City of Fredericia (Region Syddanmark)

The city of Fredericia is included to the island Region Syddanmark and to the region Fredericia Municipality

Presentation of the destination

A quaint town in the heart of Denmark

This pretty town is located in the east of Denmark’s Jutland peninsula in an area known locally as the triangle, ‘Trekanten’. The town was founded in 1650 by Frederick III, after whom it is named. Fredericia is a fortress town that narrowly missed out to Copenhagen as capital, but boasts a central location and large port. The pretty town centre, sandy beaches and rich history draw some to the town, while excellent fishing, camping and hiking opportunities also attract visitors. Locals speak Danish but also have excellent English, and the currency is the Danish krone. Denmark is located in the Central European time zone, with a temperate climate with mild winters and warm summers.

Points of interests / things to see

Explore Fredericia’s military heritage on foot

Originally constructed as a fortress, and today home to the Royal Danish Army’s Signal Regiment, Fredericia has a long military history, even celebrating its role as the site of the 1849 Battle of Fredericia with an annual festival. Start your tour with a visit to the bronze Landsoldaten (foot soldier) statue at Ved Landsoldaten 1, an icon of the city. Take an hour-long wander around the old city walls, slopping at the old statues, cannons and various information displays explaining the gates and ramparts of the defences. Just opposite the Citadel at Øster Voldgade, the Gunpowder Tower is the oldest military building in Fredericia, construct it in 1675 on the Lolland Bastion. Not far away, the Historical Collection of the Signal Regiment is a display of military equipment from the 1960s onwards, and there's also The Bunker Museum, an air raid shelter featuring plenty of artefacts from the war as well as a film from 1944 called ‘The Danger from the Air’. Bunker Museum address: Nørre Voldgade. Historical Collection of the Signal Regiment address: Bülows Kaserne, Øster Voldgade 16.

Enjoy a sunny day at Madsby Play Park with the kids

If the weather is fine, there is enough to do at the beautiful open-air Madsby Play Park that you'll want to stay all day. Admission to Denmark’s largest play park is free, and inside you'll find heaps of play activities for children, from go-kart tracks to a Tarzan trail where kids can tackle a series of jungle obstacles. A small petting zoo has sheep, goats and ponies as well as smaller animals such as birds and rabbits, and for an extra 30DKK you can hire a rowing boat and enjoy the pretty lake. There's a land train, picnic benches, ice cream kiosks and souvenir shops and dogs are welcome provided that they’re on a lead. Or just relax in the many beautiful green areas of the park and soak up some sunshine. In the summer kids will love the puppet theatre. 100 paid parking spaces are available, but the park is also only 100 m from the train station. Address: Lumbyesvej 45, 7000 Fredericia. 

Discover the beautiful Jutland coast

Fredericia is lucky enough to boast a fantastic blue-flag beach in the centre of the town, the Østerstrand or ‘Eastern beach’ just 500 m from the pedestrianised area. In the summer the white sand is crammed with locals enjoying swimming and sunbathing. Not far away, Skærbæk beach is another blue-flag beach, situated in an area of natural beauty known as the Strandparken. Particularly lovely in spring, when the surrounding slopes are full of wildflowers, this beach is a favourite with families, with a bathing jetty for diving fans. There are a number of pretty summer cottages available to rent in the tranquil Strandparken, making it a much-loved summer getaway for residents of Fredericia. Or if you'd rather explore by boat, Sail the Fjord run pleasure cruises along the coast to view the fjords and the Little Belt Bridge, with alcohol, soft drinks and coffee on board. Sail the Fjord address: Gl. Havn, Oldenborggade 30, 7000, Fredericia. Phone: 7211 3511. Email: Tuesday & Wednesday, 3 sailings per day. Admission: adults 105 DKK/ children 55 DKK.

