City of Pucón (Araucania)

The city of Pucón is included to the department Araucania and to the province Cautín Province

Presentation of the destination

Pucon, starting point to the Chilean nature

Pucon is a small tourist town in the southern lake district of Chile. Pucon is very popular with Chileans as well as with foreign tourists. Among the highlights of the city are the imposing views of the Villarrica Volcano and the many other natural attractions. So Pucon is considered as an ideal starting point for a variety of recreational and sports activities in nature. Furthermore, Pucon is for its excellent nightlife. Every night the bear and tourists romp here and Chileans celebrate together. The city center is a kind of Disneyland of backpackers. Affordable guesthouses and hotels line up here and are only interrupted by restaurants and bars. In between, of course, the many travel agencies that undercut each other in the prices for excursions into nature may not be missing. It should be said very clearly that there is a lot going on in Pucon. For those who prefer a quieter place, it is better to stay in the quiet neighboring towns, such as Villarrica. The high season is in the months of January and February.

Points of interests / things to see

Climbing on the volcano Villarrica

Pucon is known for many of his extreme outdoor sports, but there is a job that clearly stands out from the crowd. This refers to the climbing on the volcano Villarrica, which has made the small sleepy village known to tourists from all over the world and has contributed to the development of a small village to a bustling tourist center. The volcano Villarrica towers over the city and measures a total height of 2840 meters. The best thing is that climbing the volcano is possible without any technical assistance, and is relatively easy on a clear day. This gives many recreational climbers the opportunity to climb a high volcano without preparation. So from the city center for 8000 CLP with the chairlift you can get a good part of the ascent. Of course, you should not underestimate the whole endeavor and bring along a certain basic condition. Ultimately, however, just about anyone can make the climb. Every year several thousand people make it to the ascent. Most of them come in the high season Janur and February, in the South American summer. At this time the volcano overflows in many places, so it is recommended to arrive 1-2 months later or later. Once at the top of the volcano, you can enjoy a fabulous view of other volcanoes, such as the Llaima, the Choshuenco, Quetrupillan, Lanin and Lonquimay. An ice ax and walking sticks are part of the necessary equipment throughout the year, and even windproof clothing is a must. Before the climb you have to register with the Conaf, which has an office in the city center. These check the equipment and the membership in a hiking association in the home country. During the main season, the Conaf has stationed guards at the lifts checking the licenses. If you start early enough, you may be able to bypass the checks.


Of course, in addition to the relatively powerful ascent of the volcano there are also much more relaxed and pampered recreational activities. At this point, the hiking should be mentioned, which is also very popular in Pucon. Above all, the stretch beyond the falls where the Huerquehue National Park is located is pre-destined for it. One of the highlights along the way are the wondrous Araucaria trees, which are a peculiarity of the local region and always amaze the visitors. There are a few more native plants that you do not see every day. These include the Coigües and Lingues. The trails are well signposted and can hardly be missed. These lead again and again along beautiful vantage points, where you can take a break and enjoy the scenery. As a rule, the eye wanders again and again to the impostane volcanoes and the summit peaks of the Andes. Since there are no shops or similar on the way, it is essential to bring enough water and food. It is recommended to pack at least four liters per person. Alternatively, you can also join an organized tour. It is often provided for the food. If you want to explore the park on your own, you can catch a bus that leaves JAC Terminal in Pucon four times a day. The departure times are 8:30, 13:00, 16:00 and 18:20. The return times depend on the train station.

Anticlo horse farm

Horse feverers will feel like they are in paradise on the Anticlo horse farm. Horses are the traditional farm animal of the region and unfortunately today are only used predominantly for tourism purposes. For example in the Anticlo horse farm, which is farm and accommodation at the same time. The farm offers some accommodation options, such as a small guest house with two rooms, where you can relax for a few days. Furthermore, the horse farm has some cozy guest houses outside the city. You are always picked up for trips. The riding tours are the true trademark of the Anticlo Horse Farm. There are very different tours available, which adapt to the mood and the skills of the riders. There is something for every taste. As a rule you will be picked up by a pick-up and start the riding tours a bit outside, in the great outdoors.

Amity Tours

Many of the natural beauties can be explored on your own, but often it makes sense to join a guided tour. The tours are a great way to meet like-minded travelers and find the secret treasures of the area. Amity Tours is a family run business that since 2003 specializes in showing the surroundings of Pucon from its best surroundings. All members of Amity Tours grew up in the region and we know their pockets. Most of Amity Tours tours lead into the so-called â € œThe Lake and Vulkano Districtâ €, which borders the border with Argentina. Unlike its immediate surroundings, much of this area is still untouched by tourism. Together with local specialists you discover these landscapes. The special thing about the tours of Amity Tours is that their tours are very creative and thus stand out clearly from the often monotonous Wanderrungen and Co.

Hot springs Los Pozones

There is nothing more beautiful and, above all, more relaxing than relaxing after a long day in nature, such as a hike or climbing the volcano, to relax the tired muscles and bones of the body of Los Pozones Hot Spring. The Los Pozones Thermal Spa is located at Km. 36 Pucon, near Huife Alto. There is a bus on Palguin Street in Pucon, departing every day at 13:30. The bus leaves at 18:30. The return journey costs 2800 CLP. The afternoon is the perfect time to relax in the thermal spa. The bath consists of five natural pools beautifully situated next to a river. The water temperatures are different in all pools and are between 30 and 40 degrees. Especially in the winter months, when the area is covered by snow, this is considered a unique experience. The entrance fee is 4000 CLP.


Those who are too busy in Pucon are better advised to set up camp in the neighboring village of Villarrica. Villarrica is about 20 minutes by minibus from Pucon and can be easily reached at any time. Villarrica itself, with a population of over 40,000 people, is significantly larger, but there are significantly fewer tourists and inconveniences associated with it.

Rafting and kayaking

The glacier-fed River Trancura is ideal for rafting and kayaking. The rapids offer a class three speed and are therefore particularly well suited for beginners. Trancura Alto is getting a bit more explosive.


In the center of town you can book guided fly fishing trips to the Rio Liucura River and Rio Trancura. The beautiful landscapes of the rivers are worth the visit alone. You should bring experience in fly fishing.

Ski Area

In the period from May to October, in other words the South American winter, the mountains that surround Pucon are ideal for skiing. The ski equipment can be rented in the city center.

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Winter time UTC -4:00


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Cautín Province
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How to get there ?

getting there

By Bus: There are daily direct bus services between Santiago de Chile and Pucon. Of these, some buses also run overnight. Tickets are often sold out during the summer months, so tickets should be well in advance. The bus from Valdivia takes 3 hours. By plane: The city's airport is only open in the summer months and even then the prices are very expensive. The nearest airport with normal prices is located in Temuco, about 80 minutes by bus from Pucon. By train: In the summer months trains between Pucon and Temuco operate. Buses are considered the better option.

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