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Northwestern Iceland with 4 winds

Located in the north-west of Iceland in the rural area of ​​Norourland Vestra, Varmahlià ° is a tiny village (one hundred inhabitants), in the middle of a beautiful nature and conducive to outdoor activities. , between lakes and rivers. The region of Varmahlià ° and the Skagafjordur fjord is home to nature-loving tourists who come to admire the beauty of the desert landscapes and the mythical aurora borealis of northern Iceland. As the seasons go by, Norourland Vestra's landscapes change and give way to new activities. After a day of sports in sometimes very harsh temperatures, you can enjoy a hot bath in the traditional and renowned Icelandic hot water baths. At the time of dinner, it is by mingling with the population of the village, very welcoming, that you will be able to taste a traditional dish in one of the restaurants of Varmahlià °.

Points of interests / things to see

Hiking on horseback

The Skagafjordur is a very rural area, where it is more common to ride horses than by car, and it is here that the majority of Icelandic horses are raised. Thus, like the natives, you will be able to indulge in the joys of the equitation and to discover by this way immaculate landscapes, inaccessible otherwise. Even if you are completely startling, there is no worry to be had; the instructors are indeed very friendly and will teach you to be in complete confidence with the animal. The guides also make sure to choose your mount taking into account your morphology, your confidence and your level of experience, to ensure a pleasant experience. From an hour-long meadow walk to a multi-day excursion, it's almost a la carte that you can organize your equestrian trip to the far-flung lands of Iceland. Hesta sport: http: // Address: 560 Varmahlià ° Price: from 40 euros The most experienced riders will be able at the end of the month to September to participate in an unequaled and unforgettable experience: the gathering of horses and sheep to bring them back from pastures on farms. Thus, more than a hundred horses descend the valley, encouraged by the inhabitants of the village and accompanied by farmers, volunteers and tourists. To participate in this extraordinary experience, you can inquire directly from the Varmahlià ° Tourist Office.

Rafting on the rivers of Skagafjordur

After exploring the lands of Varmahlià ° on horseback, you can tame and descend the river's turbulent rivers aboard a rafting. With its numerous glacial rivers, the surroundings of Varmahlià ° and the Skagafjordur fjord offer the ideal conditions for the practice of this water sport. Clubs in the region offer different courses, depending on the duration, level of difficulty and experience of the participants. Thus, it is by group of 6, including the guide sitting at the back, that equipped with an oar you will descend the chained rivers of the region of Norourland Vestra. The descents can last from 2 hours until the whole day, and according to the levels of difficulty the children (from 12 years) can take part in the activity. The club Bakkaflot proposes descents in white water rafting on the Hofsjokull River: the Austari and Vestari Jokulsa rivers. Website: Address: 560 Varmahlià ° < The Viking Rafting Club offers many options, including an intensive 3-day rafting course for the most experienced and the most experienced. This expedition allows you to admire the variety of Icelandic landscapes between glaciers, desert landscapes and waterfalls, and spend 2 unforgettable nights in the heart of nature, in traditional chalets. Site internet: Address: 560 Varmahlià °

Observe the aurora borealis

Iceland, and especially the north of the country, almost desert, is the ideal place for observing these exceptional phenomena that are aurora borealis. Visible only in cold and clear weather in the Nordic countries, in the middle of the night, aurora borealis are an exceptional luminous phenomenon, created by the collision of the solar wind with the molecules of the air. This scientific and meteorological phenomenon offers for the eyes a breathtaking and mystical spectacle, with its immense green lights wavering in the dark sky. To observe the aurora borealis under ideal conditions. ales, it is necessary to move away from the light pollution, and so to be placed at ten kilometers of Varmahlià °, in the middle of the plain, and to avoid the days of full moon. The most favorable period is from December to February, when temperatures fall below 0 degrees but when the weather is dry and the sky cleared. Aurora Borealis occur most often between midnight and 3 am, insomniacs! These conditions are well muffled and equipped with a camera that you may have the chance to attend this bright show.

The craftsmanship of Varmahlià °

Far away from the mainland, Iceland is a country apart and atypical, with its history, customs and craftsmanship. Due to its important activity of raising sheep and its harsh climate, one of the specialties of northern Iceland is wool and especially knitted sweaters, called "Lopapeysa". This Icelandic sweater is recognizable by its patterns on the shoulders, neck and wrists. Long made with traditional motifs, the Lopapeysa are now revisited by young creators and display modern and contemporary patterns. In the region of Varmahlià °, you will find Also very typical objects, like pieces realized in leather of fish, crafts only realized in Iceland. In Varmahli, you will be able to visit many shops and craft centers , like the Greta house, specializing in clay and pottery, the Langafit store, where you can find Lopapeysa and woolen garments for all styles, Althyulist, where you will find a wide variety handmade objects representative of the region's crafts, and Runalist for fish leather and recycled paper. In the neighboring village of Saudarkrokur, you can visit the tannery center, and discover the Icelandic know-how in the work of fish leather. Website: http: // www. Address: 5 Borgamyri, 550 Saudarkrokur Hours: from June to September: Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 11am to 3pm Price: ISK 500

