at one of the multiple resorts situated near the mountains. Thanks to an array of dining and hospitality options, travelers can visit Lech throughout the year and partake in this unique and leisurely experience. Depending upon the particular time of year that visitors wish to book accommodation in Lech, prices may vary widely. Travelers are advised to book their accommodations well in advance to ensure that they receive the best rate possible. Additional information can be found at

Strolling Through Downtown Lech

Although the community of Lech is quite small, this quaint and scenic region provides many opportunities for hidden delights and small pleasures for travelers who are interested in exploring the area. Lech's popularity as a winter sport's mecca has helped ensure that the region maintains a well-established hospitality infrastructure. Regardless of what a traveler's particular interests or budget may be, the community of Lech features a collection of restaurants and shops that can serve as an excellent "rest day" during ski trips or outdoor trekking vacations. Further information can be found at

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Depending upon the point of origin for travels to Lech, getting here can be accomplished using a variety of transportation methods. For those who are already within Austria, automobile rental may be a viable choice, particularly for those who are interested in exploring the scenic beauty of the area during their travels. Visitors traveling to Lech from within Europe can take advantage of the international rail lines that travel across the continent. Fares for these trains vary considerably depending upon the time of year that travel is being undertaken. Visitors should ensure that they book their fare well in advance in order to take advantage of the best possible pricing. Air travel is also a viable option. Traveling to one of the larger cities in Austria, such as Vienna, may be the best possible choice for those entering the country from an international location. From here, visitors can choose to pursue a connecting flight or one of the aforementioned plans. Regardless, it should be noted that prices for all of these transit options will increase considerably as demand increases. Therefore, it is in a traveler's best interest to book their tickets and seat reservations far in advance.

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