City of Chamonix (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes)

The city of Chamonix is included to the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and to the department Haute-Savoie

Presentation of the destination

International Fame for Beauty and Adventure

This commune is located in the southeastern portion of France. This city was the host city of the very first Winter Olympics back in 1924. Chamonix is well known for being one of the oldest, and most excellent ski resorts in France. The summit of the gorgeous Mont Blanc serves as part of the village of Chamonix. The particular borders surrounding this area are still somewhat disputed. Italy and France have slightly different ideas about where one country starts and the next begins. Those who love the natural beauty of mountains and the joys of skiing are sure to have an incredible experience on the visit to Chamonix.

Points of interests / things to see

Aiguille du Midi

This cable car ride is one you will never forget. The ride to Aiguille du Midi lifts you nearly nine thousand vertical feet in less than twenty minutes. This journey is thrilling in truly unforgettable ways. The ride itself comes in two parts. The initial lower cable car starts your climb to the height of the Aiguille du Midi. After this portion, you’ll take a short walk over to the upper cable car. Many remember their experience traveling to Aiguille du Midi as terrifying while others are filled with joy at experiencing the splendor of nature in such an intimate way. Due to the extreme high elevation, this cablecar journey is guaranteed to be a chilly one. That means you will definitely need to bring your warm clothes. Even in the hottest parts of summer, you can still enjoy excellent skiing in Aiguille du Midi. Those who suffer from an inclination for vertigo, or may be uncomfortable will small spaces are not advised to make the journey. Since you rise a full three thousand feet extremely quickly from start to finish, some also experience altitude sickness. Most experience some light-headedness due to the reduced oxygen levels. Normally, within twenty to forty minutes of arrival visitors are acclimated to the changes. Once you are feeling ready to enjoy the sights, you will be stunned by the breathtaking views. Although you are only two miles above Chamonix, you are likely to feel as though you are in a whole new place.

Le Brevent Cable Car

Brevent offers great skiing opportunities. The best method to get to the le brevent area is via the cable car. To get the cable car from the center of Chamonix you can take about a thirty minute walk. If you like, you can also grab a bus. The majority of public transportation in Chamonix is free, so that’s a great option if you want to save your energy for exploring. To get a free public transportation fare card, inquire at your hotel. This cable car journey includes two station stops. The first leg of the journey goes from the station in Chamonix to Planpraz. This portion traverses about 2,000 meters. The next leg of the journey heads up to Brevent and goes an additional 525 meters in altitude. To reach the summit via this cable car journey you will need about twenty minutes. The altitude climbs on this route are moderate and do not pump visitor’s adrenaline the way the famous Aiguille du Midi does. Some visitors opt to spend part of the day exploring Aiguille du Midi and the rest of the day exploring Brevent. This is particularly advantageous if you get a multiple day ski pass since they typically cover many of the major ski areas and lifts.

Glacier des Bossons

You can reach this magical area via bus no 2 from the center of Chamonix. It will take around 15 minutes via this bus to get to the final stop at Glassier du Bossons. From this stop, you can access the needed cable car station. This cable car route is one of the most economic in the area at around 12 euros for a roundtrip ticket. This is a non-stop chair lift meaning you will need to position yourself and grab the chair as it comes by. The staff here are very friendly and will help you utilize the appropriate technique. This lift is completely open, so you will get an enchanting personal experience with the natural environment. In total, the lift journey takes approximately twenty minutes and takes you high above a variety of landscape including farms, forest, and of course, mountains. Upon arrival, you can reach the main mountain chalet and enjoy a meal overlooking the beautiful natural wonder of the glacier. One piece of historical curiosity sits just outside the chalet. An airplane crashed near the glacier in the 1950s and you can still see some of the remnants of the vehicle today. Enjoy the hiking routes surrounding the glacier and indulge in the tranquil atmosphere of this natural beauty.

Chamonix Parapente

Those who love thrills and outdoor sports are sure to enjoy this exciting paragliding opportunity. The Chamonix Parapente is particularly well known for their child friendly rides. The staff are incredibly well trained and helpful. You will receive a portion of your instruction via video. This instructional method is designed to bring you useful safety information as well as gain some perspective on the history of paragliding. Kids as young as six can comfortably enjoy this outdoorsy adventure. There are a variety of different routes offered by the Chamonix Parapente ranging from the most thrilling to the more tranquil. You will get to enjoy breathtaking views and make memories to last a lifetime. Some of the sights you may majestically glide over include the dunes by Eagle’s Nest, the cliffs of Aglou Legzira, and even the thermo-dynamic experience of flying over the “Secret Site” and Nid d’Aigle. Those who are up for an exciting challenge are sure to enjoy their flight at the Chamonix Parapente. If you are unsure you have the courage, you will be traveling in tandem. This means that your instructor is physically with you the entire time. In the hands of a confident professional, your flying adventure is sure to be nothing but positive and thrilling. Learn more here:

Parc de loisirs de Chamonix

This entertaining park is set immediately at the feet of the gorgeous Mont Blanc. Here you and your family can explore over fifteen activities and games. Some of the highlights include toboggans, trampolines, electric motorcycles and even a giant swing. For those who love a classic roller coaster, you will find the Luge which is a large metal coaster. Unlike the most traditional coasters, on this one you get to control more of your speed. In your car you will have a break that you can use as much or as little as you want. This ability to control your experience definitely makes it one of the most memorable experiences in the park. Be aware that young children must ride the Luge with an adult. All the fun here operates on a token system. You can purchase these at a number of nearby machines. You can purchase the tokens via cash or card. When all of your adventuring finally makes you hungry, there is a convenient restaurant within the park boundary. If you would like to adventure without carrying any personal belongings, there is a locker on site which requires a refundable one euro deposit. Learn more here

Avoriaz Ski Resort

This popular ski destination is located in the Portes du Soleil ski area. The Avoriaz Ski Resort is 100% car free and offers some impressive snow covered slopes. During high season, you can ski-walk right in the middle of the holiday homes dotting the countryside. Throughout ski season, this resort hosts events daily, so the whole family is sure to find varied fun everyday. One of the most recent additions to Avoriaz is the Aquariaz. This unique mountain water park offers even more athletic fun for everyone. This resort is well known as being child friendly. Most restaurants offer kid friendly menu choices and the lack of vehicles throughout the resort increase the safety and security of kids. Check it out here:

Lac Leman

Lac Leman is a beautiful tranquil area high in the French Mountains. Immediately next to Lac Leman, is the Evian-les-Bains. This spring area is famous as the origin of Evian Spring water. Lac Leman is beautiful any time of day, but its beauty becomes particularly pertinent during sunrise and sunset. There is a delightful walking path starting in Evian Les Bains which features beautiful lake views. To walk the whole route takes around one hour. You can reach the area by grabbing a ferry from any of the nearby lake towns. Lac Leman is  famous for being one of the largest bodies of water in all of Western Europe.

Le Parc des Oiseaux

This animal park is built around a large central lake. Surrounding it you will find several different habitat areas. Some of these are open air, while others have barriers to protect the animals from inappropriately mixing. On site you will find a nursery where the public can take a look at the newest animals at Le Parc des Oiseaux. For those who love to get close to the animals, you can head over to the bird feeding area. The park staff have bird feed available for sale and will help you have a memorable experience with these feathered friends. Learn more here:

Parc de la Tete d'Or

This city park is a delight for the whole family. There are several inexpensive child friendly activities here including pony rides, electric boats, and mini-cars. You can easily reach the park via Lyon’s bus system. Here you can have a lovely afternoon picnic, and enjoy the pond. There are several delightful walking trails to explore. All of which make it even easier to enjoy the beauty of the natural environment. This park was built in 1857 and has been delighting families for more than 100 years. You will find a botanical garden, a zoo, and much more when you visit Par de la Tete d’Or. Check it out here:

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How to get there ?

Magestic Train Ride to Chamonix

One of the most popular ways to reach Chamonix is via train. There are several trains which run regular service from St. Gervais-les-Barins to Martigny, Switzerland via Chamonix. A number of these trains officially terminate at the border between the two countries; however, you can simply walk across the platform to board the train in route. If you are coming from Paris, you can grab a bullet train the TGV, to Bellegarde or to Annecy. Then you can take a regional train over to St. Gervais. Mertigny is significant because it is a main station on the train line known as Brig-Geneva. One of the reasons the train route is so popular is due to its scenic qualities. One of the most beautiful legs of the journey is the stretch from the Swiss border to Martigny. If your journey includes traveling around the Chamonix area, trains are a great transportation option. The main station in Chamonix is the Chamonix-Mont Blanc station, but you can also head over to Les Bossons and Les Praz. You can also fairly easy get train service to a number of other smaller stations upon request. You can catch these trains running in both directions approximately once an hour.

Chamonix city hall

City hall address
Chamonix Mayor
38 Place de l'Église, 74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France
City hall phone number
+33 4 50 53 11 13
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Opening hours
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 17:00
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 17:00
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 17:00
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 17:00
08:30 12:00 , 13:30 17:00
08:30 12:00
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