City of Copenhagen (Capital Region of Denmark)

The city of Copenhagen is included to the island Capital Region of Denmark and to the region København

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For a perfect holiday, choose Copenhagen

Copenhagen or Copenhagen for Francophones is the capital of Denmark. This northern European city is full of charm and will offer you everything you need to spend a dream holiday. Copenhagen is a city where life is good and the warm atmosphere that reigns there will seduce you immediately. The Danish capital is home to fantastic monuments as well as high quality tourist attractions. You are likely to fall in love with this city of many facets that never ceases to amaze and charm. Whatever you like to see or do, you will find your happiness in the Danish capital. Architecture, museums, parties, everything is there and we do not spend a single second to be bored as the city is home to treasures. Do not hesitate any more and go straight to Copenhagen, you will not regret it. And while waiting for the plane, discover the city through these few lines.

Points of interests / things to see

A renowned historical heritage

To immerse yourself in Danish culture you should probably start by visiting the historical monuments it houses. And there is something to do. The city has an impressive number of majestic buildings that will impress you. The Amalienborg Palace is a must-see if you spend time in Copenhagen. Its construction was completed in 1760 and the castle is a pure architectural marvel that will not leave you indifferent. The Rosenborg Palace, built in the 17th century, is equally majestic. You will find in its midst a museum which houses a collection of magnificent objects such as jewels of the Danish crown or the globe of Denmark. These objects are staggering and it's hard to stop contemplating them. In addition to this, the castle is surrounded by a garden just as beautiful. You should therefore seriously think about visiting this monument. History buffs will be thrilled while others will be amazed by so much beauty. The Rundetarn tower is also an interesting building. It used to be an astronomical observatory. The number of monuments to be visited in Copenhagen is simply impressive and seeing them all is a real challenge. The Frederiksborg castle is also worth a visit. would be a hedge to not go there. This gigantic castle was rebuilt in the nineteenth century following a fire. It is often called today the "Danish Versailles". In addition, there is the National Museum of History of Frederiksborg Castle. You will find in this museum an important collection of paintings, objects or period furniture that will allow you to familiarize yourself with the history of the country. You'll also find the Gottorf Glacier Globe, the type of globe you've probably never seen anywhere else. History enthusiasts will be delighted and will continue to be able to visit the Royal Stables or the Copenhagen Cathedral, built in the 13th century. Be sure of one thing, you will never come away from a visit and each offers its share of pleasures and surprises. So you should seriously linger in these exceptional buildings that will make you travel in another era while keeping your feet on the ground. One can only be amazed by so much architectural beauty.

Diverse and fun activities

Once you have admired all these must-see monuments and you have recovered from your emotions, you will be able to indulge in other activities that are just as interesting. If you are with your family, you could go to the Bakken for example. This world's oldest amusement park was built 426 years ago and boasts an impressive number of attractions. Within the park, you will find a green space, Jögersborg Dyrehave, where there are 400 year old trees. This place is perfect for a horseback ride. In the park, you will also have the choice between 34 roller coasters that guarantee unique sensations. The last one built is the Tornado. It just feels like you've fallen in the middle of a storm, without risking losing your life. The roller coaster lovers will be delighted and will not stop wanting to climb and ride in these general rides. The park also has a large number of small stalls that will allow you to eat. Whether you are with a family, a couple or with friends, you will also have an unforgettable time at the Bakken. The Copenhagen Zoo is also a very interesting visit to you. will allow you to contemplate species from all over the world. 264 different species are present and the zoo has about 3000 animals. The zoo is divided into different parts including one dedicated to children. Polar bears, crocodiles, snakes, exotic birds, you will discover a varied fauna within a space particularly well arranged. The zoo is a must visit, especially for families and animal lovers. In 2008, the zoo also opened a space dedicated to elephants particularly well built. The experimentarium is also a must visit if you go to Copenhagen. On 4000 sqm, you will have access to a lot of exciting activities. This science center offers more than just a classic visit. It allows visitors to interact directly with what they see. The WATER exhibition will allow you to feel the sensations you feel when you ride a huge wave. This place has about fifty other experiences related to water that one can try without limit. An exhibition is also dedicated to dinosaurs and will allow us to know a little more about these fascinating animals of another age. Every day also take place scientific demonstrations that will surely pop you. The experimentarium is thus much more than a museum and is, as its name indicates, a real experience which it would be a shame to pass by as it is exciting. You will come out grown up. Young and old alike will have a great time discovering, feeling and touching different things. Excellent for the culture and to approach the science from a more playful point of view without that this one is so completely vulgarisé. Feel free then and spend a day at the experimentarium for an experience out of the ordinary.

Charming green spaces

Once you have gone to all these activities, you can visit Copenhagen's many green spaces. These are perfect to relax and have a good time in all simplicity. In the city center you will find, for example, Tivoli Gardens. Although still popular with tourists, these gardens will offer you unsuspected wonders and you will not regret the trip. Once again you will find an amusement park with roller coasters and other trains. But attractions are not alone! You will find that Tivoli Gardens also has a large number of restaurants and various activities such as concerts and various shows. North of Copenhagen you will find the deer park. Less animated than the Tivoli gardens, this 11km² forest is no less interesting and will allow you to breathe fresh, pure air that your lungs will appreciate. The Royal Garden, meanwhile, is the oldest and most visited of Copenhagen. He will not fail to leave you speechless because of his beauty. The green spaces of Copenhagen are therefore diverse and everyone can find his account.

Unforgettable holidays

If you like to party, Copenhagen is an ideal destination. The city has indeed a large number of pubs, bars and other breweries that will allow you to enjoy good drinks while having fun. The Danish capital is also home to a large number of perfect nightclubs for all those who do not want the party to stop. Do not hesitate to go to the HIVE or Jolene, which are very popular boxes and where the music will make you dance until the end of the night. If going around bars and nightclubs until more thirsty is not your cup of tea, do not worry, Copenhagen will not let you down. The city concentrates a very large number of theaters, concert halls and operas that will allow you to attend large-scale shows. Special mention at Copenhagen Opera House because the construction is recent and the programming of very good quality is impressive. Dance enthusiasts will also be pleased to learn that festivals are held regularly throughout the year. In August, the performance of the Danish Royal Ballet at the old fortress of Copenhagen is a must-see event for dance lovers. You will understand, Copenhagen is a city too much rich to sum up in so few lines. But be aware that this is a must-see destination for those who love warm and friendly atmospheres, who loves to discover new and exceptional things. The beauty of its architecture and its narrow streets, the wealth of activities it offers make its strength and the Danish capital will not fail to amaze you. You may fall in love with this city with a unique identity.

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Capital Region of Denmark
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How to get there ?

How to get there

Copenhagen Airport is Copenhagen Kastrup Airport. You will be there in about 2 hours from Paris. Once you arrive, you can take the train under Terminal 3 and get to Copenhagen Central Station in record time. Once there, you will take the RER to reach the city center. It is then advisable to walk to Copenhagen, the city being particularly adapted to pedestrians. However, do not worry, its transport system is in place and will allow you to move easily around the city. Renting a bike can also be an interesting alternative and will allow you to enjoy more freedom while enjoying the capital of Denmark. The metros and buses circulate around them day and night, which will delight the clubbers. In Copenhagen, there are also river shuttles which are a rather original and attractive means of transport. Finally, you can of course take the traditional taxis whose rates can be interesting depending on the route you make. You will have no trouble moving to Copenhagen and you can enjoy all that has to offer this wonderful city.

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Copenhagen City Hall
Rådhuspladsen 1, 1599 København, Denmark
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+45 33 66 33 66
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