City of Bonito (Mato Grosso do Sul)

The city of Bonito is included to the region Mato Grosso do Sul and to the state Bonito

Presentation of the destination


Bonito means beautiful. This land is one of the most beautiful places in Brazil. The crystal clear water are created by the natural fresh water spring and the high concentration of lime in the soil is the reason you are treated to such clear waters. These waters are brimming with colorful fish and aquatic foliage. Blessed with caves and waterfalls, this is paradise for the adventurous traveler. This is an Eco-tourist destination and the number of visitors to an attraction is controlled. Do make an advance booking with your tour operator to avoid disappointment. Bonito has a hot and humid tropical climate. The average temperature is 22 C. The waters are clear throughout the year, but November to January is a good time to visit. The rainy season is between February and April and magically, the the forests foliage come alive and the rivers are fuller. It gets cooler between June and August, the best time to visit is between October to March. The currency used in Bonito is Real.

Points of interests / things to see

Anhumas Abyss

Anhumas Abyss is located 23 km from Bonito, Mato Grosso do Sul. It is in the Anhumas Valley and is also the location of the Blue Lagoon Cave. A creation of mother nature, it is mystical and an exhilarating experience. A small crack in a rock gives you the secrets hidden under the earth. This fissure is deep and you will have to rappel into the cave for a distance of 72 meters. That is about 30 stories high building. As you descend down, you are suddenly confronted by a big cave the size of a football field. There are breathtaking rock formations and a beautiful lake of clear water at the bottom. You need to have a diving certificate before snorkeling or scuba diving to the bottom of this crystal clear lake that is about 18 meters deep. Amazing sites await you at the bottom as your are confronted by massive cones of limestone that make fabulous shapes and reach heights of 20 meters! Certain days in the year, the sun passes through the small opening and illuminates the cave and the crystalline waters for a few hours. If you are lucky and you are there at that time, you have vision of the bottom of the lake. An experience of a lifetime. Contact the Eco-tourist offices: Packtours :

Rio De Sucuri

Rio Sucuri is 18 km from downtown of Bonito and is in the region of Serra da Bodoquena. The crystalline clear waters allows the visitor to observe the aquatic fauna and flora. An exciting float down the river. The experienced guides will inform the visitors about the snorkeling equipment and give appropriate training about the usage of the equipments. A short car rides leads you to the beginning of the trail from where you will go on foot to the spring. Tourists are taken to the a warm water spring of the river Sucuri. Take care, the water is hot! When you reach the end of the trail , you can enter the water and snorkel down the calm waters for over 50 minutes. An amazing world of color awaits you under the water. You will see native fishes like the Dourados, Piaus or the Piraputanga. You will be lost in another world! The support boat follow at a safe distance and the car awaits to take you back to the farm of Rio Formoso, where you can do more activities like horseback riding or bike riding. Remember you need to book ahead to make sure you are not disappointed. Children under 5 years are allowed, but at the risk of the parents. Visitors are not allowed to wear sunblock, body lotion, or any cream as this will disrupt the Eco-balance of the water.

Gruta Do Lago Azul

Gruta do Lago Azul means the Blue Lake Grotto. It is a large cave that has a pool with the clearest blue water. This clear blue water looks magical when the sunlight shines through the hole that is in the ceiling and hits these waters. The blue water reflects the light and the cave is bathed in a soft glow. The waters are fed by an underground river that geologists are yet to discover. The Blue Lake Grotto was discovered by the local Terena Indians by accident. This cave is one of the largest flooded cavities on the planet. In 1992, a Franco-Brazilian expedition documented this cave and when they went cave diving in these clear blue waters at depths of 70 meters, they were amazed at the discovery at the bottom. They found many prehistoric animal bones from the Pleistocene era. There were giant mammals like the tooth tigers and the giant sloths. A treasure trove of fossils lying preserved in the blue waters. This cave is 20 km from downtown. It is advisable to wear comfortable walking shoes and cotton clothes. Do remember to carry water and sun protection. Duration of the tour: 2 hours Time of the tour: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm Children under 5 years are not allowed.

Rio Da Prata

Bonito offers the visitor splendid options for Eco-tourism in the world with the most crystalline waters. Rio da Prata is located in Jardim, MS and gives you memories of a lifetime. Snorkeling is the main sport here to see the colorful fishes and plants under the water. The trail leads to the main spring of Olho d' Agua River. The guide will instruct you on using the snorkeling equipments and you can get on your way downstream. An amazing sensation of floating in crystalline waters with the waters brimming with fishes of different sizes and color. The aquatic vegetation is scenic too. You will continue snorkeling until the rivers Prata and Olho d' Agua meet. If you are enjoying the paradise below the water, you can continue to flood downstream, but those who are tired can get into the boat that is waiting. The tour ends at the stone deck of the meandering Prata River. As with all Eco-tourism spots, do make reservations ahead with the service provider otherwise you will be disappointed.They allow a maximum of 9 visitors at one time and they will be escorted by a certified guide. An unbelievable experience, looking on into a clear world of different hues and wonder.

