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Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is situated on a 14 km long strip on the Mediterranean seacoast. It has been the crossroads of Middle Eastern history for centuries. This city has been the spiritual hub to Christians, Jews and Muslims from ancient times. A city with a rich night life, culture, art and entertainment. It is popularly known as 'the city that never stops'. There are interesting museums, beautiful beach fronts and world class restaurants and bars. The best time to visit Tel Aviv is from March to April and September through November. The summers are hot and humid, but many tourists love the tan. This is an expensive city during the summer months. The winters are cool with temperatures hovering around 60F, but this is the rainy season and there will be a few showers. Tel Aviv is a great city to visit throughout the year. The currency used is the New Israel Shekel.

Points of interests / things to see

The Or Torah Synagogue

The Or Torah Synagogue is a beautifully decorated synagogue with a Tunisian influence in the style and architecture. This amazing house of prayer was the brain child of Acre resident, Zion Badasche. He dedicated his life to creating this dream of his, to construct a unique prayer house. Work began on this synagogue from 1955. Badasche named it the Djerba Synagogue in remembrance of the Jewish community who lived on the island just off his native country, Tunisia. Colorful mosaics cover the entire synagogue’s surface, each wall, floor, ceiling and even the stairway. These mosaics were specially manufactured in a workshop at Kibbutz Eilon in the Upper Galilee. The lower level showcases different birds and many species of animals on the mosaic. There are motifs that are replicated from ancient synagogue mosaics such as the menorah and the shoraf, musical instruments like the harp used in the Temple during prayer are depicted. The main prayer hall has seven Torah arks and a dome that is intricately decorated with the signs of the zodiac from other ancient synagogue floors, and symbols of the tribes. Notice the light as it filters through the 140 stained glass windows, casting a ethereal atmosphere inside the synagogue. The gallery for women has scenes of matriarchs and heroines from the Bible. Modern Jewish and Israeli history has been beautifully woven into the gallery. Address: 13 Kaplan Street, Acre Telephone: +972-(0)50-68220781

A trip to the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is located in the Judean Desert at the foot of Ha-He’etekim cliff, it is about 110 km away from Tel Aviv. The Dead Sea has been declared as the lowest point on earth, it is 417 meters below sea level. An amazing body of water where the evaporation is higher than the water that flows into it. It has the highest concentration of salt in it and this salinity prevents any living organism in it's waters. An amazing feat as this salt has therapeutic properties and has proven to help those ailing visitors who visit regularly. Popularly called 'the lowest health spa in the world', a dip in the Dead Sea is a surreal experience! Relax on it's heavy waters, where you can never sink. Let it's medicinal properties heal your skin. Indulge in a mud bath with the world's richest source of natural salts, the sea bed has rich deposits of black mud that is easy to apply on your body. There is a smell in the air, it is bromide. This is beneficial to the internal body systems. This perfect composition of the minerals and the salt in the water make this good for your health. Sea salts are extracted from the southern section of this water body for industry, while in the northern section, it has been developed to promote tourism and good health. Get an iconic picture of yourself floating on these waters, while reading a newspaper!

The Beaches

Tel Aviv has a beautiful beach that stretches along the entire western edge of this city. A great place to relax the whole year, but it attracts many tourists during the months from May to September. It is close to the Mediterranean sea and enjoys almost perfect swimming conditions with warm and calm waters. The beachfront promenade is a busy place in the peak season. You will find entertainment like magicians, caricaturists and even tattoo artists. Cafes dot the beachfront and you can enjoy a drink or an ice cream, while watching the world go by. The adventurous tourist will enjoy the water sports that are available and the beachside gyms and sports courts. The Alma beach is in the south of the city, this is one of the quieter beaches for those who wish to get away from the crowds. Calm and cool waters beckon you to relax on this beach, where there are no guards to protect the swimmers. The Hilton beach is known as Tel Aviv's gay beach. It is a popular beach with surfers as the reefs and winds make the surf high. Local residents bring their dogs for walks and it is well planned with all the basic facilities. A great place to meet interesting people.


