City of Castellammare del Golfo (Sicilia)

The city of Castellammare del Golfo is included to the region Sicilia and to the province Provincia di Trapani

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Castellammare di Golfo, Italy

The city of Castellammare di Golfo got it's name from the medieval fortress that overlooks the sea. An ancient region, the history of this area is enveloped with this harbor that served the local spa and the people from 700BC. Fishing and tourism are the main source of income of this quaint town. There are many restaurants and boutiques near the azure waters of it's beaches. This has been a popular location of many Hollywood blockbusters. Castellammare has a notorious past with the mafia. The weather is hot between May and October and the waters are warm. The hottest month is July when temperatures soar to 29°C during the day, but it cools to 21°C in the evening. A beautiful time to take a stroll. The sea water is cold during December to April and it is uncomfortable to swim. The currency used is the Euro.

Points of interests / things to see

Mother Church of Castellammare del Golfo

Castellammare is rich in tradition and culture. The Mother Church stands in the center of the Old Town from 1726, though the first church was built on this spot in the Norman times. A quaint church built in the classical style with a simple facade. The three portals of the facade of this church corresponds to the interior design that is intricately decorated with the frescoes, marble and stuccoes in the Baroque style. Notice the central vault that is decorated with the three frescoes by the renowned painter Giuseppe Tresca in the 18th century, they are replicas of the bible stories and the 'Assumption of the Virgin Mary'. The red marble baptismal font is beautiful and typical of the 17th century. Adorning the walls of the church are the paintings by Orazio Ferraro and the statue of the Madonna del Soccorso from the 15th century. There are other important churches in Castellammare though small, they have many works of art that are precious. Visit the Church of our Lady of the Rosary from the 16th century. Historians claim that this was built on a previous church that was destroyed. Walk around and admire the bas-relief that shows the Madonna and Child with Saints and the Crucifix, this church is richly decorated with a portal and a tympanum.

Around the city

This is an ancient region that can trace it's roots to the times before the Normans. The ancient Cetaria of this city was destroyed by the Arabs, they rebuilt the fishing harbor in the same spot. The coast that is to the east of Castellammare is low and shallow with sandy and pristine beaches, as the coast goes west, the beaches get pebbly, but the scenery is striking with caves, cliffs and coves. Make a trip to the nature reserve, this is called the Lo Zingaro or the Gypsy. A beautiful location that is rich with a typical Mediterranean vegetation that has a few rare plants. This area is frequented by birds and the ancient Uzzo Cave shows traces of inhabitants from the prehistoric times. Along the same path visit the Bagli, these are fortified homesteads, where the buildings are arranged around a common central courtyard. An interesting feature of these parts, where entire villages develop around these Bagli, classic examples are Scopello and Balata di Baida. The castle of Castellammare in the town center also houses the Mediterranean Museum. The museum has interesting exhibits that highlight this agricultural town's past farming tools and techniques. Castellammare is an agricultural region, they have produced quality red and white wines from ancient times, try their cunzato. Indulge!

Castles of Alcamo

Alcamo is 10 km away from Castellammare and is situated on the slopes of Mount Bonifato near Trapani in north west Sicily. At an altitude of 256 meters, this city is scattered with beautiful castles that protected this region during ancient times. The three main castles in the area are the Castle of Alcamo, Calatubo and Bonifato. The Castle of Calatubo sits majestically on a rocky site overlooking Castellammare. A large castle, it has an entrance on the west, as the slope is less steep on this side. A well fortified castle with a large well and a church in the courtyard. Walk around the courtyard and admire the facade and notice the turrets that still bear the marks of battle. According to archaeologists, the site of this castle had artifacts that were dated to 5 BC. In the Old Town of Alcamo, the Castle of the Counts of Modica lies between the Piazza Castello and Piazzo della Republica. This castle remains intact and was restored to it's former glory by the members of the Chiaromonte family, the Lords of Alcamo. This massive structure has four tall towers, two of them are cylindrical and the other two are rectangular in shape. The rectangular towers were used to house convicts, and the others were used as residence for the soldiers.

