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The city of Malmedy is included to the region Walloon Region and to the province Liege

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Malmedy, Belgium

The quaint city of Malmedy is located in the province of Liege and it is one among the 262 communes in Wallonia, Belgium. This was one of the communes in Belgium that has taken an initiative to legalize the problems of its language minority, almost 5% of its inhabitants speak German. With a population of about 11,400 people, Malmedy was first formed in 648 by St. Remacle, who built a convent here. In the 16th century. This city was influenced by the head abbots in its past, and it was attacked more than fifty times by invaders. Malmedy became an industrialized city encouraging the growth of leather, cloth and gunpowder production. Its paper industry is lucrative and it even has a museum dedicated to its success. One of the famous festivals of Belgium the Cwarmê, is celebrated here with great pomp and show. This city enjoys all four seasons in the year.

Points of interests / things to see

A Walking Tour

Malmedy is a beautiful city that is surrounded with picturesque countryside. Hiking in these parts is one of the main attractions of this city. An exhilarating experience that has inspired poets and artists to capture the scenery in their work. There are different levels of trails that cater to every visitor. The heather walk follows a 2.5 kilometer trail from Albert 1er. This city has strategically placed colored rings that guide the hiker along the trail. This trail is the Pink Ring. At an elevation of 100 meters it takes about an hour to complete. Pass the Cathedral and walk into the park and observe the monument of the Civilian victims, the Ardennes Offensive. At the rear of the Cathedral, head left to the Poudingue rocks and onwards to the Rue du Rond Thier. This stretch is a dirt road, but the scenery is breathtaking with fields and a trail through a dense wood that leads to the chapel of Calvary. The panoramic view of the city can be enjoyed from the Belvedere. Cross the remains of the fortified walls of this city that dates back to the 17th century and make your way back into town through the charming passage of the Petit Vinâve.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral that stands today has been renovated and expanded from an old abbey that was originally built in 1775. This abbey was dedicated to the two saints, Saints Peter and Paul Quirin in 1784. It was upgraded to a parish and then it became a Cathedral in 1925 during the reign of the Baltia and Eupen-Malmedy diocese. The interiors have a mixture of styles with an altar created from marble in 1877. There is a marble altar dedicated to Virgin Mary made earlier in 1773. The intricately decorated pulpit and the four confessionals still stand today. There is a reliquary of Saint Quirin at this cathedral. Visitors can admire this cathedral in the afternoons and there are guided tours. The bell tower of this Cathedral has four massive bells that are rung each day. One of the ancient bells dates back to the 18th century, it was created by Martin Legros and dedicated to Saint Donat. This bell weighs 900 kilograms and has an inscription, 'St. Donat, we are protected from lightning, by your prayer'. The other three bells at this tower were created in the 20th century, because during WWII, the old bells were stolen by the Germans and taken to Kall. No one knows what happened to them, it is believed that they were melted down.

The Calvary

The Calvary is one of the ancient monuments in Malmedy. It was created in the seventeenth century at a steep location on the old path of Chôdes. It was constructed in the shape of a wooden cross, but in 1728, Capuchin Father Albert Dinant commission a new chapel, a large cross and five stations to replace the badly deteriorated old cross. The local inhabitants have always held this Calvary in high regard and they have taken the efforts to renovate it as and when needed. The present calvary was inaugurated in 1913 and it was constructed in a neo-classical style. The bas reliefs was done by Carl Burger of Aix-la-Chapelle and it was in color. With the support of the Walloon Region, the Calvary received additional renovation in 2005. The Calvary is an interesting tourist attraction as it highlights the customs and traditions of this region. A beautiful monument set in a natural paradise with ancient trees like larch, linden, walnut, beech, ash, blood dogwoods, flat maple and Turk's cap lily. There is a walking trail that guides the visitor through canopied woods and offers phenomenal views of the countryside. This area has a unique geological occurrence that has been dubbed the 'Pudding Malmedy'. This is due to the conglomerate rock, limestone, calcareous cement and other elements that has created this appearance.

Baugnez 44

The museum of Baugnez 44 was first opened in 2007 and it is spread out on two levels with 850 square meters of viewing presentation. It highlights the Battle of the Bulge. This museum makes the visitor understand the impact of the German invasion of 1944 on this beautiful city. It traces the military operations and the battles that followed in this region. There are soul stirring photographs that could make the visitor emotional and war paraphernalia that showcase the gruesome side of mankind. Watch the films and the reconstructed life of a typical soldier, understand the hardships that they would have faced and the human destruction that would have caused them anguish. Set during the harsh winter months of 1944, the film is thought provoking and with modern sound systems and lighting, one is transported to the battle grounds! Take a guided tour as you will learn more intimate details. There are multilingual guides, who will highlight the unique artifacts on display and give a detailed explanation with anecdotes of the Battle. Relive the anxiety, insecurity and destruction of the Battle of the Bulge at this well presented museum. Baugnez 44 Historical Center Route de Luxembourg, 104960 Malmedy. Telephone: 080/440 482

