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Explore Dalian, an opportunity not to be missed

Dalian is a city located in Laoning Province, China. The Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea surround this attractive metropolis thanks to its very dynamic city center and its beautiful beaches. Its proximity to Korea and Japan has allowed it to develop rapidly and become a rich city. It is also the third port of China. Although populated with more than 6 million inhabitants, there are also creeks, cliffs and other green areas that are pleasant and cut off from the world. Dalian is therefore an ideal destination to discover China, especially as it enjoys a temperate climate at its location. Although it is a city founded recently (in the 20th century), it aspires to become the capital of love and fashion in China. Discover the multiple assets of this city and let yourself be tempted by its riches and dynamism.

Points of interests / things to see

Dalian, a green city with a unique atmosphere

Dalian enjoys a reputation for a green city thanks to its many natural spaces. Leaving the city center, you can quickly reach the beaches that include cliffs, trails and other cornices. Despite its status as a very influential Chinese city and the density of its population, it has indeed preserved the nature that surrounds it, and to the delight of tourists and locals. The views offered by these spaces promise to all lovers of unforgettable panorama unique sensations. Natural sites are not lacking and everyone can find his account. For example, strolling along the corniche separating the Tiger Beach from Fujiazhang Beach is essential for any one who likes to walk. The 20 kilometers that separate the two beaches are full of places all more beautiful than the others. With the walk, we appreciate nature ubiquitous with the many trees and plants that punctuate our trip. But that's not all, and it will also be possible to stop to admire one of the coves to be lulled by a gentle breeze. The diversity of the surroundings will enchant all those who seek in the journey a total disorganization. Moreover, Dalian is also known for its romanticism. It is considered a must-see event for all couples. In view of the magnificent landscapes it offers, it deserves its title of "capital of lovers". Couples that can be seen on the beaches or in one of the many green spaces contribute to the warm atmosphere that reigns throughout the city. Peace and tranquility are the key words to describe Dalian, making it an ideal destination for all lovers but also others, who will enjoy without any concern all the possibilities that the city offers.

Unlimited dynamism and exceptional diversity

And things to do, there are plenty of them. It's impossible to get bored as life is rich in discovery. If one has enough wind along the seaside in one of the many squares of the city, it is always possible to visit more lively places. The zoo offers us, for example, the opportunity to discover or rediscover many animal species that range from pandas to elephants. Given the vastness of the reserve, it is highly advisable to spend a day there to be sure you do not miss anything. Dalian is the Chinese city with the most places. Xinghai Square, the largest in Asia, is one of the most impressive. Its size and the public gardens it houses make it a must. But if you are more tempted by a visit to downtown, it is essential to go through the big television tower. This huge tower is accessible by telephone and one will remain mouth in front of the impressive extension of the landscape. The peculiarity of this tower is that once climbed, it goes down toboggan. An experience that few cities can offer and that guarantees its dose of pleasure. Dalian also pretends to be "capital of fashion and art" modern in China ". As a result, cultural events take place without stopping. More than 123 festivals are organized each year. One of the most popular is the beer festival, which hosts more than 160,000 people. This 12-day event allows visitors to discover up to 400 varieties of Chinese beers. The beer festival is therefore a must for all lovers of good beer. In a completely different way, the international festival of the fashion welcomes each year populations coming from the whole world. On the program, clothes exhibitions created by the world's leading designers, skirts and carnival. This festival has become one of the most influential and its fame continues to grow. Thanks to its gigantism, it is an unavoidable moment and of an extreme importance for the city. Given the diversity of services offered, everyone can find his account and spend a unique moment. The high frequency of this type of event and its dynamism help to make Dalian a city of particular and unforgettable charm. It will be difficult to boring as the programming is rich in events all more attractive than each other. But apart from these events, the omnipresence of bars, restaurants and discotheques in the city center will make your happiness. For those who would like to experience an unusual night and experience an unparalleled atmosphere, head to the night market in front of the Zhongshan Hotel. You will find everything your taste buds need to be balanced with fish, vegetables and seafood of undeniable quality. It is guaranteed that you will leave with an unforgettable memory.

A particularly rich gastronomy

If you are fond of quality meals, then Dalian is for you. Thanks to its location, the local gastronomy offers an impressive amount of different meals. Seafood, for example, is one of the specialties to enjoy without moderation. As long as you are a little greedy, you will never stop tasting more and more succulent dishes. But if you prefer more traditional meals, do not worry. You will not have any trouble with pancakes, steam loaves, kebab ... There is something for all tastes, and even the most difficult ones will find something to satisfy their stomachs. Each district offers a lot of restaurants, but Zhongshan and Xigang districts have the best culinary reputation. If your budget is limited, no need to worry. Dalian is full of small restaurants at reasonable prices accessible to all budgets. To order without too much difficulty, however, it is advisable to have some basic Chinese, since English restaurants are relatively rare. Dalian's wealth in gastronomy is no longer to be proven, and this city deserves its culinary reputation. Thanks to an efficient ecological policy, it can boast to offer its visitors high quality food.

A success well deserved

Ecology is also of great importance for this city. We note a desire to preserve the environment and highlight the natural spaces that are a major component of its identity. Tourism being one of the main sources of income, it is normal for ecology to occupy such an important place. It has also allowed Dalian to assert itself and become an example for the rest of China. Indeed, she has been quoted as the most enjoyable of China. This policy of preserving the environment has been extremely beneficial to him, which is not to please the countless tourists. Several other factors can explain the popularity of Dalian. Its architecture is more than varied (there are more than a hundred different architectural styles) and identity is immediately recognizable among these factors. Neither do we neglect the fact that she has benefited from repetitive help from the government to become what it is today. The status of "open city", obtained in 1984, marks the beginning of its massive development and has played heavily in favor of its reputation. Thanks to an intense communication policy, it can pretend to be one of the cities that participates the most in the development of China. Thanks to its advantageous geographical situation, it has attracted many foreign investments that have considerably enriched it. It has logically become one of the major economic and financial factors. This is why it is sometimes called "Hong Kong of North China". Its economy, based on tourism, high technology but also and above all international trade, amply justifies this title. Moreover, its remarkable wealth at all levels allows it to consider a comfortable future. We can expect it to become even more important over the next few years. Dalian is therefore a special city with countless advantages. Everyone can find happiness, which is his strength. This destination is therefore ideal for all lovers of travel and discovery. Its atypical character and its incredible dynamism promise everyone an unforgettable time at the heart of an inimitable and inimitable city. Be sure, you will not regret the move, and the chances of falling in love with the capital of love are extremely high. So you are here!

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The city of Dalian has the particularity of being well served. Indeed, its airport built in 1972 is today the largest and most popular of all China. If you leave Paris, the plane is an effective means of locomotion to travel to Hong Kong. However, the tickets are expensive and it will be better to choose interesting dates to avoid emptying the entire wallet. From Paris always, the journey lasts about 17h, so it will be necessary to be able to support such a long way. Once there, you will notice a rather chaotic traffic, so privilege the taxi or the shuttles to the hiring of cars and you will reach the city without worries. If you are already in China and would like to join Dalian, the train is an effective means of locomotion. Once there, you will notice that traveling is not complicated. You will find at your disposal tram, bus, taxi for the greater happiness of your feet. If, however, you have an accomplished piety temper, visiting the city on foot can be an interesting experience. The city is laid out so that the pedestrians feel at ease, so do not feel compelled to travel by public transport. It should be noted that a metro is currently under construction and is expected to open at the end of 2013.

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