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The city of Ghent is included to the region Flanders and to the province East Flanders

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Explore Ghent, an opportunity not to be missed

Next to the river Scheldt and the river Lys in the Flemish region is Ghent. This Belgian city of about 255,000 inhabitants was once the capital of the former county of Flanders. During the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, Ghent experienced strong economic growth that allowed it to develop its cultural life greatly. It became during these years an extremely dynamic commune which was constantly renewed. Ghent has kept traces of this glorious era and still remains today a city where culture is always in the foreground. It is also the first student city in Belgium and welcomes every year an impressive number of tourists thanks to its effervescence. Ghent is a city that never sleeps. It is therefore a perfect destination for those who dream of spending an enriching stay full of good surprises.

Points of interests / things to see

Sumptuous monuments

To familiarize yourself with the Ghent culture also called Ghent, you should start by visiting the landmark monuments of the city. The Castle of the Counts is one of them and is an excellent starting point. Built in the 12th century, the castle served as a defense device. When seen from the outside, the castle seems almost threatening and its stature impresses. Inside, you will find a collection of objects built in the Middle Ages. You will be able to observe the various weapons and armor which the knights used formerly. This exhibition allows us to make a leap in the past in a rather interesting way. The castle also houses a torture chamber, a crypt, a dungeon and other rather scary pieces that will give you cold sweats. Although there is no real reason to be worried, we can not help but think about scenes that happened a long time ago. Here again, we are immersed in a completely revived period but yet very far from being uninteresting. The visit of the castle of the counts is an excellent opportunity to cultivate while having fun. Do not hesitate to go for a walk as soon as you can. After this appetizer more than correct, you should head to the cathedral Saint-Bavon. Built during the Xth century, it has been renovated over the years to become the monumental Gothic cathedral it is today. The building is of an architecture extremely rich in details and it is a real pleasure to contemplate it at length. When you enter the interior, you are immediately captivated by the size of this space. Three naves dating back to the sixteenth century immediately attract our attention and given the scale of the construction, it will be difficult to turn it. The surprise does not stop there. It is indeed possible to climb the steps leading to the choir which houses the mausoleums of a few bishops Ghent. There are also the statues of St. Peter and St. Paul created by Karel Van Poucke. One can only be sorry for the care given to the design of these carved blocks. The cathedral is home to a large number of works of art, each more stunning than the next. The mystic lamb of the Van Eyck brothers is the most perfect example. Note however that it will pay to be able to contemplate this pure masterpiece, but it is well worth it. And prestigious monuments, you have not finished seeing in Ghent. The city still has a large number of historical buildings that deserve the tour and, whether you like this type of visits or not. The churches are numerous and each one has its own stamp which prevents it. Baroque and Gothic architecture enthusiasts will be delighted and each step in these beasts will be accompanied by an explosion of uncontrollable satisfaction. Whether you go to the castle of Gerard the Devil built in the thirteenth century or the convent of the Carmelites of Ghent, you will always be impressed by these places full of history. So hard not to be charmed and not to be passionate about these ancient walls and yet still resplendent. We can only be respectful of the work done by these men who gave their all to leave their mark. So do not miss out on all these wonderful monuments as they are an excellent opportunity to learn a little more about those who have told us and their motivations.

Quality exhibitions

Once you have done more or less the tour of these symbolic buildings, you could leave to discover the numerous museums that account Ghent. The Museum of Fine Arts is a great way to start your tour of museums. Built in 1902, it was designed by architect Charles Van Rysselberghe. It was then almost entirely destroyed in 1940 but it is now renovated for the greatest pleasure of its visitors. The Museum of Fine Arts brings together collections of various works ranging from painting to sculpture to engraving. The variety of works exhibited and the period covered, from the 14th century to the present day, makes the visit fascinating and our eye is constantly flattered by high quality creations. This museum is therefore recommended to all art lovers who would like to know a little better European artists not necessarily always put on the front of the scene. The Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art, founded in 1957, exhibits paintings and other creations by more modern artists whose sometimes astonishing works can only touch our chord. So we will marvel at objects from Pop Art or conceptual art, initiated by Marcel Duchamp. In another area, the museum of popular life is worth the glance. This restored building in 1962 contains an exhibition revolving around a rather original theme. The museum of popular life is indeed intended to reflect the daily life of the urban people in the year 1900. These creations are built in an original way that immediately attract the attention of the visitors. We can only be interested in this kind of staging of these past lives. One can have a more or less clear idea of ​​the living conditions of the people who lived at that time, gilding far away.

A stay full of surprises

You may therefore have the opportunity throughout your stay to visit museums that are often original whose collections you will undoubtedly love. Feel free to wander around the city and discover for yourself all the treasures it contains. You may have good surprises that will give a particular flavor to your stay. If you love culture, also think about keeping an eye on the events and events calendar that has taken place regularly. Whatever your type of favorite shows, you will find something that suits you in view of the extremely rich programming of all the concert halls and theaters scattered all over Ghent. The Ghent Opera is an absolutely fantastic place if you want to attend spectacular performances that will inevitably touch you. You will emerge from this grand place with starry eyes. Jazz fans will be delighted to see that every year the Jazz in the Park festival is organized. The programming is always rich in quality artists and the place where this festival is going is perfectly adapted to this type of events. The atmosphere and convivial and will delight all the passionnés of this kind of music. By walking around the streets of Ghent, you will appreciate the warm atmosphere which reigns in ®tre. The city is mainly populated by young people and you will certainly have some interesting encounters. Do not hesitate to open up to others and to go and have a good Belgian beer on a terrace. Most people are very open and will be happy to discuss with you. The atmosphere is often festive and you risk spending many nights enjoying the thrilling joy that characterizes the people of Ghent. It is not for nothing that the dynamism of Ghent is known throughout Europe. To visit Ghent and its surroundings, it might be wise to rent a bike. The city is perfect for traveling on two wheels and everything has been done to simplify the task for cyclists. You will discover this Belgian town under a different eye and enjoy the pleasures of driving. You will be able to go to the Quai aux Herbes which, in the middle of the city, concentrates magnificent historic buildings along the quays. Country roads for the bike have also been traced all around the city. These trails are ideal for enjoying the surrounding landscapes.

A culinary life full of taste

Do not forget to sit at the table of one of the many restaurants in Ghent. They all have various menus and rich in delicious dishes. There will be something for all tastes, vegetarians and meat lovers will find a hull that will allow them to calm the tribulations of their stomachs. Do not wait any longer to go to Ghent, because this city promises to have a great time. Its cultural and historical richness have made it a Belgian city of choice to spend a stay as pleasant as gratifying.

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How to get there ?

How to get there

The city of Ghent is located near the two main major highways of Europe. It is therefore connected to the entire European road network and it will be easy to reach the city by driving a few hours. If you prefer the plane to the car, Brussels Airport is located about 45 minutes from the city. This airport is served by most major airlines, so you should not have too much trouble getting there. From the airport, you can then return to Ghent by taking the train that will take you to destination in about fifty minutes. Train enthusiasts will be delighted to learn that a Paris-Ghent line is available and will make the trip in about 2 hours. Ghent is located at the crossroads of Europe and is particularly well served. To get around once in town, the tram and buses offer their services and allow you to reach any place in no time. Also remember to rent a bike, this can be useful if you want to move more freely and preserve your independence. Whatever happens, the transport system in Ghent is perfectly fine and you will not have any problem at that level.

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