Hummus is the most popular dish in Tel Aviv and it is internationally famous. It has an Arab legacy, but it has a distinct place in the cuisine of Israel. Ali Karavan serves the best known Hummus in this city. This restaurant is crowded and you will be served at the earliest and just as fast you will be escorted out! They have a quick turnover to cater to the herds of people that wait to get in to taste the signature hummus of Abu Hassan. He attributes the distinct flavor to his mother's secret recipe and it is served with fresh lemon juice and onions and garnished either fava beans or chickpeas on the top. The doors close only when the pot is empty! Indulge! Address: Ali Karavan HaDolphin 1 Tel Aviv is a city that has late nights with party goers who hop from one night club to another. The Abulafia is an old cafe that has been in business for over 100 years. It has been declared as a landmark institution in the Jaffa area. A quaint cafe that is open throughout the night, it has been often called the 'Bakery that never sleeps'. It caters to the locals and tourists who stop over for pastries, pizzas and deserts between their nightclub hopping or on their way home. Abulafia 7 Yefet

A trip to the Historical sites around the Judean Desert

The Judean desert is a barren wilderness that is in the heart of the Holy Land. It is the location for many of Israel's legendary sites. The Inn of the Good Samaritan is on the way to King Herod's Palace. The Good Samaritan is the setting of one of the New Testament's most famous parables. Walk around this ancient site and feel a part of history. The cable car, this will take you to the mountaintop site of the legendary Masada. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This was a perfect fortress in ancient times as it was difficult to access this area. Historians say that this is the site that King Herod built his two fortified palaces over 2,000 years ago. You will be treated to panoramic views of the mountain with it's rugged cliffs and dry terrain. A beautiful setting, explore the archaeological ruins of the synagogue, watchtowers, storerooms and the Palace. The ancient city of Jericho is on the Old Roman road that links Jerusalem and Jericho. This city of Jericho is referred to in the Hebrew Bible as the 'City of Palm Trees'. The ancient settlement of Qumran gives you the chance to view the caves, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. These 900 parchments documents of religious nature were found intact.

A visit to the Spice Market

A market reveals the true character of a city, there are many markets in Tel Aviv, but the Levinsky is the most fragrant. Walk around the bustling street of this market and you will be awestruck with the colors and myriad flavors that envelope the atmosphere there. This is the place that families and restaurant owners search for their spice ingredients that will enhance their dishes. There are many quiant bakeries and cafe along this street, sit down for a coffee after you have browsed the spices and condiments that were on offer. Address: Levinsky Spice Market Levinsky St Tel Aviv

Nalaga'at Center

A visit to the Nalaga'at Center at Tel Aviv offers the visitor a different cultural experience. This complex houses three attractions for the visitor, the Nalaga’at Theater has interesting plays that features deaf and blind performers. Have a break at the Cafe Kapish, make your order in sign language to waiters who are deaf, you will understand their world a lot more after a visit here. The Black out is a restaurant serviced by blind waiters, you will have to eat your food in the dark. This center lets the visitor interact with the blind and deaf. They are given an insight into their world.Address: Retsif Haaliya Hashniya,Jaffa, Tel Aviv 68031Telephone: 03/633–0808

Haganah Museum

The Haganah Musem is located in the house of Eliyahu Golomb, he was one of the founders of the Hagnah. He devoted his life to this cause and his house began to serve as the organization’s main headquarters. There were secret meeting held here on subjects pertaining to defence, illegal immigration, and settlements. Walk around this museum and learn about the resolution that was passed to establish the Palmach and about the history of the paratroopers arrival there before proceeding to occupied Europe. This museum showcases an impressive collection of photographs, documents and weapons from the Haganah archives. An informative trip. Address: 23 Shderot Rothschild St., Tel Aviv-Yafo Telephone: +972-(0)3-5608624

St. Peter's Church

St Peter's Church was built in 1654 over a medieval fortress, it was destroyed twice in the 18th century and the structure that stands today was completed in 1894. A working church, it holds daily Mass in several languages for a local congregation. The high steeple of this church overlooks the scenic fishing port and signals to the sea pilgrims that the Holy Land is near. A beautiful red brick facade hides an intricately decorated indoor. Notice the marble walls, vaulted ceilings and the large painting over the altar of Peter's visit by an angel. This is similar to the churches in Italy. Historians say Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in here, when he visited in 1799. Address: 51 Yefet St., Tel Aviv-Yafo, Kdumin piazza in Old Jaffa

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Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport(TLV) is also know as Natbag in Hebrew. This airport is 15 km from the southeast of Tel Aviv. The airport is well connect by taxis. All international car hire services are available. There are taxi stands just outside the arrival gate. Tourists could also get the shared taxi van known as Sherut, but if you have too much luggage it is not advisable. Getting around the city The transportation system is excellent at Tel Aviv. A popular mode of transport is the Sherut. This is a shared taxi van, so you pay and get off where ever you wish. Taxis: The taxis are efficient and offer good service, but they are expensive and during the peak season will charge extra. Walking: This is the best way to see this city, it is a small city and all the sights are close to each other. Bicycles: This is easy to hire and the roads are good to cycle on.

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עיריית תל אביב
Shlomo Ibn Gabirol St 69, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
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+972 3-724-4400
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