City of Badung Regency (Bali)

The city of Badung Regency is included to the province Bali and to the regency Badung Regency

Presentation of the destination

An Eventful Village in Indonesia

Canggu, Indonesia is a wonderful place to experience Indonesian village life. Canggu is a small village off the coast of Indonesia, offering many things to do, from country life to a great beach experience. Guest of Canggu are welcome to explore the local activities and cultures found within the small city, as well as enjoy the black sand beaches, great sunsets, and many dining opportunities. Canggu weather is ranged around a wet season with an abundance of rain as well as a dry season with little rain and upper humidity. Average temperatures in Canggu are mild, ranging from about 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The Rupiah is accepted as currency in Canggu. Canggu operates on the Central Indonesian Time Zone. Canggu is a great city to explore, with a great geographical location as well as a short distance from neighboring Indonesian cities.

Points of interests / things to see

Learning to Surf in Canggu

Canggu’s popular black sand beaches are most utilized for its great surfing conditions. Guests of Canggu are welcome to improve and build their skills in surfing with Baruna Surf Culture. Baruna Surf Culture offers great services, particularly in professional instruction on building surfing skills. Guests of Baruna Surf Culture are welcome to learn with talented instructors, whether guests may be amateur or quite skilled. Whatever level of expertise a guest may be, Baruna Surf Culture is happy to share surfing knowledge with all guests. Baruna Surf Culture also offers a great means of cultural experience to guests of Canggu. Guests can learn and explore the beautiful Hindu culture shared amongst the locals by exploring the land, cycling the area, and even hearing stories of the gods and festivities. Baruna Surf Culture is an excellent way to learn and begin to feel Canggu. Baruna Surf Culture is located at Seminyak, Kuta. Baruna Surf Culture may be contacted by telephone at +62 813 531 45 256, or at +62 818 054 58 709. Baruna Surf Culture is quite accommodating when guests are booking a visit. Baruna Surf Culture strives to provide the best experience for all guests. Inquiries for visitation may be made by email at, or by filling out the online contact form at By either means of online contact, guests may fully disclose their needs and Baruna Surf Culture will provide their services accordingly. More information on Baruna Surf Culture may be found on the website at

Tranquility in Canggu

Casa Day Spa and Delivery in Canggu is a wonderful spa center offering fantastic services. Casa Day Spa and Delivery offers several different massages, manicure and pedicure treatments, and even waxing. Casa Day Spa and Delivery’s services are offered by professional massage artists, happy to care for all guests’ needs towards relaxation and refreshment. Casa Day Spa and Delivery welcomes guests at the facilities to engage in the tranquil environment and wonderful services. Guests may also request a delivery of Casa Day Spa services, as these wonderful professionals are happy to share their services abroad. Casa Day Spa and Delivery’s facilities are open from 10am to 8pm. Deliveries with Casa Day Spa and Delivery are also available from 10am to 8pm. The very relaxing and welcoming environment of Casa Day Spa and Delivery is also available to groups. Group services include possibility of delivery, a choice in massage and treatment types, and even a choice between 3 therapists for 5 hours or 5 therapists for 3 hours. Reservations can be made by contacting Casa Day Spa and Delivery by telephone at +62 361 2149 911, or by email at Casa Day Spa and Delivery is located at Jl. Raya Canggu 58A Desa Tibubeneng Canggu Kuta Utara Bali Indonesia. More information on Casa Day Spa and Delivery may be found on the spa’s website at

