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Located in northwestern Germany, the city of Bremen has a lot to offer its visitors. Today the city serves as both a commercial and industrial center with a massive port on the important River Weser. This city is the second most populous in the region, and tenth largest in all of Germany. Here you will find an amazing mix of innovation, sophistication, and unforgettable beauty. The city itself dates back to as much as 1,200 years ago. It is known as a Hanseatic city. This refers to a trading alliance formed between several cities back in the thirteen through seventeenth centuries.

Points of interests / things to see

Universum Bremen

This enchanting science center has fun filled educational activities for the whole family. The building itself is designed to reflect a massive silver whale or mussel. Some of the exciting themes you’ll get to explore here include the history of mankind, Planet Earth, and even the Cosmos. You’ll be able to play scientist and conduct experiments to discover the challenges early man faced. Learn what it feels like to be in a tornado in the safest way possible. Younger visitors, between three to eight years old, will love exploring the child friendly Milky Way area. Just outside the main building, you will find the EntdeckerPark discovery zone. There are a number of different interactive stations here all focused on the theme of movement. One of the highlights of the area includes the twenty seven meter high activity tower and delightful earth xylophone. In the SchauBox temporary exhibits are available to explore year round. The museum is open Monday through Friday from 9am - 6pm. And again on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 6pm. Adults can purchase a ticket for sixteen Euros and children under the age of six are free. If you arrive at 4:30 onward, keeping in mind the last entrance is just 1.5 hours before closing, you can visit for just five euros.

Town Hall

The town hall here in Bremen has been marked as a UNESCO World Heritage status since 2004. According the World Heritage organization, this building is “an exceptional testimony to civic autonomy and sovereignty.” Town hall is built with in a Weser-Renaissance-style town hall. The facade of the building is extremely beautiful and ornate. To date, it is the only town hall constructed during the Middle Ages in Europe which has not been either destroyed or significantly altered. The Town Hall is often regarded as the most impressive elements of the market square in Bremen. The upper hall is where the original city council used to meet. Today it serves as the most gorgeous ceremonial venue in the whole city. Above this hall you will find wonderful model ships hanging from the ceiling. These represent the important relationship this city has had with maritime trade. If you find the miniature cannons here, you will be delighted to know that they have been fired on occasions. Below the old city you will find a restaurant known as Bremen Ratskeller. Both the setting and the cuisine are unforgettable here. Inside the wine cellar here, you will discover the oldest bottle of wine in all of Germany.

St. Peter’s Cathedral

This protestant church dates back to more than 1,200 years ago. This cathedral is located just between the town hall and the Parliament building. Here you will find two towers which play an important role in the shape of the city’s skyline. You can go up to the top of one of these towers if you like. At the time of construction, this cathedral was meant to be a house of worship for what is now known as the Catholic Church. However, during the Reformation, Germany’s religious orientation shifted. This church became Calvinist and eventually came to its final form today as a Lutheran church. If you travel down to the cellar of this beautiful church, you will discover the remains of several mummies. If you are looking for something a little less intense, considering taking some time to relax in the Bible garden. Here you can grab a cup of coffee and a classic German cake. The church is open Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm. On Saturdays, you can drop by between 10am -2pm. If you plan to visit on Sunday, come by anytime between 2-5pm. Thursdays at seven in the evening you can experience vocal and organ performances free of charge. If you want to visit the tower, adults will be asked to pay one Euro.

Focke Museum

This museum features the history, including both art and cultural history, of the 1,200 years Bremen has been established as a town. Here you will find a truly innovate display room along with a total of four historic buildings full of fascinating objects to explore. The museum itself is set in a large and beautiful garden. Those who love to see historic sights will be delighted to know that there is an actual period windmill included on the museum grounds, its name is the Muhle Oberneualand Windmill. The permanent collection of this museum is quite large, but in addition to these pieces, several temporary  shows are rotated throughout these walls each year. The museum works to host activities for visitors of all ages. You can come here and experience themed guided tours, talks by scholars on various subjects, and other interactive museum educational events. During the summer, visitors can enjoy the Pavilion concert series which takes place in the beautiful on site gardens. In the museum shop you can find a number of books and catalogues discussing the exhibitions as well as souvenirs for loved ones back at home. There is also an on-site cafe which has an open-air courtyard which has both food and refreshments.

