City of Levanto (Liguria)

The city of Levanto is included to the region Liguria and to the province Provincia della Spezia

Presentation of the destination

Italian Paradise

This gorgeous Italy city is one you will not want to miss. It is located in the Liguria region and is set on the coast at the end of a beautiful valley. The area is covered in a thick array of olive and pine trees. The ridges surrounding this enchanting valley head out into the sea as the headlands of both Mesco and Levanto. Part of the city of Levanto falls into the Cinque Terre National Park. The town was originally just a small Roman village, but during the middle ages it became an important center of commerce. Since that time, Levanto has been steadily on the rise.

Points of interests / things to see

Church of Sant’Andrea

This historic church dates all the back to 1232. The church was constructed in classic Ligurian Gothic style. It features a striking facade which has been gorgeously decorated in horizontal stripes. These embellishments were created using the stunning white marble of Carrar along with green serpentine stone found in the area. Just above the main entrance into the church you will see a gorgeou rose window. This white and green marble decor continues inside to make a stunning visual experience. Within these very walls you can find the chalice of emperor Henry VII. In order to see it you will need to arrive during a special occasion or ask permission from the staff. Many who come here take some time to contemplate and light a candle. Be sure to take some time to appreciate the gorgeous altar inside. The church itself sits on a small hill just above Levanto. This makes it a striking element of the town, and something you would be remiss to pass on. The elegance of this church is certainly something to remember. The church is just next to the trail to Monterosso. This is a great opportunity to snap some photographs. If you come during the springtime you will be delighted to see a range of gorgeous flowers blooming outside. The oleander trees in the courtyard also importantly add to the charm of the Church of Sant’Andrea.

Biking trails

These excellent trails are perfect for an enchanting bike ride. The trails are very easy to navigate, often very well paved, and very safe. You can rent a bike at a number of different centers along the trails. Be sure to get a bike that is well sized for your body. This will make your long ride more enjoyable. If you are not a big bike rider, you can just as easily walk the trails. Along the way there is a delightful tunnel to explore. The trail starts in Levanto and goes all the way to Framura. The little village of Framura is a cozy place featuring a nice bar and cafe. Along the way you can also check out Ex Gallerie. Here you will find some fascinating train tunnels to explore. They are found inspiringly set along the beautiful ocean water. It is a particularly beautiful sight early in the morning as the water glitters with the bright sunlight. The sand along the beach here is full of small gorgeously colored rocks including jade green, pink-maroon, marbled black, and tan.

Medieval Castle

This castle was originally constructed in 1165. At this time, the property of Malaspina was specifically designed to provide protection to the village. Although it started out as creating a defensible space, it was used for a variety of different purposes throughout the centuries. In 1637, during what is known as the Genoese Republic, this castle served as a residence. It was officially the home for the Captain of the Republic. Following this residential spell, the castle was transformed into a prisoner for local lawbreakers. In 1797 the prison era ended for this castle and became a private home. The architecture of this castle is relatively straightforward featuring one main round tower surrounded by four large walls. Visitors today can’t enter without special permission as it is still in private hands. However, anyone who wishes to come take in this interesting historic site can see a few fascinating elements on the outside. You will find two preserved bas reliefs etched from slate from the Genoese school. One of these dates to the fifteenth century and depicts the Annunciation. The other relief dates to the sixteenth century and features the infamous battle of Saint George and the dragon. Legend has it that the castle features two underground passages. One of these is suppose to reach all the way to beach while the other heads through the village down to Chiesa Della S. Annunziata.

Levanto Beach

The beach here is quite exciting. The surf is great for water sports. You can rent a chair to sit back and relax in for about five euros along the strip. There are several different bars and restaurants to explore along the water. One of the popular treats along the way is some classic Gelato. The beach is well kept and clean throughout the year. You can find public restrooms and changing rooms which are quite tidy as well. The water here is clear and you can find some black sand along the way as well. For those who like to walk along the water, you’ve got a fairly long beach to walk along here. If you want to enjoy the area for free, you can head over to the free space and throw a towel down on the sand. The beach is conveniently located near the town center. If you are traveling via car, there is parking right next to the beach which can be accessed for a small fee. You can also enjoy the pool nearby if you are not a huge fan of waves or salty waters.

