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For the perfect holiday, choose Buzios

Located at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Buzios also called Armação de Buzios is a Brazilian city known first and foremost for its beautiful beaches, party spirit and nightlife. At 180 kilometers north of the Brazilian capital, this former fishing village has become a first-rate tourist site and is renowned for the beauty of its natural site, but also for its night life and its life. festive. It is in Armação de Buzios that the Brazilian jet set spends the summer period in beautiful villas nestled in the surrounding nature or in the luxurious hotels that the city offers. The climate is pleasant throughout the year and adds to the attractiveness of the place. The average annual temperature is 25 degrees and depending on the winter and summer, it varies between 22 and 26 degrees. So it is all year that you can go to Buzios without fearing the cold.

Points of interests / things to see

A paradisiacal natural site

In the first place, Buzios, which means shellfish in Brazilian, is a natural paradise. That's why it attracts so many tourists every year. This peninsula, which stretches for eight kilometers and throws itself into the Atlantic Ocean, receives maritime currents coming from the equator on the one hand and from the other. the south on the other hand. Thus, the diversity of beaches to discover is impressive. Some offer warm water while others due to cold currents bring a real refreshment during the high season. The most popular and main beach is called Geriba and extends for almost two kilometers. White and fine sand, turquoise water, green nature in the surroundings attract the Cariocas, inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro. They leave the city to recharge their batteries in an enchanting setting. Ferradurinha, Rasa, Manguinhos, Ferradurinha, Tartaruga, Brava, Olho-de-Boi, so many names of beach that nothing to pronounce them already project us in an atmosphere of idleness and pleasures. Some of the beaches are naturist such as Olho-de-Boi beach. Indeed, the peninsula form of Buzios is conducive to different beach environments. Some are very quiet because they are slightly set back and are more like creeks. It is on these small pieces of paradise surrounded by rocks that you can practice the underwater hike, called snorkeling in English. Armed with a mask, fins and a snorkel, you can explore the seabed by swimming on the surface of the water. Other beaches are more agitated and will make the happiness of the surfers or kitesurfers such as the beach of Brava. You can rent jet skis, banana boats, pedal boats or kayaks. In all, more than twenty beaches, each with its character will adapt to your moods. To make the most of the azure water and its ideal temperatures, nothing is more enjoyable for those who have the sea legs than taking the time to take a boat trip. Offers available to tourists offer various possibilities, but it is also possible to go on one of the fishing boats that are called traineiras and to offer the luxury of the passage dâ € ™ A part of fishing. Finally, without soaking in it, you can simply walk along the promenade Orla Bardot to admire the sea and the fabulous landscape of this part of the Brazilian coast.

Brigitte Bardot, muse of Buzios

It's largely to French star and pin-up Brigitte Bardot that Buzios owes its success. Indeed, in the sixties, in 1964 exactly, the young BB draws attention to this beautiful fishing village at the extraordinary site after having stayed there a while. She becomes the muse of places. Buzios pays tribute to the beautiful blonde and even devotes a real cult. The seaside promenade owes its name, the pleasant Orla Bardot. A bronze statue of the seated star cast in high-waisted jeans and a striped marcel was erected in his honor on the promenade. The French star had stayed there with her Brazilian boyfriend of the moment. A film is named after the actress and a plaque allows you to know and remember the place of the room where the latter had slept during her stay. Since she set foot there, the small fishing town has not stopped hosting movie stars and music from around the world. Mick Jagger and Madona have spent their holidays in Buzios several times. BB's declaration of love in Buzios catapulted the small village to the front of the Brazilian scene. Today, we call the peninsula Saint Tropez of South America. Three hours from the Brazilian capital, Buzios has become a paradise for the Brazilian and Argentinean elites. Moreover, the places are particularly popular during the summer period of Latin America, that is to say from December to March. They fill up with tourists and prices tend to flare up. Thus, it is more pleasant, if you want to discover the places with a little peace and quiet to get there during the low season and the climate will be despite all the rendezvous.