Golfing Beautifully

Nirwana Bali Golf Club in Canggu is one of the world’s best golf courses and a truly stunning piece of art to Indonesia. Nirwana Bali Golf Club is situated along the coast for a stunning view of land and sea at every tee and hole. Hole seven on the Nirwana Bali Golf Course is positively the most popular hole. From hole seven, guests can get a great view of the famous Tanah Lot Temple, a popular attraction to both foreign and domestic guests. Nirwana Bali Golf Club is visited commonly by guests of all experiences, from amateur to expert. Professionals in particular take pleasure in Nirwana Bali Golf Course for its gorgeous and tranquil setting, as well as its professionally set and cared for greens. Nirwana Bali Golf Club is absolutely exquisite, a very photogenic course. Prices for golfing at Nirwana are set via age, day, and nationality. For instance, Non Pan Pacific Guests are welcome to play all 18 holes for 1,100,000 Rupiah Monday through Thursday and 1,400,000 Friday through Sunday. Nirwana Bali Golf Club is located at Jalan Raya Tanah Lot, Tabanan, Bali 82171, Indonesia. Nirwana Bali Golf Club may be contacted by telephone at + 62 361 815 960, or by email at More information on Nirwana Bali Golf Club may be found on the golf course’s website at

A Dining Pleasure in Canggu

The Beach House restaurant is a great Canggu experience. The Beach House restaurant provides great services, starting first with their food. The Beach House restaurant takes special care to serve only the freshest seafood, meats, and vegetables to any and all guests. Every evening, guests are welcome to enjoy the beautiful Indonesian sunset as the grill is lit to truly enjoy and savor the end of a beautiful day in Canggu. Guests are very well accommodated at the Beach House. The Beach House provides both indoor and outdoor seating, both with a great atmosphere. Outdoor seating is especially spectacular for a good view of the setting sun and the beach beyond. The Beach House also offers live music every Sunday and DJ every Friday night. This entertainment goes excellent with fresh barbequed goods at the Beach House. The Beach House caters every meal of the day, celebrates every event with guests as hard as they do. The Beach House is open from 8am, and even offers catering and free food deliveries. The Beach House restaurant is located at Jalan Pura Batu Mejan Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. The Beach House restaurant may be contacted by telephone at +62 0361 7474604, or by email at More information on the Beach House may be found on the restaurant’s website at

Canggu Culture

The Temple of Enthusiasm in Canggu is one of the rawest places to visit in the city. The Temple of Enthusiasm strips hobbies and passions down to nothing, and rebuilds them with a determination and a creative heart unheard of anywhere else. The Temple of Enthusiasm, quite plainly, builds and rebuilds motorcycles and surf boards. However, they are so much more than just that. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the makings of the Temple of Enthusiasm, not just by purchasing a colorful surf board or a rehabilitated motorcycle. Guests are welcome to the Temple of Enthusiasm to share the culture, feel the rhythm, explore and love Canggu as much as the locals do. Guests are welcome for far more than to just browse the merchandise. Guests are encouraged to look at the hung art, feel it in the soul. Guests are encouraged to enjoy the drinks, the local foods, and the music. The Temple of Enthusiasm is a truly amazing place, a cultural scene down to the last detail, ready to be explored and enjoyed by all. The Temple of Enthusiasm is open daily from 8am to 10pm. The Temple of Enthusiasm is located along Echo Beach at Jalan Batu Mejan No.8, Canggu, 80361 Bali, Indonesia. The Temple of Enthusiasm may be contacted by telephone at +62 361 368 3386, or by email at More information on the Temple of Enthusiasm may be found on the webpage on the Deus ex Machina website at

Nightlife in Canggu

Nightlife in Canggu is a popular time for both locals and tourists. One of Canggu’s finest nightclubs is Bali Joe Bar, a local gay club known for its unique entertainment and great drinks. Bali Joe Bar has been visited by a number of singers and likewise celebrities. Bali Joe Bar definitely has one of the most unique entertainment lineups around. Guests are more than encouraged to let loose and be free to engage in the entertainment by lip syncing to the bar’s music as part of a fun performance. Bali Joe Bar also has great service on top of a fun atmosphere, offering a number of helpful staff to help accommodate guests for the best experience. Bali Joe Bar is open daily from 5pm to 3am. Bali Joe Bar is located at Jln. Camplung Tanduk (Ex Dhyana Pura) No. 8, Seminyak - Bali 80361. Bali Joe Bar may be contacted by telephone at +62 361 8475771, or by email at More information on Bali Joe Bar may be found on the bar’s website at

