City of Tallinn (Harju County)

The city of Tallinn is included to the county Harju County and to the canton Tallinna linn

Presentation of the destination

Estonia's Capital

The capital of Estonia, Tallinn is a popular tourist destination. It is located along the Gulf of Finland. One of the most popular sites in this city is the Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The tourist district in Tallinn is easy to navigate and perfect for foot exploration.  To make your adventure even easier, you can utilize all of the buses, trolleys, and trams by purchasing a Tallinn Card. With so many fascinating things to see and such great infrastructure to help you see it, Tallinn is a great choice to add on your vacation itinerary.

Points of interests / things to see

Old Town

Tallinn’s Old Town consists of a variety of fourteenth and fifteenth century buildings. You will find primarily decorative spires as you explore the twisting cobblestone streets. Old town is full of a variety of significant historic monuments in Tallinn. Some of the highlights include the House of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, St. Catherine’s Guild, and the history museum. You will be delighted to discover one little enchanting courtyard after the next as you wander through these medieval streets. Everything here is incredibly well preserved, so don’t be surprised if you begin to wonder if you were transported here via time machine. In order to maximize your exploring potential, purchase a Tallinn card. This card saves money and time as you can skip the ticket desk on most of the major attractions. In addition to the delightful architecture and sights, you can also investigate a wide array of different shops. There are lots of arts and crafts for sale by local artisans which are completely unique to the area. When its time to grab a coffee or tea to recharge your batteries, you’ll have a number of different cafes to choose from. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to explore this majestic part of Tallinn.

Lennusadam Seaplane Harbour

This museum is a great stop for all those who love history generally and military history in particular. You can reach the museum via a taxi from the city center, which typically costs four to six Euros, or via local bus. The closest bus stop is about a fifteen minute walk to the museum. Due to the popularity of the museum, the lines can get quite long, so be sure to get there early. The exhibits here cover all things related to boats, ships, naval and military history. Most of the exhibits include interactive elements which is great for the young and young at heart. Some of the touchable items on display include AA cannons, a flight simulator, and a historical photo-opt. You are allowed to take pictures in the exhibit, but you cannot use flash. Other highlights of the museum include sea mines, the Lembit submarine which saw action in World War II, as well as the Suur Toll. Traveling exhibitions also are housed here. A recent temporary exhibit explored the history of the famous Titanic. Most of the information in the museum is available in a variety of different languages. It is important to give yourself plenty of time to explore everything that this impressive museum has to offer. You can learn more here

Toompea Hill

This limestone hill is located in central Tallinn. Shaped lake an oblong tabletop, the total area of Toompea Hill is seven hectares and between twenty to thirty meter higher than the area surrounding it. The importance of this hill is closely tied to those who first ruled this area. Today it serves as home to the Estonian Government district. Here you will find the Riigikogu which is the parliament house for this country. In Estonia, Riigikogu is housed in a medieval castle known simply as the Toompea Castle. Perhaps the most iconic portion of this castle is the Tall Hermann tower located in the southwestern corner. This hill was first built upon during the tenth or eleventh century by residents living in the ancient county of Revala. Today experts believe that those who occupied this initial construction were primarily seasonal residents whose main purpose was to protect the harbor during market season. The castle today has been largely rebuilt from those early times. These reconstructions have been made over time as the building needed to serve different purposes including the czar’s governor's palace, the walls and towers needed in the middle ages, and the parliamentary business moving in during 1922.

Town Hall Square

This historically significant square has served numerous purposes over the year. On site you will find a pharmacy which has been in continuous operation since 1422. There is a small museum located in this shop which is free to enter. One of the main events, happening since the eleventh century, it is the marketplace. The Town Hall here has been serving local government needs for over five hundred years. You will find a number of opportunities to consume traditional Estonian cuisine here. Among other options, you will find an authentic medieval bar located in the Old Town Hall cellar. One of the reasons this square is so significant is the level of preservation here. It is actually one of the best preserved medieval squares in all of Europe. All the buildings here are decorated in delightful pastels and various shades of color. This square is just a short walk away from the center of Old Town. Should you visit during the holiday season, you will be delightfully surprised to experience the picturesque architecture covered in a beautiful blanket of snow. In the holiday season, the square comes alive with a variety of different christmas themed stalls and activities.

