City of San Teodoro (Sardegna)

The city of San Teodoro is included to the region Sardegna and to the province Provincia di Olbia-Tempio

Presentation of the destination

The most idyllic summer in Italy

If we have decided to spend a few days on vacation in San Teodoro, it will be enough to enter your name on the internet and see some photos to know that we have made the right decision. This city is located in the heart of the Mediterranean, on the island of Sardinia belonging to Italy. Most people know San Teodoro for its beaches but the truth is that it has spectacular landscapes that are worth knowing from the beaches of fine white sand, through the mountains of Mediterranean vegetation and without forgetting the lagoon of San Teodoro of community interest. There are many activities that can be done in this city and most are related to nature, discover it and live it. From water sports, to hiking or cycling routes. For leisure times where we want to spend leisure time there are a lot of options in San Teodoro, from bars, restaurants, coffee shops to places like discos, pubs and much more.

Points of interests / things to see

The beaches of San Teodoro

Undoubtedly, all the beaches of the island of Sardinia are of indescribable beauty, like many of its villages but in San Teodoro we will find everything by hand and with this we also refer to spectacular beaches. There are some 13 beaches that are worthwhile in San Teodoro but we will only mention a few, although whoever you choose will leave you speechless and convinced that you have invested your time and money well. On the one hand we have the Cinta beach which is one of the biggest and also one of the most favorite. Perhaps because of its transparent waters, its immense shore of white sand and that turquoise water background that makes it paradisiacal. On the other hand we have Capo Coda Cavallo, also spectacular and almost virgin. It is a salient of white sand surrounded by an environment of spectacular green vegetation. The closest beach to San Teodoro is Cala d'Ambra, it has lost that magical touch of virginity but nothing of its charm. It is also surrounded by services for those wishing comfort before wild nature. There are many other wonderful beaches in San Teodoro and seeing them all is only a matter of time ... More information:

San Teodoro Lagoon

San Teodoro is a place to spend a few days enjoying the wonders of nature, mainly known for its beaches but there are also other natural places that deserve a visit. One of them is the San Teodoro lagoon, currently considered a place of special protection due to its community importance. The lagoon is a beautiful ecosystem that hosts a great biological heritage of both flora and fauna and is an exceptional place for bird watching. In this space you can see different birds depending on the time of the year but the most striking are usually flamingos. All year round cormorants and many other birds can be seen. You can take a boat trip around the lagoon and even reach the Cinta beach, one of the most beautiful and virgin beaches in the city. It is possible that for the boat trip you have to book in advance. The most important thing if you visit the lagoon is to keep a low level of noise and above all, not leave any trace of our passage there ... More information: www.stagnodisanteodoro. it Contact:

Diving in San Teodoro

Undoubtedly, the transparent waters that the island of Sardinia has in general, and the city of San Teodoro in particular, invite and are an attraction to want to pry into its depths. The truth is that the visibility is usually quite good and diving centers can accompany the most daring to investigate the seabed of San Teodoro. Normally the dives are carried out in the marine protected area of ​​Tavolara â € "Capo Coda Cavallo and are regulated by the park for the protection of the marine and submarine environment. There are different dives or places where you can enjoy marine fauna and flora such as wrecks, walls or slopes. Thanks to the protected area, the diversity and the amount of life on the seabed is very high, so that each diver can find something to marvel at each dive. If you have not yet tried diving and you are thinking of doing it, San Teodoro is a good place for a baptism or to do the course directly. If you prefer to do without the bottle and stay more on the surface, diving with glasses and tube is another wonderful and relaxing option that will offer the same opportunities to see marine life. More information:

Hiking activities

There are several hiking trails to discover all the natural beauty that surrounds the surroundings of San Teodoro. However, we must highlight 3 important places to visit if we decide to spend a few days in this magical city of the sea. On the one hand we have â € œthe Peschieraâ € which is the pond, we also have the â € œlagunaâ € route and finally discover the â € œmonte Niedduâ €. Although there are more, these are the best known and visited for their intrinsic beauty, abundant flora and fauna and good signage. The first is a circular route with a single entrance and recognizable shortly after walking through the number of signs with information on the flora and fauna that we are finding in our path. In addition, if doubts arise, there are always naturalist guides for the environment that can solve any question we have. The path to La Laguna can only be accessed by the La Cinta beach. It consists of a distance of about 3 kilometers long that will have to be undone to return to the starting point. It is a very interesting route because it is on the edge of a lagoon that usually brims with both animal and plant life. More information:

