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Brussels is the capital of Belgium. This multicultural city continues to gain popularity thanks to its many riches that enchant and attract people from all over the world. At the crossroads of Europe, this city is a veritable cultural reservoir. In a warm and friendly atmosphere, you will discover a meteoric thousand flavors that will surprise you constantly. As a capital city, Brussels is finally a city of reasonable size that proves to be more and more surprising as we go. Meandering green spaces with large buildings, walking in the Belgian capital is both relaxing and exciting. If you want to discover a multicultural city with no equivalent in Europe, then Brussels is for you. And do not be afraid of its climate which can be off-putting, you quickly forget the greyness and you can easily be carried away by the relaxed atmosphere that reigns there.

Points of interests / things to see

Fabulous tours

Once you arrive and are well settled, you can start by going to Grand Place. This must-see place for any visitor to the capital will impress you with its gigantic size. You will see the guild house, the City Hall and the King's House. The architecture of these buildings is simply mouth-sticking, and you will probably stick around for a moment to admire the buildings in their entirety as they are bursting with details. We almost want to be able to climb it and examine more closely all these little things that, assembled, radiate over the whole place. If you are afraid to pass by stupendous places, many guided tours are organized in Brussels. These tours are themed and propose to take a tour of the places unavoidable. Whether by bus, on foot or by bicycle, these tours will make you see Brussels in a more or less original way. The association D-tours, for example, offers a visit to three Brussels neighborhoods. During this visit, you will listen with an audio device comments presenting each of these neighborhoods for 1:30. An experience for the least interesting and decadent. The ARAU (Research and Urban Actions Workshop) is an association that offers guided tours by theme bus or on foot. The themes are varied and often original (Brussels under construction, Brussels 1930-Art décâ € |) and you will surely find your happiness. History lovers will be delighted to learn that the Arkadia association offers guided tours that will make you discover the historic heritage of Brussels of a new era. You will be able to enrich your culture in ideal conditions since the city benefits from an important activity at this level. The guides are always kind and passionate, which is a plus non negligible. We never tire of these visits, always more interesting. If however you are alone, nothing will prevent you from discovering for yourself even the secrets that contains the capital. Brussels has many interesting museums, but the Bozar museum or the Magritte museum, located on a square and in a street that dominates the city, are teeming with works of art. fabulous. If you do not know Magritte yet, there is still time to go for it and get acquainted with its work, it will not be a waste of time. The Belgian Comic Strip Center will also please all amateurs and even others. It traces with finesse all the history of comics in Belgium. You will have the opportunity to contemplate original plates of mythical authors such as Hergé. This museum is a good way to understand the evolution of an art sometimes a little too underestimated. For musicians, the Museum of Musical Instruments, very close to the Magritte museum, will allow instruments to be discovered in unsuspected existence. It contains one of the largest collection of musical instruments in the world. The visit is well thought out and one never tires of admiring these sometimes unusual objects. A whole bunch of other museums await you and will welcome you as long as you have an open mind. The monuments are not lacking either in Brussels, and you should for example take a tour At the unmissable Atomium, pure architectural masterpiece of the XXth century. We all know it, but seeing it before our eyes is a special experience that every tourist has to taste. You will be able to climb through the spheres and climb to the top of the atomium to enjoy an amazing panorama. You can even, if the desire takes you, take a dish in the restaurant that is there. As you can see, the Atomium is a must in Brussels.

Ubiquitous green spaces

But Brussels, or Brussels for "connoisseurs", is also ubiquitous green spaces. Throughout the city, you will inevitably come across one of the parks. It's up to you to stop there for a moment, or just to go through. Duden Park, in Forest, offers breathtaking views of the city. Placed high, you will probably be tempted to take a short break and breathe the fresh air that the trees release. Jacques Brel Park, in Forest always, has an almost mystical side. Indeed, it contains the oldest oak in the region. In the heart of a residential area, you will be amazed by this small green space. Just sit a few minutes at the foot of this oak to feel refreshed. Brussels is divided into several districts, the main ones being Saint-Gilles, Ixelles, Etterbeek, Schaerbeek or Uccle. Everyone has their own identity. This aspect greatly contributes to the fact that we never get bored in the capital, as we are constantly discovering new things. The parks also obey this rule, and all have their inimitable and enchanting character.