Oleviste Church

This historic church was constructed back in 1250. Today it is considered to be the tallest building in all of Europe during the Middle Ages. One modern element of this church is the use of its facilities by both Baptist and Methodist Christians. Upon entering the church you will be in awe of the extremely high ceiling, incredibly long pillars, and massive windows. You are sure to feel as small as an ant in the Oleviste Church. By paying a small fee, you can follow the interior stairs all the way to the tower platform. It is a considerable walk to the top, but don’t let this discourage you. Once you’ve reached the top, you will get to experience the best three hundred and sixty degree views of the entire city. You will not regret bringing your camera. You can even see as far out as the Harbor. This church has remained true to medieval decorative sensibilities, so you will not find many ornate embellishments. Instead, this church makes its statement with size and not decoration. The church is actively used today and does not feel frozen in time as many other churches of its era.

AHHAA Science Centre

This delightful science center is great for the whole family. If you, or anyone in your group, have an interest in science, this is a must see in Estonia. You’ll find rooms demonstrating different illusions as well as a massive planetarium. You can explore the exhibits in a number of different languages, so you are sure to understand what’s going on. There are exhibits here perfect for visitors from two years old on up. You will find a cafe and gift shop to meet all of your purchasing needs at the AHHAA Science Centre. With so much to see, this museum is definitely worth a visit!

Parnu Beach Promenade

This delightful beach promenade was completed in 2006. Here you will feel as though you are exploring an elaborate beach resort. Located in Parnu, a city famous for its delightful beaches, nothing could be better than strolling down this promenade. Enjoy a romantic comfortable walk along the beach with this surprisingly promenade. It has been constructed using a variety of different material and features several fountains. When the daylight fades, you will get to experience some of the enchanting light effects. Some of the most endearing of these lights can be found in the playful fountains. There is no better way to enjoy the beach than along this well designed Promenade.

Kuressaare Episcopal Castle

This enchanting castle is one of the best preserved of its kind in all of the Baltics. Inside you will find an informative museum depicting the significance of both the castle and the surrounding town. Additionally, there is a great little cafe where you can grab a meal. The building itself is quite impressive and is very sturdy, so you can feel comfortable as you explore. You are fairly free to roam. You can even head up to the roof to get some nice views of the city. Once you are finished exploring, you can easily walk to the nearby beach.

Narva Knights' Fortress

This western European style fort is a great place to explore. Those who are interested in military history and castles will not be disappointed by this one. The staff provide an information leaflet in a number of different languages to help guide you on your tour. Once on the higher part of the fort, you will get to experience some gorgeous views of the border river as well as the delightful riverside park. The restaurant on site is particularly delicious, so give it a try on your visit. Narva is located on the way from Tallinn to Saint-Petersburg, so if your travels take you along the path, be sure to stop by this impressive fortress.

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Harju County
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Tallinna linn
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How to get there ?

Toward Tallinn

There are many different ways to reach Tallinn. One is to take a catamaran or ferry. Most who opt for this method are coming from Helsinki in Finland to the Tallinn Port. There are approximately twenty departures per day for this route. It can take anywhere from 1.5 - 3.5 hours to make this journey depending on weather. A few companies which operate ferries here are Eckero Line, Linda Line, and Tallink Sija. Another option is to take an airplane. You can grab a flight to the Tallinn Airport which is just five kilometers from the city center. Although the airport itself is rather small, it has a lovely cafe and free wifi. Some companies which offer service to this airport are airBaltic, Avies, Estonia Air. If you can afford it, you can utilize Copterline and grab a helicopter from Helsinki. There are a total of eight flights running on weekdays both direction. It costs one hundred and twenty nine Euros to make this journey. Another option is to grab a train. There are two companies which operate trains are Edelaraudtee and Elektriraudtee. Train travel is not very common in Estonia, so it may be challenging to find convenient routes. You can also grab a bus from Tallin to other Estonian cities. There are also busses between Tallinn and Riga, Latvia, and St. Petersburg. Eurolines, Ecolines, and BalticShuttle offer these bus services.

Tallinn city hall

City hall address
Tallinn Raekoja plats 10
plats 10123, Raekoja plats 10, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia
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