Bagni Casino

This beach features high waves which makes the ideal environment for surfers. Here you can grab your surfboard and get some serious action. If you are not yet ready to hit the waves, you rest and relax along the water. The beach here is a bit pebbly so grab some swimming shoes to make it more enjoyable. One of the advantages of this beach is its relative lack of crowds. It is fairly easy to grab a section of beach and just relax. Mostly locals and few tourists come by this beach here and there. You can grab a drink from the local cafe and restaurant. Here you can rent a deck chair. They are nicely organized so you can enjoy a lot of space for the cost of the rental. The beach is very clean and well maintained year round. Nearby there is a freshwater swimming pool you can enjoy if you are looking for some calmer swimming experiences. This pool is quite large so you will have plenty of space to enjoy yourself in.

Park of Portofino

This national park is the most northern portion of protected coastline in the western Mediterranean. The area was formed by large deposits of limestone banks and has a fascinating topographical story to tell. The environment here varies widely over just a short distance. You can explore the enchanting forests to the north and head over to the sunny cliffs pointed out over the Mediterranean. This area has officially been protected since 1935. Here you can find some of the largest concentrations of plants in the whole of the Mediterranean. You will have your pick of over eighty kilometers of trails to explore. Be sure to bring your camera as you explore this fascinating and diverse area.

Bay of Silence

This gorgeous bay is located in Via Portobello in Sestri Levante. The scenery here is absolutely stunning. The beach area is always enjoyable. It is great for sunbathing and relaxing as well as swimming and sports. There are tons of different restaurants to enjoy and it becomes even more endearing as the moon rises over this quaint area. If you are driving you can easily park along the water. You can reach everything you might need to enjoy your day at the Bay of silence within walking distance. Many locals bring their kids to come and enjoy this special area. This is the perfect place to get a taste for the beauty of the Italian Riviera.

Basilica della Santissima Annunziata del Vastato

This Catholic cathedral is located in Genoa. It is decorated in the baroque style common to Genoa during the seventeenth century. Construction of this beautiful church was started by the Franciscans in 1520. In 1537, construction ceased until 1591 when it began again. It wasn’t until the seventeenth century that the baroque elements were incorporated by Andrea Ansaldo. The facade of the church was installed during the 1830s and feature a neoclassicist style. This beautiful church suffering some damage during World War II due to the bombing from the Allies. The artwork inside is truly breathtaking and reveals a lot about both the art history and lives of those who have come here to worship over the centuries.

Santa Margherita Ligure

This charming little town offers visitors a lot to do. There are a number of little restaurants and cafes to explore. The area is incredibly picturesque. Boats scatter along the water here adding to the charm of the area. The nightlife here is alive and well, so you can always find something fun to do on your journey. You can relax by the beach or enjoy some water sports during the day. Then you can take a break and go shopping at a number of the different local shops nearby. For dinner you will have a wide array of restaurants varying in both cuisine and cost.Santa Margherita is conveniently located close to Portofino, so you can easily spread out for further exploration.

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How to get there ?

To Levanto

Levanto is located near the Cinque Terre villages. The closest airports to this area are located in Pisa and Genova. If you are interested in train travel, you can get to Milan via a two hour train ride to Genoa. From there you can transfer to a local train line. The major international airplane hub is at Milan’s Malpensa International. If you are interested in flying into the Milan airport and hopping on a train to Genova, you will need to grab a bus from the airport to the trainstation. You can also book a private transfer through companies such as 123Transfers. All of the Cinque Terre villages, as well as Levanto, are connected by train. Each village along the way has its own train station; however, not all trains stop at every station. Usually local trains stop with the most frequency. The trains in this area are all operated by the state company, Trenitalia. If you are coming from La Spezia, you can buy a rail ticket for CInque Terre at the tourism office. Another option is to drive to the area. If you are approaching from La Spezia, you will want to grab the litoranea road known as the A370. If you are coming on the A12, you can just take the Levanto city exit.

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