An electric nightlife

Buzios also attracts for its famous nightlife and festive. The main street of the city, the most popular, Rua das Pedras, offers shops, restaurants of international gastronomy, bars and discotheques. Indeed, one of the unique features of this Brazilian peninsula is to unite on one hand an ideal natural site for the day and an extremely animated nightlife. The night of Buzios is one of the most sought after in Brazil. Some visitors go to Buzios more to enjoy their nightlife and meet new people than for its unique setting and beaches. Rua das Pedras travels thousands of tourists during the day, but it's the night she takes her real face. Its numerous adjoining lanes, its luxury shops, its unique bars concentrate an electric and bohemian atmosphere. If you want to leave the density of this main street for a while, all you have to do is go to the Turibe de Farias Street, which is in the process of resembling the first one, but, for the moment, offer more attractive prices. Unites a population that prefers to enjoy the Buzios underground. The pontoon of the center of Buzios is also very frequent during the night. Adolescents, young people, lovers and walkers meet there and sometimes prolong their evenings until very late at night. Concerts, beach parties and festivals offer musical moments throughout the year.

Arts and culture

If Buzios is not without glitz, the city is home to many artists from around the world. They are attracted in the first place by the heavenly decor of Buzios. In the galleries of the city, you can see pretty watercolors depicting the beaches of Buzios. Also, some of them are attached to represent the buziana life through bronze sculptures. The city includes many workshops and galleries of artists. Coming from the region or from abroad to enjoy the beauty of Buzios, they expose their works in the galleries of Rua das Pedras. Canvases, scultpures, and paintings are to be found in the places dedicated to art that roam the city. What makes the beauty of the site also holds the architectural rigor with which the city was built. Indeed, the city of Buzios prohibits the construction of buildings that would exceed two floors. This preserves the view and the landscape of the city. Thus, wherever one is in Buzios, a view towards the ocean is offered to us and it is impossible to see it spoiled by disharmonious constructions. This law influenced the architecture of the places. In addition to not exceeding two floors, each building is unique. Indeed, there are no two buildings that are alike. These are influenced by various styles, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. The buziana architecture undoubtedly contributes to the beauty of the place. In the lower part of the city, one can enter various churches such as the Nossa Senhora Chapel Maria Desatadora of Nos or the Church of Santana.

Not to miss

The Buzios peninsula is also composed of many islands. The buzianas islands surround this island and form a perfect ecosystem to shelter seabed of any beauty. Fish, corals and birds will delight nature lovers and confirmed divers. While taking a boat ride, you can enjoy Caboclo, Feia, Rasa or Gravatas Island. Most of these islands are uninhabited and offer absolutely beautiful walks on land or water. If you go to Buzios, you can not miss the delicious cuisine. © silienne. The two most famous Brazilian dishes are cozido and feijoada in this region. Cooked with beans, rice, cassava flour and meat, they are prepared in the region especially with black beans, orange and black beans. dried meat. You will also find in Buzios the unmissable pao de queijo, these small balls of cheese bread that you can enjoy hot, typically Brazilian! Finally, fruits and exotic cocktails will be waiting for you to refresh at any time.

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To get to Buzios all the paths are good. You can reach this little paradise by land, sea or air. By car, if you come from the Brazilian capital, it takes a little more than two hours of travel. If you do not own a car and prefer to travel by bus, be aware that the majority of pousadas, small rustic hotels and typically Brazilian guest houses, offer transfer services. Buzios in Rio de Janeiro and vice versa. Two types of transport are possible in these cases for all budgets. You can take a bus or a van for an economical trip or you can enjoy the luxury of an air conditioned vehicle for a little more money. Buses also transfer between Rio de Janeiro and Buzios several times a day. If you want to come by plane directly to Buzios, you will pass by Rio de Janeiro and land at the small airport of Buzios, the Umberto Modiano in a twin-engine plane whose capacity does not exceed twenty passengers. It is also possible to reach Buzios by sea in sailboats or by boat. It may be the most advisable trip to reach the peninsula. Indeed, what better than to reach the sea by the sea.

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