Airbus Defence and Space

If you are interested in how people navigate a zero gravity environment, this is the place for you. The city of Bremen is actually one of the leading centers in all of Europe for space travel. In fact, the European contribution to the currently orbiting International Space Station was designed and constructed in this very location. The nature of space operations demands creative solutions to zero gravity environments. This becomes particularly challenging when it comes to delivering supplies, conducting research, and conducting daily activities. At the Airbus Defence and Space facility, you will be able to explore the logistical solutions to these challenges through a number of interactive experiences. You will be able to investigate a replica of the Columbus module as well as seeing the construction of rockets and satellites. You will also get answers to questions such as how much a litre of milk really weighs on the surface of the moon. You can visit this facility on Saturdays at either two or four in the afternoon. The tour takes approximately two hours. You will need to book your visit at least five days prior to the tour at the Tourist information office. An adult ticket costs 16.50 Euros.


Located in Lower Saxony, this town is the southern passageway to the Luneburg Heath. The biggest tourist draw in the town is the Schloss Celle. This castle was constructed with both renaissance and baroque architectural elements. This abode served as the primary residence for the House of Brunswick-Luneburg. It is the largest castle of its kind in the area. Visitors get to explore a number of rooms, many of which have period items inside dating back to various parts of the castle’s history. It is located in the center of old town, known as the Altstadt. There you will find well over four hundred timber-framed houses. This picturesque site is well worth a visit.


This city is the main seaport of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen.Although the city itself is relatively newly formed, this location has been an important trade port for a long time. Some of the highlights of Bremerhaven include the German Emigration Center, and the German Maritime Museum. This museum includes a number of ships including a Type XXI U-board. For those who are less inclined for maritime history, the Bremerhaven Zoo recently reopened after extensive renovations. The zoo focuses on Arctic wildlife in particular, both marine and land based animals are exhibited here. Bremerhaven is close to Bremen and offers a bit of a change of pace from the typical Bremen attractions.


This city is located in Lower Saxony. Some of the articular sites of interest include the Theater Luneburg. This is one of the smallest stages in Germany. The shows put on here are of all different types. The historic center of town is of great enjoyment to many who visit. Exploring the town you will find numerous astoundingly beautiful churches such as St. Michael’s, St. John’s, and St Nicholas’. There are also several museums to visit including the German Salt Museum, which focuses on the importance of salt during the medieval period, and the East Prussian State Museum. Luneburg is a delightful town well suited to a day trip from Bremen.


This town is located just to the West of Jade Bight. The area serves as the center of this large business region known as “JadeBay.” Right next to the town you will find the Lower Saxony Wadden Sea National Park which is actually a part of a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. There are several spots worth visiting in Wilhelmshaven. These include a sports stadium, Aquarium, and Botanical garden. You can also explore the Deutsches Marinemuseum which features a number of artifacts from the German navy dating from the 19th century through today. There is also a lot of shopping opportunities for those who are inclined.

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There are many ways to get to Bremen. THe city has its own airport just southwest of the town center. You can grab flights to the Bremen airport from most major German cities and several large European cities. Some of the major carriers which offer service to Bremen are OLT, Ryanair, and Lufthansa. Once at the airport, you can grab tram line 6 to get to the city center. Another way to get to Bremen is via bus. There is a direct bus link from Bremen to Groningen. A one way ticket costs about eight Euros. For those who prefer train travel, there are a number of frequent trains connecting Bremen to the rest of Germany. If you are coming from Hamburg, you will find two train each hour departing to Bremen. You can also travel via train to the peripheral areas of Bremen. Although train service is very reliable, it is often a more expensive choice. The cheapest way to make use of the train is through sharing a group ticket with others. You can also travel to Bremen via car. The Autobahn 1 runs to Hamburg in the North and through Colonge in the South. The A27 is another option if Bremerhaven, Hanover, or Berlin are in your travel plans. One thing that is popular in Germany is ridesharing. You can fairly easily find a rideshare opportunity which allows for cheap travel via car. 

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