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A trip to Deauville, that's getting ready

Located in the heart of Lower Normandy, in the region of Calvados, Deauville is a balneal resort that crystallizes the attentions of most Parisian holidaymakers, both during school holidays and for a weekend. prolonged or not. A mere 200 kilometers from the capital, the city of Deauville has been made famous by the American film festival, but also by the reputation of its hÃ'tres such luxury, its casino and its fields of race in particular. The small Norman city is a true tourist city oscillating between luxury and idleness. It has become one of the most famous balneal resorts in France. Despite the susceptibility of the Normandy weather, its beach is also very popular, especially with its boards arranged like a parquet floor along the beach. So if luxury and glitter attract you, Deauville will undoubtedly be for you, the Cannes of the North.

Points of interests / things to see

The story

Before becoming one of the most popular beach resorts for movie stars, Deauville was originally just a pile of swamps. It was under Napoleon III that the fashion of the "sea baths" surfaced, and the seaside resorts then came out of the ground like dandelions, at the time. Dieppe first, then investors make all parts Cabourg, Houlgate or Villers-sur-mer. It is a doctor, Joseph Olliffe, who decided in 1856 to make Deauville a unique resort. The drainage of the marshes begins then, it will take four years for the new Deauville to get out of the ground and to make its population increase considerably. In spite of the current appearances, the historical patrimony Deauville is rich. Thus, for the history fé rus, some buildings are offered to you, like the chapel Saint-Laurent, former parochial church and today classified historical monument. One of the main heritage curiosities is the Villa Strassberger, built on the grounds of the "hill farm" held at the time by Gustave Flaubert, by the architect Caennais Georges Pichereau on behalf of billionaire Henri de Rotschild. This true marvel of neo-Norman style, half-timbered, is classified as a historical monument for its facade and roof. She was finally lightened to the city by the son of the billionaire.

Places that have become famous

It is impossible to speak of Deauville without evoking the place that has made its most famous beach of France: its promenade, commonly known as the "Planks". Perfect for strolling along the shoreline without the grains of sand that come between your toes, the boards were made for this simple purpose, at the time when the women had dresses so long that they trailed on the ground. This walk stretches from east to west. Throughout the latter are arranged bathing cabins bearing the names of all the stars who participated in the festival of American cinema. Another trademark of the Normandy resort is the two bars belonging to the Barrière group, the Bar de la Mer and the Bar du Soleil. Before leaving the beach, do not miss the Ciro's, a very good table belonging to the casinotier. Unfortunately, the prices practiced may encourage you to move away from the beach. And just by singing the band Lucien Barrière, we can not possibly pass Next to the Deauville Casino, facing the sea and a few meters from the city center. Founded in 1912, it is a reference in terms of gambling, including hosting many major events of the poker world as some stages of the European Poker Tour (EPT) ). In a truly luxurious atmosphere, the casino looks like a king's palace. Crystal chandeliers, gilding, marble: the whole measure is present. Obviously, you will be able to spend your money in several ways in this place. In addition to gambling, you'll find the Petit Trianon, an Italian-style theater dating back to the 18th century with 400 seats. You also have a choice of three restaurants: Plaza Cafà ©, Brummel and Cercle. You will find other entertainment such as a cinema, two bars and a disco. For the anecdote, it was in this casino that Jaques Mesrine had made one of his robberies that became famous, and which ended with a shooting, before fleeing.

The meeting point of the international events

What makes Deauville a place "in the spotlight", is the number of international events that take place, thanks to the Deauville International Center, inaugurated in 1992 with the 18th American Film Festival. Since then, the CID has hosted many events: the American Film Festival, which has been staged in the station since 1975, the Asian Film Festival and also musical festivals. Sport is also strongly represented, especially horse sports such as polo or simply racing, with Touques racecourse in particular. And to stay in the world of the casino, Deauville organizes since 1968 an international tournament of bridge. Becoming a "World Bridge Festival", it pits the best players in the specialty. Once you've had a look at all those places that make Deauville a unique place, it will certainly be time to maintain a little shape. And it is not the activities that are missing along the Channel. The Olympic swimming pool will allow you to improve your breaststroke in a sea water which will avoid you the discomforts of the chlorine. At the exit of Deauville, you will find a golf 27 holes, ideal for a family course. For those with sea legs, the nautical center, located on the promenade Michel D'ornano, brings together all the marine activities, such as sand yachting, kayaks or even the possibility of making a transfer. e in catamaran. You will especially have the opportunity to discover unusual sports, such as the coast-lenght (which consists of walking in the sea with water to the shoulders, helping you with a paddle to advance) or the stand-up paddle that will allow you to walk on the water and discover new sensations. You can rent your equipment on site and enjoy what the coastline has to offer.

Luxury restaurants and hotels

Deauville will not let you starve. The market square is a real must-see crossroads, on which all the main streets are opening. Open every day during the summer, the market of Deauville is the perfect place where the conviviality, the smells and the flavors mingle. This place is so crowded, that the pedestrians create real traffic jams. You are in Normandy, and so all the typical products of the region will be available in this wonderful market. The best cheeses from the surrounding farms are offered, such as Livarot, Pont-l'Évêque or Camembert. Let's not forget the succulent apple of Normandy and the famous Calvados. Much less than a classic drop, calvados is at the end of the meal, or simply with an apple ice cream (the famous Norman hole) between two dishes to facilitate digestion. Ask the local craftsmen and wine merchants, you will have wonderful surprises. You will also be able to admire the fabulous fish market in Trouville, the other sister resort of Deauville. As for the restaurants, it is difficult to walk on the boards without having stop in front of the menus of Ciro's, gastronomic restaurant of the group Barriere. Equipped with a beautiful terrace on the famous boards, you will enjoy fresh fish, straight from the fish market and succulent seafood, even if the prices are not necessarily suitable for all budgets. For smaller budgets, do not wait any longer to go to the Spinnaker, rue Mirabeau. With a sober and distinguished marine decor, you will discover a kitchen, putting again and again, the fresh products of the region. For hotels, needless to say that the city that is now called "the 21st arrondissement of Paris" has the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the region Norman. You will be spoiled for choice, between the Royal Barrier or the Normandy Barrier, and especially the sumptuous Manoir de Tourgeville. Most of the time, and again in the resort, the price will make the difference.

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After having painted this multi-faceted city, you obviously have to go there. And nothing is easier than going to Deauville. If you are Parisians, the train will certainly be the best option. From the Gare Saint-Lazare, many trains leave every day to the resort, and you arrive safely in just two hours, since the capital is located barely 200 km. By car, all you need is the A13 motorway. But make no mistake, the road is not the only way to get there. Deauville Airport welcomes daily flights from London and some Norman cities

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