The Mini Town: a trip back in time and an ingenious social initiative

Wander through the tiny streets of the Mini Town, a true-to-life copy of Fredericia as it would have appeared in 1849, but with one difference: it's only one tenth of the size. Each building has been made with incredible attention to detail, with tiny roof tiles, miniscule windows and thoughtful details for the eagle-eyed to spot. Construction of the Mini Town began in 1983, and there are now about 700 buildings in the Historical Mini Town, frozen in time in the days of the historical Battle of Fredericia, with new buildings added all the time.  The town is also surrounded by accurate recreations of the grassy ramparts, so you can imagine how the battle took place. The incredible thing about the Mini Town is that it was entirely created as part of the scheme to help the unemployed and pensioners find meaningful work, so it's a great social scheme to support. Address: Vestre Ringvej 98, 7000 Fredericia. Arrange a group visit on +45 51 64 42 00.

The story of Fredericia at the Town Museum

Located in a series of lovely old half-timbered buildings in the centre of Fredericia, the Urban Museum reveals something of the rich history of the town. From exhibitions on religious and book traditions, profiles of famous Fredericians, information on silversmithing and farm life and the construction of the city's harbour, the museum presents a thorough and thoughtful collection of exhibitions. The museum garden is particularly spectacular, with a collection of historic roses as well as interesting imported crops like tobacco and potato. There's a vegetable garden full of plants from the 1700s, and a formal parterre garden with clipped box hedges making a maze pattern of gravel pathways. The small buildings scattered around the museum grounds include a mill, a stable and warehouse as well as a tobacco barn for drying the crop. Access to the museum garden is free, and there's a delightful cafe serving sandwiches and coffee beneath the glorious chestnut tree. Admission: free. Opening hours: The museum is open from 15 June to 15 August every day 12am – 4pm. The rest of the year the museum is closed on Mondays, and the museum is also closed throughout January. Address: Jernbanegade 10, 7000 Fredericia.

Fishing at Palsgaard Lake

This fantastic anglers’ lake near Trelde is full of rainbow trout, carp and eel just waiting to bite. Facilities are minimal, with parking, toilets and a fish-cleaning table, but that's not why fishermen love it here. Spend a day on the peaceful banks of this beautiful blue lake and the real reason will become clear. Fishing permit: Three hours 70 DKK, one day permit 140 DKK. Address: Bøgeskovvej 64, 7000 Fredericia

Beautiful princesses, handsome princes and wicked witches at Odense

The 1000-year-old capital of Funen makes a great day trip over the bridge from Fredericia, particularly for fairytale lovers as the city is the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen and is full of charming reminders of his stories. There are plenty of galleries, museums and cultural activities to keep you busy, with a beautiful flower festival every August. Public buses make the journey in 40 minutes.

Kids of all ages will love Legoland at Billund

Celebrate one of Denmark's greatest creations, Lego, at the fantastic Legoland resort in Billund, the birthplace of this iconic children's toy. Billund Legoland is the most famous resort in Denmark, with thrilling rides as well as the Mini Land area, with landscapes and buildings from all over the world constructed from more than 25 million Lego bricks. Buy your ticket online in advance at

Viking adventures at the the Jelling Stones

Erected in 965 A.D. by King Harald Bluetooth, the massive Jelling Stones are the most famous carved runestones in Denmark and a UNESCO World Heritage site. The stones lie right in front of the historic Jelling church and are a curious mix of Christian and pagan influences. Their original bright paint is long gone, but these monuments to the distant past remain. An old steam train run by the KLK will take you to Jelling in the summer.

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As Fredericia does not have its own airport, most travellers arrive at nearby domestic and international airports. Billund Airport is the closest, with European flights. Travellers must then take the bus to Vejle, Kolding or Aarhus before continuing to Fredericia by train. Nearby, little Aarhus Airport offers flights to the UK, Spain, Sweden and Norway, with a shuttle bus taking you to the train station. Most international flights arrive at Denmark's main airport, Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, including those from the Middle East and America. This airport is on the direct train line to Fredericia, with journeys taking around hundred and 20 minutes. Danish trains are economical and comfortable, and DSB provides smooth rail links between Fredericia and many other Danish towns and cities. The station is a five-minute walk from the centre of town. Once you have arrived in the town, the majority of the attractions are easily accessible by foot or bike. Taxis are expensive but safe, and for those who have brought their own car or hired one downtown from Hertz, the tourist office will provide free parking discs so that you can use the 2,500 free parking places available.

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