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Büsum, Germany

The fishing town of Büsum is in the district of Dithmarschen, in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Büsum was once an island on the North Sea coast with a dune sand bank right in the middle of the tidal flat. During its early history, there were three villages, Middeldorp, Norddorp and Süderdorp, but this city was plagued with many storms. Middeldorp and Süderdorp were destroyed after a severe storm in the 16th century, only a portion of Norddorp survived making it the core of Büsum today. The local inhabitants joined hands in saving their town, they fought back with dikes and mounds of earth or wurts. In 1585, this island was connected to the mainland with a new dam and the reinforced dikes ensured that this city was protected from storm tides. The museum harbor on the North Sea coast highlights Büsum's history, from its survival to its journey of becoming a fishing and tourist town.

Points of interests / things to see

Blanker Hans Storm Tide World

The Blanker Hans storm tide world is located in a futuristic building that looks like a wave. This is on the Schleswig-Holstein's UNESCO Wadden mudflats. Storm tides are common in the North Sea and Büsum has had destructive storms from the 14th century, the last storm that devastated this city was in 1976. Though tidal storms are destructive, they are fascinating as well! This center introduces the visitor to the history of tide storms on this coast with interactive presentations. It has 6,000 square meters of displays and they explore the intriguing world of the tidal storms from every angle. The visitor comes out dry after this experience, unlike the inhabitants of this city in the past! Take a trip on a rescue capsule for an exhilarating voyage with simulations and multimedia features that will make you understand the fierce reputation of the North Sea. Discover the patterns of the flow of the tides, climate, coastal defenses and the fight against nature's fury, the tidal storm. Enter the wind tunnel and experience a hurricane with force 12 levels! This multimedia discovery center at the harbor of Büsum is the only one of this nature in the world. Open from January to October Link:

The North Sea Cycle Route

The North Sea cycle route is one of the most outstanding bike trails in the region. Explore this beautiful coastline on two wheels as you are guided along more than 6,000 kilometers of bicycling trails. This is part of the longest bike trail in the world and a majority of the trail is in northern Germany. This cycle route take you to eight countries and in Schleswig-Holstein, the route is through Hamburg along the scenic Elbe to Brunsbüttel and then onto Büsum. Enjoy the breathtaking views along the North Sea! Cycle past marshes and polders. Take a break for a local meal with fresh seafood and proceed towards the strong dikes and bays. Depending on your fitness, pick a route that suits you. This route is easy to cover as the terrain is flat, children will enjoy this well marked trail. You could take a side trip inland and visit villages along the way. This fascinating landscape is beautiful and it encourages the biker to explore. The Wadden Sea National Park in Schleswig-Holstein has an information center. With the wind in your hair and a taste of the salt settling on your lips, this is a memorable trip along the North Sea and must be taken once in a lifetime!

- Mud Flat Hiking

Mud flat hiking does not sound very adventurous, but this is a popular activity along the low coasts of this region. Relish the chocolate colored water and take a dip in its therapeutically waters. This mud is used in spas and a massage is given as an exorbitant price! The center of Wattwandern is the Wadden sea, this is a few hours away from Büsum. It is an inter-tidal zone that runs along the scenic coastline from Denmari and onto the Netherlands. UNCESCO has declared this area a World Heritage site, because of its bio-diversity. A beautiful area abundant in rich natural resources, visitors will revel in the shallow mudflats and birds, both migratory and local. During low tide, the waters recede past the barrier islands, leaving about a 15 kilometer wide strip! It is common to see sea horses in the shallow sand banks and seals relax on the banks too. The Watt conditions changes rapidly from knee deep slimy mud to solid sand and onto waist deep water channels that are called Priele, this suddenly fills up with the returning tide, it is better to be cautious. Enjoy the mud under your feet and get a natural foot massage combined with a free pedicure, but do remember that there are crabs that will take a nibble!

Along the coast of Büsum

Büsum has been an official spa town from 1837 with its healing sea water and the mudflats of the Wadden Sea. A beautiful city that was developed for tourism. The Perlebucht family lagoon with its sandy beaches and artifical island is a popular tourist attraction. The Perlebucht island offers a variety of water sports for the visitor. It has two water basins that is not affected by the tide and it offers hours of pleasure to the whole family. Kite surfing is a popular sport on this coastline and Büsum is a popular destination with its sandy beaches. The warm waters are perfect for swimming. The big sandy beaches has a promenade that offers panoramic view of the North Sea, this connects the beach to the Wadden Sea World Heritage as well. The playground on the beach for children is exceptionally good. It encourages children to play and parents can relax and sunbath on the beach. There are different types of equipments like trampoline, slides, swings, jungle gyms and they can build castles in the sand! The sport enthusiasts will enjoy the beach volleyball, surfing or just swimming in the warm waters. Take a stroll along the coast and watch the fishing boats come in with their catch. A sublime feeling.