Cwarmé Carnival

Malmedy is home of the famous carnival, the Cwarmé. This is an ancient traditional festival that has written documentation from 1459, but it is much older. A cheerful event that is fun, interactive and historic. There are delightful characters who wear antique clothes from the 14th century, with the accessories like wigs, shoes and parasols to match! The brass band marches la Haguète to the town square. La Haguète are richly dressed with royal velvets and large ostrich feathers that dance from their hats. They carry the gruesome hape-tchâr, these are flesh snatchers used to control lepers during the medieval era. La Haguète dance animatedly and during the parade would pinch innocent bystanders with their hape-tchâr until they beg for mercy! La Haguète are joined by the le Hârlikin, these are funny clowns who have knife fights! The parade begins after the dances, in a city with a population of about 11,000 inhabitants, at least 2,500 of them participate in the parade! Brightly dress and cheerful, every onlooker feels the happiness of the characters. Of the many characters that pass by, Le Long-Ramon or long brooms, le Long-Né and le Sâvadje Cayèt (an African costume) are popular characters. Le Longès-Brèsses with their long extended hands are naughty and fun! Enjoy the most famous carnival of Belgium.


This majestic building stands close to the cathedral of Malmedy. Covering about 3000 meters on each floor, on display are interesting displays that are entertaining and educational too. The visitor will learn about the past of this glorious city and the neighboring region. The City of Malmedy has renovated this monumental building with the support of the Walloon region and the French community. It still reflects its 18th century architecture and there is a beautiful laid garden and a charming courtyard that hosts public functions throughout the year. This is popular among school children and adults.

Bellevaux Brewery

Bellevaux is a quaint village that is located between the cities of Malmedy and Stavelot. Belgium is popular for its beer and this village is famous in this region for the special brewery. The famous beer of this village is brewed using the pristine waters from the Ardennes springs. These springs have a rare mixture of elements that create a delicious beer. This beer is stored in authentic red copper barrels that enhance the taste of the beer. Enjoy this brew at the restaurant and it will be served to you in a special glass that heightens the taste of the beer. The store attached to this brewery has an interesting stock of the local cheese and unique beer glasses.

Apollinaire Monument

The city of Malmedy was immortalized by the great poet Wilhelm Apploniars. Take a walk to the Apollinaire monument that is along the former Thier de Liège. This monument was commissioned in memory of Wilhelm Apploniars, he lived in this scenic region in the 19th century and he enjoyed taking walks in the Fens especially when it was misty. This monument has a tall limestone stela that has this poets name encarved on it. There is a landscaped garden and around the lush greenery, there are small steles scattered and each one has an inscription. It reads, “Be lenient when, you compare us, those were the perfection of order, us quetons, adventure everywhere.”

- Blancs Moussi

Stavelot is about 8 kilometers from Malmedy. They celebrate a mid-Lent festival with carnival gaiety called the Blancs Moussi. Legend claims that 500 year ago, monks were bared from festivities by the abbot. The local folks missed their presence and they dressed themselves up in white hooded robes and pointy red noses to protest the abbot's decision. This festival is over three days with a parade on Saturday night. Blancs Moussis appear on Sunday and they carry dried pig bladders to burst on passerby's head and dried fish are dangled at others faces! Monday sees musical and folklore presentation before it closes with a ball at the abbey.

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How to get there ?

Getting into Malmedy and around the city

The major airport that is closest to Malmedy, Belgium is the Masstricht Aachen Airport (MST/EHBK). This airport is located in Maastricht, Netherlands and it is about 84 kilometers from the city center of Malmedy, Belgium. This is the major international airport that gives the best connectivity to Malmedy. The nearest airport in the country of Belgium to Malmedy is the Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL/EBCI). This is an international airport and it is more than 112 kilometers from the city center of Malmedy. There are no train stations at Malmedy and so the nearest station is Trois-Ponts. Visitors will have to disembart at Trois-Ponts and take a taxi into Malmedy. The distance from the station at Troi-Ponts to the citycenter of Malmedy is less than one hour. There are regular trains that connect Liege to Trois-Ponts and it is just twenty minutes away by bus. The local bus number 395 covers the route from Verviers and return about eight times a day. The motorways are good in Belgium and you could travel by car on the E421 this is the Verviers-Prüm motorway, take the exit at 11.

Malmedy city hall

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Gemeindeverwaltung Malmedy
Rue Jules Steinbach 1, 4960 Malmedy, Belgium
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+32 80 79 96 66
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