The culinary specialties of Varmahlià °

A visit to the north of Iceland would be incomplete without a tasting and a discovery of the culinary specialties of the region, so different from the French specialties. At the same time by necessity and by conviction and respect of the nature, the Icelandic restaurateurs place a great importance on the use of seasonal and local products. Thus, meals are mainly composed of fish, meat (mainly mountain lamb, whose taste is reminiscent of game) and dairy products. In the north of Iceland, all that comes from the water is good: the well-fed salmon, but also the whale and the shark. To taste it, the sticks of dried fish give way to the toast of jam. Sugar lovers will still be able to barter fish for kanilsludar, the famous cinnamon roll. Bread is also an integral part of the meals, including breakfast. Unlike French bread, which is simple and light, Icelandic bread is quite dense and is generally garnished with dried fruits and cereals. The restaurants Icelandic are divided into 2 types: cafes where you can enjoy sandwiches, flaktofur (rye flour patty topped with mutton) pies and cheap salads and the restaurants themselves, where you can eat enjoy refined, traditional and original dishes.

The museum of Skagafjordur: Bygdasafn Skargfirdinga

The museum of Skagafjordur is a museum partly outside (Glaumbaer) with the reconstruction of traditional houses of the XIXth century, built directly in the clumps of earth. The building of the museum (in Minjahusio) exhibits many artifacts and artifacts that make reference to the evolution of everyday life and the trades of the inhabitants of the region during the centuries. key. You will see many tools and works and exhibitions about local artists, such as the writer Arnadottir, the organist Stefansson and the painter Jonsson. Website: http : // Address: 560 Varmahlio Schedules: Glaumbaer: May to September daily 9 am-6pm; Minjahusio: from June to August every day 12h-19h Price: KIR 1200

The island of Drangey

Drangey Island is located in front of Varmahlià °, in the Gulf of Skagafjordur. Formerly known as Iceland's larder because of the many eggs hatched by the birds of the island, Drangey is one of the most famous islands and mythical of the country. Ornithology enthusiasts can observe a wide variety of birds. At a height of 200 meters, the island is difficult to reach, so it is advisable to book a boat trip with a guide (from Saudarkrokur or Reykir), via the tourist office. At the top of the island, you will see many sheep, very quiet in their pasture, and enjoy a magnificent view of Iceland.

Ski in Norourland Vestra

In the winter, skiing takes the place of horseback riding and hiking. The Tindastoll resort, in the village of Saudarkrokur, is about 25 kilometers from Varmahlià °, going north and just a few kilometers from the sea. The ski area is quite small ( the summit is 690 meters) but still allows for a good day, more fun than performance, for skiers and snowboarders. Website : Hours: daily 16h-18h Price: ISK 2600

Hot springs and hot springs

Iceland as a whole is filled with natural pools of hot water, with therapeutic virtues and properties. The Skagafjordur area is home to many hot springs and hot springs, where you can enjoy swimming and relaxing after a day out in the fresh air and before a hearty meal in the city. one of the restaurants in the region. In Reykir, you can swim in one of two pools: Grettislaug or Earl, both encircled with gray stones. More modern, Saudarkrokur's swimming pool offers very comfortable facilities, such as massage jets and a sauna.

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How to get there ?

Flying to the great north: Varmahlià °

Airport: to get to north-west Iceland from France, the easiest and most economical solution is to book a flight to the capital, Reykjavik, and then use the public transport or rent a car. You can always take an internal flight from Reykjavik to Akureyri National Airport, but this solution is quite expensive. From the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport, Icelandair offers flights direct of a duration of approximately 3h30. Note, Iceland is a rather expensive country and this is reflected in the price of flights; you need at least 300 euros for a return flight. From the airport to Varmahlià °: from Reykjavik airport, there are about 330 kilometers to Varmahlià °. By bus it takes 5h40 and there are 2 buses a day from the center of Reykjavík = vik. You can plan your trip on the website of the company Straeto. Website:;jsessionid=C614ED54F381071EE40F4436FEC0E4C5.icelandD?hss=BceGU130711422 < If you want more autonomy and rent a car at Reykjavik Airport, you will have to follow the direction of Saudarkrokur through Pverafjall Mountain. Move On the spot: At Varmahlià °, cars are not unanimous. Thus, it is in bicycles, on foot or on horseback that you will visit the most beautiful places.

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