Rafting down the Rio Formoso

An adventure trip in Bonito is never without a splash in it's crystalline waters. The rafting tour is for the young at heart! It is a great adventure on the Rio Formoso. The tour providers will supple the rubber boats that can hold up to 12 people. The course is 8 km long on the Formoso river until it reaches the Padre island. An exhilarating experience of maneuvering not one, but three waterfalls along the way. Then when Rio Formoso seems to have quieten down, you will be suddenly confronted with two rapids along the way! A fun tour of the Rio Formoso with water splashing against your face, screaming with excitement, but a smile on your face! As the rivers meet, you will be able to sight exotic creatures of the forests. There are many monkeys, birds and maybe the occasional snake! There is an option of a night tour that happens only on full moon nights, if you can plan your trip during that time, you will not be disappointed. The Rio Formoso is about 12 km from downtown Bonito. Duration of the water rafting: 2 hours Children under 5 are not allowed.

Buraco Das Araras

Buraco Das Araras translated into english means the Hole of the Macaws. This is one of the largest cave holes in South America with plenty of greenery that is almost like a forest, growing inside it. This hole was created when the roof of the cave, fell in. This phenomenon is called a doline. This is home to one of the most colorful of birds, the macaws. The cave hole is 130 meters deep and about 500 meters wide. There is a lake inside this cave and the crocodile native to this land, inhabit it. Distance from downtown is 58 km. Duration: 2 hours Time of tour: Late afternoon, when the birds return. A binoculars to get a closer view will be great.

Natural Aquarium

Campo Grande is about 150 miles south from the town of Bonito. This place is paradise as it is the meeting spot of the waters from the rivers of Formosa, Securi and Bama Bonita. The river is rich in calcium that emerge from the center of the earth's natural springs. This helps in filtering and giving river water that is amazingly clear. This Aquario Natural is brimming with corimba, piritanga, dourado and other colorful fishes that have no predators. The waters are icy cool and this keeps out the piranhas! You will need a wetsuit to snorkel in these waters! A paradise on earth, with colorful fish in the waters and orchids of different hues lining the river bank.

Sao Miguel Cave

The Sao Miguel cave is about 15 km away from downtown Bonito. This cave has interesting rock formations that are unique in this area. The main cave has many ancient and intriguing natural formations. An amazing entrance of a suspended trail, it seems right out of an adventure movie. The access to this cave is different. There is a suspended trail that is over 180m above the ground, but taking the risk is worth the sights that await you! The car will await at the entrance for the return journey. Time of tour: 7:00 am to 2:00 pm Children below 5 are not allowed inside the cave. Do remember to dress comfortably and wear your walking shoes.

A trek to the waterfall of the Fish River

An active day for the adventurous! A walking trek that lasts about two hours on such a scenic route that represents all of Bonito's natural treasures. This exhilarating trek begins at the Fazenda Agua Viva, that is a live water farm. This is the most scenic locations in the area. Walk on a beaten path with a guide to explain the different flora native to this region. Cross the numerous waterfalls along the way and have a stop over at the natural swimming pools that border this trekking path. On your return at the farmhouse, sit down to a traditional lunch prepared by loving hands at the Fazenda.

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How to get there ?

Getting to Bonito and around the city.

The airport at Bonito(BYO) is 13 km away from the downtown city of Bonito. The tourism in Bonito is well planned and it is better to book through an established agent. The language spoken in Bonito is Portuguese and you may find it difficult to communicate directly to the hote'ls receptionist. The tour companies have a good rapport with all the hotels and will get you a good deal.  Flights into Bonita Flying from Campinas (VCP) to Bonito (BYO) with Azul Airlines only limited flights available. Azul Airlines has service from Campinas – Viracopos (VCP) directly into Bonito airport. From the Campo Grande Airport: Shuttles are available between Campo Grande and the ESTC designated hotels in Bonito. Do remember to book your shuttle when you are booking your hotel through the online booking system. Cost of shuttle ticket one way: $85 Cost of Shuttle ticket round trip:$170 Please book the shuttle by emailing Brazil Ecotravel at Transportation Around Bonito Bonito is a small town and it is easy to get around the city. There are shuttles and private cars that your hotel can help book for you. PackTours 5th floor, at the famous Avenue Ibirapuera, nº 2.907, in Moema, Sao Paulo City, near the shopping mall Ibirapuera.

Bonito city hall

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Prefeitura Municipal de Bonito
R. Cel. Pílad Rébua, 1780 - Alvorada, Bonito - MS, 79290-000, Brazil
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+55 67 3255-1351
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07:00 11:00 , 13:00 17:00
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07:00 11:00 , 13:00 17:00
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