Piraten Meer Pool Complex

Ever wondered what a pirate's life would have like? Visit the Piraten Meer pool complex to have a real pirate adventure. This complex offers a variety of activities for the whole family and an exhilarating experience for water enthusiasts. Relax on the Takka-Tukka beach or the adventurous can ride the giant Long John Silver flume or just bath in the beautiful, but challenging North Sea surf in the Störte pool. The Störte pool is the center of this Pirate sea, it is a 425 square foot pool with 600,000 liters of sea water that creates an exciting surf at regular intervals. The water is warm and with depths of two meters, it challenges even the most experienced of swimmers! Hear the squeal of delight and anxiety as the surf rises and pushes the swimmers around! Indulge in the water pyramid or the freshwater geyser. The adventurous will revel in the Long John Silver water slide and it takes you to speeds of almost 36 kilometers an hour for the 110 meter ride to the wreck of the Bunte Kuh!There are outdoor pools and massage tables where the visitor can relax to the rhythmic sounds of the sea. Visit the Capt'n Hook's Cabin and enjoy a meal fit for a pirate! Address Piratenmeer Büsum25761 BüsumSüdstrand 11www.piraten-meer.deTelephone: +49 4834/909-133


The beaches at Büsum are different, they have long grass that gradually grades into sand. A beautiful sight to behold, greenery against the North Sea. A well organized beach with over 2,000 beach chairs, sanitary facilities and beautiful playgrounds for children. There are two large pools between the dike and the sand banks and the tide will not interfere with your swimming. There are lifeguards during the season and dogs lovers have a special beach for themselves at Erlengrund. Take a stroll along the seabed when the tide recedes or you could cycle over the green dikes with the wind behind your back.

Health and Thalasso (The Sea)

Büsum has the perfect air content with a high iodine and low pollen, this makes the air salty and it has a positive effect on the body. Any activity done in this climatic conditions helps in increasing your immunity system. This city has been recognized as a North Sea health spa center from 1949. The spa center uses a unique combination of the mud, sea water, and algae to create a rejuvenation of your skin. The Thalasso is used to treat health problems and enhance one's natural beauty. The health and thalasso center Vitamaris offers the visitor a range of treatments for their well being.

The Kite Surf Trophy

This city holds the German Kite surf Trophy final each year in the month of May. This competition is done on four levels and Büsum hosts the last and final meet. There are close to a 100 kite surfers who participant in the freestyle and race competitions. The wind conditions at Büsum during the summers is perfect for kite-surfing, with the coastline that offers flatter waters, it is ideal for this challenge. The surfers enjoy the competition, when the winds are strong and they are challenged. The NDR 2 concert is conducted in August and it sees over 30,000 spectators. Summers in Büsum are beautiful and there are many activities lined up for the visitor.

St. Clements Church

The city of Büsum has a late Gothic style church that was dedicated to the patron saint of fishermen, Pope Clement I. St Clement's church was built between 1434-1442, this city was initially part of the Catholic Bishopric of Hamburg and Bremen, but it later became Protestant in the middle ages. Büsum was a pirate's haven and this church has a baptismal font and other religious relics that were raided from the Pellwormby island by the notorious pirate Cord Widderich. He donated the precious relics to this church. There is a beautiful image of Martin Luther that marked this city transition to protestantism in the middle ages. The beautiful Gothic ceiling was damaged and it was replaced with wood.

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Getting into Büsum

The Heidi-Büsum Airport (IATA HEI) is the airport that serves the town of Heidi in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. This airport is about 3 kilometers northeast of Büsum. The best way to enter the city center of Büsum will be by taxis that are available outside the airport. The airport shuttles are few and the wait could be long. Visitors could hire a car from Hamburg, take the A23 and enjoy the scenic routes along some of the best roads in the world. Exit at the Heidi-West and continue on the B203 into Büsum. When Büsum became a popular tourist destination, this city was connected to the railway network by the Heidi-Büsum railway. Büsum is only connected to the city of Heidi and during the daytime there frequency is a train every one hour, but by evening, the frequency reduces to just one train every couple of hours. The train station is a quaint old house, get your ticket for a vendor at the ticket office. From Hamburg the train passes Neumunster or Heidi and from there take the SHB to Büsum. ContactKur und Tourismus Service BüsumSüdstrand 1125761 BüsumTel.: +49 (48 34) 90 90Fax: +49 (48 34) 65 30Email:

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