Night party

In the city of San Teodoro do not run out of leisure options when night falls, rather the opposite. After spending a whole day in contact with nature and being dazzled by the wonders of the environment, the moment will come when we need a place to chat, eat and exchange experiences with friends, family and even strangers. In San Teodoro there is a wide range of places of all kinds that will adapt perfectly to the night plan you have designed. Whether you just want to dine something, as if you prefer to have a drink in a quiet place or rather the opposite, go to a place where the music does not end well into the early morning, everything, you can I find here. In the link that we attach there are some proposals that are made from the tourism page of the city but in any hotel or establishment they can recommend good places for nightlife. It is even enough to go for a walk with the pleasant summer nighttime temperature of the Sardinian coast and decide, depending on the environment we see, in which we are going to spend a pleasant time. More information:

Ispinigoli Grotto

It is one of the most famous grottos in the surroundings of Dárgali which is a paradise for lovers of speleology. Not only this grotto, which is one of the deepest and with many caustic formations, but many more equally interesting. In any case visit this grotto sure does not leave anyone indifferent. For 10 months a year there is the possibility of visiting it with a service of guided routes that lead us through the cave for about 45 minutes. You can get here by road from San Teodoro by the SS131 and then taking the detour to Ispinigoli. More information:

Grotto of Bue Marino

This cave is reached after a small boat cruise. Located on the east coast of Sardinia is, along with the previous one, the most spectacular in terms of beauty, rock formations and types of rocks found inside. The certain thing is that the location and the arrival to her with the ship surround it in a much more mysterious aura of entrance. Once inside, the reflection of stalactites and stalagmites ratify us in the fact that it is a mysterious and beautiful grotto. Formed from an underground river all the formations are reflected in the water and multiply its beauty. More information:

Archaeological site on Mount TÃscali

The truth is that the whole island has much to offer, if we want to continue discovering it while we continue doing some sport and we are in contact with nature, a good option is to go to Mount TÃscali. There are several hiking trails suitable for all types of walkers that also pass through an ancient archaeological site that shows part of the history of this island nestled in the Mediterranean Sea. It is necessary to know that if we want to make the entire route the duration of the tour is about 5 hours so you have to go well prepared. More information:

Visit Cagliari

Although Cagliari is located on the other side of the island, it can be very interesting to invest one day in visiting the city and its surroundings. There are fun ways to discover Cagliari, one of them is using the Segway that takes you effortlessly through all corners of the city. It is an original form that offers a funny point of view of one of the most important cities of Sardinia. The routes are made with specialized guides so that we do not miss a detail of everything we are seeing. For more information, please visit:

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Provincia di Olbia-Tempio
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How to get there ?

How to get to San Teodoro

San Teodoro belongs to Italy and is located on the island of Sardinia, in a region called Gallura. Located right on the coast, it is a few minutes from both the port and the airport. In plane: of the different international airports that are in Sardinia, the closest one to San Teodoro is the one located in Olbia. Domestic flights arrive at this destination but also some important points throughout Europe. Some airlines that operate at the Costa Esmeralda airport are: Alitalia, EasyJet, Iberia (operated by Air Nostrum from Madrid) and others. More information about the airport at: By boat: the nearest port to San Teodoro is in Olbia, just like the airport. Boats arrive from the peninsular part of Italy. From here the rest of the island, including San Teodoro, is well connected by train and road. For more information about the ferries, please visit: By land: the whole island is very well connected by road. From the northeast where San Teodoro and Olbia can be reached, passing through other important cities, to Cagliari in the south of Sardinia. In addition, there is a good public transport of trains that connect the whole island (

San teodoro city hall

City hall address
Comune di S. Teodoro
Località la Canna, 1, 08020 San Teodoro NU, Italy
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+39 0784 8600
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