A wide culinary choice

But by dint of walking, a small hollow will probably begin to be felt. Here again the choice is extremely vast. On the Grand Place swarm snacks, but their interest is limited and you will probably be disappointed by their sandwiches a little bland. Some small restaurants are worth it though. Each district has its own culinary identity, and the cosmopolitan aspect of Brussels makes it possible to taste internationally-known specialties. Asian cuisine, Turkish, Spanish, African, everyone can satiate his stomach properly and without regret. Indeed, you probably will not miss to compensate for the extra pounds accumulated during a hearty meal by going for a ride in town.

An animated cultural life

And then comes the night. There again, difficult to be bored. In all the districts of the city, you will find bars, boxes, concert halls in which take place a lot of representations. Everyone will be served. The Flagey Room, for example, offers classic programming of exceptional quality. The contest, which takes place every year, brings together the best pianists for first class performances. The rates are, to top it off, more than reasonable. As for Ancienne Belgique, it offers eclectic programming in a comfortable and well-appointed room. Divided in two, everyone will find happiness in the constantly updated agenda. Rock aficionados will be particularly well served, as Brussels has a large number of cinemas programming groups ranging from small local groups to internationally renowned stars. Those who prefer evenings with friends, many bars will do very well. The center, around the Grand Place, is particularly lively at night. We then enjoy the party atmosphere that reigns in Brussels, and we understand why so many students settle there. Until late at night you can dance or have a drink. There are plenty of night time activities. Whether you are a fan of theater, concerts or unusual shows, the program is full of exciting and very rewarding things. After a night of madness, you will probably recover very quickly and want to go back to explore the city. There is still plenty to do in the greenest capital in Europe. For example, if you have not yet fully enjoy the green spaces, walks are there. The Bois de la Cambre, a little outside the city, will plunge you into the heart of the forest, a little more and it feels like the realm of the fairies. Although we can not say that Brussels is a sunny city, the peace and tranquility that reign there is largely enough to make us forget our worries for a stay. It is an essential European destination. Its richness and diversity are the answer to every occasional or occasional blues blues. And if you still have the blues, a little shopping might be good for you. Records stores, booksellers, small shops will offer you the best of what you can find in these areas. Your wallet may also remember your small or large stay, as the temptation to spend a little hard earned currency is great. But after all, the holidays are also there for us to enjoy, and to be a little fun has never killed anyone so far. Feel free to hang out in various shops and let your desires take over the reason. Traders welcome you most of the time in a very warm and feel good in these shops, whether large or smaller. Spending a stay in Brussels is therefore highly recommended for your morale.

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How to get there ?

How to get there

If you take a Ryanair plane, you will arrive at Charleroi airport. From here, several choices are available to you. To the right of the exit of the airport you will find shuttles which, for a reasonable price, will take you directly to the station of the south. Taxis will also be waiting for you and will make the same journey for the same fare. It's up to you to see. Another more complicated method is to take a ticket for a bus that leads to Charleroi, then once there take the train to Brussels. An unsavory technique that will make you waste a little time. However, if you really want to see what Belgian trains look like, this solution is a good compromise. Brussels has three main train stations that receive trains from all over Europe. The price will be a little higher but some may prefer this means of transport. Be aware however that joining Charleroi airport is done in record time by plane, while the train assumes a much longer travel time, for comfort may be better. It is also easy to reach the capital by car, and carpooling can be an advantageous solution. It's up to you to see, but be aware that whatever your choice, you will be amazed by the wealth of this magical city.

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Brussels City Hall
Grand Place 8, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
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+32 2 279 22 11
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