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The city of Knokke-Heist is included to the region Flanders and to the province West Flanders

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-Heist, land reclaimed from the sea

This municipality of 34,000 inhabitants is located in the north of Belgium, on the shores of the North Sea, very close to the border with Holland in the areas reclaimed from the sea, called as a leader. The land on which Knokke-Heist now stands was inhabited mainly by fishermen during the early years of the Middle Ages, but after the work done to dry the land in the 13th century, it was easier to devote to agriculture and start an era of greater prosperity. The main claims of Knokke-Heist are natural, the natural area known as Het Zwin and the land reclaimed from the sea often produce curiosity among tourists. The main characteristic of the climate in Knokke-Heist is the humidity, the precipitations are abundant during all the year, and the temperatures are fresh, with averages of 3 degrees centigrade in winter and summers in which the maximum temperature does not usually exceed the 22 degrees. Knokke-Heist is in the GMT + 1 time zone, the currency of use is the euro.

Points of interests / things to see

Het Zwin nature reserve

The Het Zwin narrative reserve is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. Located right on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, it occupies the site of an old estuary. This natural area is made up of forests, salt marshes and saltwater extensions or salty areas since they previously formed part of the sea. In Het Zwin there is a great variety of fauna, composed mainly of birds, more than half of the birds that live in Belgium do it in this reserve. Among the birds that can be found in Het Zwin are storks, herons and ducks, and in the sea it is easy to find mollusks and crustaceans. Due to the characteristics of the place, it is easy to find terrestrial and aquatic birds. Most of these birds are migratory, so they are only found in Het Zwin at certain times of the year. The flora is also very special, since the marshes and the dried lands are not the ideal place to grow. Even so, Het Zwin has specimens of maritime armeria, star grass, lavender and maritime glaux. From Knokke-Heist you must take the N630 and travel 6 kilometers. Address: Ooievaarslaan, Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Phone: +32 50 60 70 86

City Hall Building

The Knokkle-Heist town hall building probably does not attract the city's inhabitants, not even the rest of the Belgians, even the Dutch. But for those who are not used to this type of architecture, usual in the cities of northern Europe, it will fascinate you. It is a building constructed in red brick with large windows to make the most of the time light throughout the year. The building consists of three floors, the windows of the last floor are located on some projections of the roof in the shape of stairs, so common in this type of buildings. The black roof contrasts with the red color of the walls. The access door to the building is located right in the center of the main facade, framed by an arch that is the beginning of the tower that ascends above the roof and ends in a pointed pinnacle with a clock. The main façade of the town hall looks towards a square with garden, decorated with tulips, which allows to observe the building with perspective and to fully enjoy it. Address: Alfred Verweeplein 1, Knokkle-Heist, Belgium. Phone: +32 50 63 01 00 Website: http: //www.knokke-heist .be /

The beach of the North Sea

Knokkle-Heist is located on the shores of the North Sea, offering calm but icy waters, which usually only swim the bravest or the autochthonous accustomed to them. But this detail should not impede the visit during a few days of holidays in Knokke-Heist. The greatness of the sea, the long stretches of sand and the Knokoisse dunes offer a wonderful spectacle. The dunes, which extend over 200 hectares, are formed between the sea, the poder and the beach formed by the sediments and waves of the first and the drying effects of the second. These dunes are in the protected area of ​​the Zwin reserve, providing greater natural diversity if possible to the area. Parallel to the coast runs the seaside promenade of Knokke-Heist, so wide that allows you to walk, skate and ride on a bicycle while watching the sea. The promenade gives access to the beach at several points and also offers many leisure options with shops, restaurants, cafés and stalls where you can have a waffle or chips. On the promenade there is also the tourist office with public attention hours from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

-Heist casino

The Knokke-Heist casino is an institution in Belgium. Located on the seafront and located in a building designed by Là © on Stynen, it is the largest casino in Belgium. Part of the attraction of the building resides in the works of art that hang from its walls, creations by Keith Haring, Renà © Magritte and Paul Delvaux. After the Second World War the building suffered many damages that were repaired in the middle of the 20th century. Magritte's huge mural is part of this restoration, a 360-degree mural that decorates the interior of the entire casino. The casino has a room known as the Hall of the Spider because it is illuminated by an impressive chandelier composed of crystal 22,000 pieces of glass from Venice. The lamp has a diameter of 8.5 meters and 6.5 meters in height and needs 2,700 light bulbs to illuminate the room. In addition to fulfilling the functions of a casino, with its halls gambling and betting, important events for the life of the city and the country are held in the casino, such as the Miss Belgium contest or the choice of representative for the Eurovision festival. Address: Zeedijk-Albertstrand 509 , Knokke-Heist, Belgium. Schedule: Slots: 9: 00-7: 00; game tables: 6: 00-4: 00; poker V-S 8: 00-4: 00. Phone: +32 7815 2153 Website:

Park 58 and Willemspark

Park 58 is located within the urban area of ​​Knokke-Heist. The name of this park comes from the EXPO that took place in Belgium in 1958. This park represents the only area of ​​the old dunes that are conserved inside the town. Part of the dune was preserved as a park and the rest was maintained, safeguarding its wild characteristics. After a great work of recovery and conservation now you can enjoy the dune of calcareous origin with the typical flora of this type of ecosystem, consisting of scrubland and arid landscape. Willemspark is also found in the city, although a little further from the center and popularly known as the Heist Grove, composed since 2012 exclusively of native trees and not too leafy to bring more light to the place. At one end of this park of 10 hectares was previously a pond of which there is nothing left, only a zone of scree that serves as a transition between the forest and the dunes. The park also offers leisure facilities such as tennis courts, petanque area and paths for walking. Address both parks: Heist, Knokke-Heist, Belgium.


When entering the historical center of Bruges, visitors have the feeling of entering a fairy tale. The houses built in the traditional style, the cobblestone streets, the canals that run through the city and the horse-drawn carriages that transport the tourists seem to be taken from another time. The main square has several very interesting buildings, such as the Provincial Palace or the Basilica of the Holy Blood, where a relic with the blood of Christ is preserved. Those who want to get out of the most traditional, can visit the curious Museum of Fried Potato. Witches is 27 kilometers from Knokke-Heist, you should take the N374.


101 kilometers from Knokke-Heist is Antwerp, one of the most beautiful cities in Flanders. Antwerp is usually known for fashion and diamonds, but it also has a great architectural beauty that should not be overlooked. The main square, built between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, is a jewel in itself composed of the buildings of the guilds. The building of the city hall combines touches of the Italian and Flemish revival that give it great beauty. The Gothic cathedral is decorated with works by Rubens, one of the artists born in the town. From Knokke-Heist, take the N49 road.


Ghent is another of the wonders that Flanders offers. It is currently the city of culture, with a large number of historic buildings, remnants of the era in which it was the second largest city in Europe after Paris. It is known as the city of the three towers, since these three towers are the symbol of the city. These three towers are the bell tower of the Cathedral, the Watchtower of Belfort and the tower of the church of San Nicolás. The bridge of San Miguel is another architectural jewel from which you get the best views of the city. From Knokke-Heist you must take the N49 and the N9 to get to Ghent. the Cathedral of San Bavo , to the Watchtower or Belfort and to the tower of the church of San Nicolás. From the bridge of San Miguel you will get the best view for your most artistic photos. - See more at:


The French city of Calais is only 130 kilometers from Knokke-Heist, so a stay in the Belgian town can be transformed into the perfect excuse to visit this city full of legends. The city of Calais suffered many damages during the Second World War, but the Pas de Calais justifies the visit. Only 30 kilometers separate the continent from the United Kingdom at this point, so many swimmers dare to cover this distance by swimming. The museum of the Second World War must complete the visit, as well as the sculpture of Rodin representing six bourgeois. From Knokke-Heist, you must take the E40 and then the A16.

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By plane: the Ostend-Bruges airport is 50 kilometers from Knokke-Heist. It is an international airport operated by the airlines Jetairfly and Thomas Cook Airlines that receive flights from several cities in Spain, Turkey, Tunisia and Greece. From the airport you can take a bus from lines 6 and 86 and later the train that communicates directly with Knokke-Heist. By road: the A10 motorway runs along the north coast of Belgium, connecting Knokke with the rest of the maritime locations. The N49 communicates the city inland. By train: the train is one of the best options for traveling in Belgium, since the railway network is modern and punctual. From Knokke you can take a train to many destinations such as Brussels (1:30), Bruges (0:23), Ghent (0:55) and Antwerp (2:00). The price of the single ticket to Brussels is 23.30 euros, to Bruges is 3.70 euros, both in second class. Web page: In the city: Knokke-Heis is a small town in which the car must be left to Enjoy walking. Even visits to the beach, the dunes and the nature reserve can easily be done on foot without the need for public transport.

Knokke-heist city hall

City hall address
Gemeentebestuur Knokke-Heist
Alfred Verweeplein 1, 8300 Knokke-Heist, Belgium
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+32 50 63 01 00
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08:30 12:00 , 13:30 16:30
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 16:30
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 16:30
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 16:30
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 16:30
09:00 11:30
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