Live Balinese Culture

Tanah Lot Temple is a popular destination and a wonderful representation of Balinese culture. The people of Bali worship and praise a full moon by bathing in fragrant waters under the full moon to promote virtue and good health. April first of every year is also an important date to the Balinese, as it represents a day of cleansing. The Balinese mediate and pray to the respective god on this day for serenity and a cleansed mind. Guests of Canggu are welcome to explore the Tanah Lot Temple, as it offers wonderful experiences in Balinese and Hindu cultures. The Tanah Lot Temple is located at Tabanan Bali 82171 Indonesia. The Tanah Lot Temple may be contacted by telephone at +62 880361, or by email at More information on the Tanah Lot Temple may be found on the temple’s website at

Discover International Art

The House of Alaia is a wonderful place centralized around the beauty of nature. The House of Alaia is an artistic jewelry gallery that bases its pieces off of the natural surroundings found in Canggu, Indonesia and Tofino, Canada. The creators of the House of Alaia have great intentions with the world, providing beautiful jewelry inspired by the land. The House of Alaia is also open to the public for shared artistic knowledge. Guests of all ages and experiences are welcome to join the House of Alaia for artistic exploration. The House of Alaia shares creativity with the world by teaching artistic abilities and techniques. The House of Alaia is located at NO. 27B Jalan Batu Bolong Canggu-Bali-Indonesia. The House of Alaia may be contacted by telephone at +62 8214 7348 746, or by email at More information on the House of Alaia may be found on the jewelry shop’s website at

Rock Bar, World Fame in Canggu

Rock Bar near Canggu is a world known and appreciated bar in Bali, Indonesia. Rock Bar is unique and sophisticated, with a great atmosphere and, of course, drinks. Rock Bar is recognized by the press and guests around the world as a fantastic bar. Rock Bar is unique for its location and likewise ambience. Rock Bar isn’t the first bar to be located along the sea, but it is original for its boxed levels among the boulders that boarder the Jimbaran Bay. Rock Bar is open daily from 4pm to 1am and until 2am on Friday through Sunday. Guests are escorted to the escalated floors of Rock Bar, catching a fantastic view of the bay, and an even better view of the sunset. Rock Bar is located at Jl Karang Mas Sejahtera, Jimbaran Bali, Indonesia – 80364. Rock Bar may be contacted by telephone at +62 361 702222, or by email at More information on the Rock Bar may be found on the bar’s website at

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Badung Regency
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Surrounding towns

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  • Kuta ~16 km
  • Tabanan ~8 km
  • Ubud ~13 km
  • Mengwi ~4 km
  • Gianyar ~18 km
  • Abiansemal ~6 km
  • Krambitan ~11 km
  • Sukawati ~12 km
  • Penebel ~17 km

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How to get there ?

Many Ways to Get Around the Beautiful Canggu

The best way to reach Canggu, Indonesia is by flight. The nearest airport for most international guests is Ngurah Rai International Airport. Several airlines, both foreign and domestic seek flights to Ngurah Rai International Airport regularly. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, there are a few ways to travel to Canggu. The most common way to travel is by taxi. Tickets for taxi fare can be purchased within the airport. Many hotels in Bali also offer complimentary shuttle services, allowing guests to have a ride prepared for them from the airport directly to the hotel, with no worries over getting lost or pricing, particularly for those unfamiliar with the area. Guests may also travel to Canggu by bus and ferry. Buses reach the docks opposite Bali from cities near and far, and ferries are able to transport guests the rest of the way. Getting around Canggu provides half the fun of visiting the city itself. Guests may choose one of several means of travel, including a rental car or motorcycle. Both are great for getting to particular destinations, while motorcycles can provide a feeling of fun and freedom. Guests can also ride the bus, which provides great cheap transportation and typically visits popular stops and destinations. Guests can even hire a taxi or chauffeur driver to travel in and around Canggu. Possibly one of the most hands on means of travel, guests may bicycle around the city, truly enjoying the sights of beautiful lands, the feel of the warm sun as it sets in an almost crippling stunning scene along the coastline.

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