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The city of Helsinki is included to the region Uusimaa and to the province Helsinki

Presentation of the destination

Explorer Helsinski, an opportunity not to be missed

Helsinki, the Finnish capital, is characterized by its coastline of a hundred kilometers in length and by its archipelago of about 300 islands. It is a very green city that offers relaxation and discovery of nature, whether in its parks or on its wild islands. It is also a truly modern city with its imposing buildings and its modern architecture typical of northern Europe. There are old churches as well as glass towers in a fascinating patchwork of old, rural and contemporary like the Kiasma, museum of contemporary art with a very sharp collection. Summer is the perfect time to discover Helsinki as the climate is mild. The sun goes down so very late, the city takes the opportunity to celebrate and organize festival on festival. But the charm of snow-covered roofs, the Christmas market and swimming in the icy water when leaving the sauna is not negligible either. Helsinki knows how to delight its visitors on any occasion.

Points of interests / things to see

Discovering Finnish traditions

Do not miss the sauna in your home country when you are in Helsinki. In Finland, the sauna is part of everyday life. Its role is as hygienic and sanitary as it is social. It is indeed a place where you come to meet, discuss and spend time together. A traditional sauna session follows the ritual: the body is whipped with twigs of birch to activate sweating, one is then invited to sit on the second tier to enjoy 90 ° C displayed To the thermometer. Then comes the "avantouinti", that is the moment when one goes out to bathe in the frozen water of the lake. It is this alternation between hot and cold that will invigorate you as never before and if the first time requires courage, the following are a real pleasure that we would be wrong to deprive ourselves.

A vibrant cultural life

The year in Helsinki is punctuated with many festivals and celebrations that punctuate Finnish life. In January, the festival of lights will see luminous installations throughout the city to illuminate the darkest period of the year. In April, the Vappu Festival, originally a pagan carnival, is an opportunity for students to wear bright colors and organize well-watered parties. At 6:00 pm on April 30, the statue of Havis Amanda on the market square is wearing a traditional student hat and parties can begin. The next day is marked by a champagne picnic in Kaivopuisto Park, whatever the weather. June 12th is the city's birthday, Helsinki-päivä. The day is marked by concerts, guided tours of the city, performances and other temporary exhibitions. At the end of August there is "Arts Night", Taiteiden Yö, the artistic equivalent of the music festival, during which the streets are open to all forms of artistic performance. Finally, at Christmas, Helsinki lights up and hosts a very charming traditional Christmas market.

Gastronomy at the crossroads of cultures

Finnish gastronomy has undergone the dual influence of Swedish cuisine and Russian cuisine. Traditionally it consists of unrefined and energetic foods. For several decades, the trend of "new Finnish cuisine" has been to adapt traditional dishes to make them more exportable and modern. The most notable national specialties are Kainuu cheese, meats, reindeer meat, lightly salted raw fish, cranberries and cranberries, game, mushrooms, mushrooms Élan and the bear. All of these ingredients are usually prepared with various herbs such as genie berries and fir buds.

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How to get there ?

To go to Helsinki

In good capital, Helsinki has an international airport which is served every day by some 200 flights. Located 19 kilometers from the city, it is accessible in 25 minutes by car, taxi or bus. 5 to 7 flights connect Paris to Helsinki every day in just 3 hours. Another way of access is of course the ferry. It can be taken from Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Russia or Poland. It's a great way to discover the landscape and the coastline as soon as you arrive and bring your car to explore the Finnish countryside or Lapponia. In order to accommodate you, you will find various quality hotels in Helsinki whatever your budget. To better discover the local life and gastronomy of the city, we also advise you to look at the offer, very rich, of family pensions. Note that Finnish families speak perfect English and will welcome you in a warm setting.

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