Segesta Temple

Segesta is 12 km away from the city of Castellammare. This is the site of an ancient temple in the north west of Sicily. There is a theater and a sanctuary at the Contrada Mango. The temple reflects Greek architecture and archaeologists claim that some of the monuments stand on sites of older temples from 5BC. The temple has a colonnade that runs across it's perimeter with six columns in front and a peristyle of columns behind. A massive structure, this temple is 70 meters long and as is typical of Greek architecture, the temple faces east and west to welcome the rising sun and the visitors. The Segesta temple is located on a raised base that is divided into four steps, the upper level is unfinished on three sides and forms a dado near each column, this gives it the appearance of a pedestal. An impressive 36 columns form the peristyle. This temple is a classic example of Greek temple architecture, notice the intercolumnia that is a little wider than the diameter of the columns, this technique was discovered by the Greeks to increase the strength of the building. The columns of this temple are not perfectly fluted as is normal of the Doric order, this could only mean that the temple was never finished.

Exploring Partinico

Partinico is 21 km away from Old Town Castellammare. A city with lots of history and tradition. The Piazza Duomo has a beautiful fountain from the 18th century that was created in the Baroque style. The main church of Partinico is also here at the Piazza Duomo. A quaint church with a single nave that was built in the 16th century, it was expanded and a bell tower was added in the 18th century. The altar of this church has fluted columns and Corinthian capitals. The interiors are decorated in the Renaissance style. Explore this church and notice the picture in the first arch near the right aisle that depicts the Assunta by the renounced Antonio Spatafora. There are two other paintings from the 17th century, 'Saint Mary Magdalene in prayer' and 'Santa Rosalia in ecstasy. On display are Vincenzo Manno painting of 'St Joseph sleeping' and 'Christ among the apostles'. Walk around this charming city and you will come across other churches along the way. The Carmelo church is a recent place of worship that was restored in the 19th century. This church has a single nave and there are many works by the artist, V. Manno that are displayed on the wall. 'Our Lady of Carmelo' and the 'Holy Family' are attributed to him.

Exploring Terrasini

Terrasini is 22 km from the town of Castellammare. A scenic city with a picturesque square with charming cafes and a majestic cathedral that overlooks the city. The landscape is beautiful at Terrasini, take a hike to the harbor and you will pass the Praiola beach. A pristine beach with azure warm waters. The beach is calm and shallow. The D'Aumale Palace is close to this beach and it houses the Regional Museum of Natural History and a exhibition of the local farm carts that were used along the years. There is a Civic Museum at Terrasini which showcases the collection on anthropological and archaeological exhibit.


Castellammare has a charming harbor that comes alive during the night. There are several pubs and restaurants, where you can enjoy a Sicilian granita or a handmade ice cream while admiring the stunning views of the Gulf and the mountains in the background. There are many beaches that are walking distance from Castellammare. Take a walk to the Spiaggia Playa or the Scopella beach with Zingaro nature reserve. Beautiful clear waters and pebbly coves await you. Visitor enjoy the scenic path to the west of Lo Zingaro and you will come to the long sandy beaches at San Vito Lo Capo.

The Theatre in Segesta

Segesta is about 12 km away for Castellammare. The Theatre in Segesta dates back to 3 BC. Walk around the ancient stones that was assembled with lime and admire the precision of the semi circular shape. A portion of this theater faces west. The cavea is the middle of the semi circle is about 60 feet in diameter. An amazing architecture from ancient times. The theater stage was originally decorated with pillars and columns, but just a few stand today. Set in a posh area of town, it should not be missed.

Castellammare del Golfo

The Gulf of Castellammare is a wide and deep inlet that is on the north western coast of Sicily in the southern Tyrrhenian Sea. A beautiful pristine area with a long and rugged coastline. The Gulf of Castellammare is between the peninsula of Cape San Vito to the north and Cape Rama to the east. The scenery is breathtaking in this area with the steep cliffs that blend into the sea and the sandy beaches that boarder the coastline. This is a charming part of Sicily, visitors will enjoy a hike on the cliffs and by the coastline.

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Getting into Castellammare and around the city

The two convenient airports for Castellammare are the Palermo Airport and Trapani Airport. Falcone Borsellino Airport (PMO) is the closest airport to Castellammare del Golfo. It is 45 km away from the Town Center of Castellammare del Golfo. The railway station is a few km away from the town near the beach. There is a bus service, Russo, that will transport you to the station, but it does not run on Sunday. There are taxis available easily or privately driven cars, but do fix the rate before getting into one. The bus station at Castellammare is on Via della Repubblica and it is away from the city center. It is walkable distance from the tourist area of this town. The harbor is a steep climb downhill and it is recommended to take a taxi. Buses connect Castellammare to other cities like Scopello, Segesta, Alcamo, Palermo and Trapani, but these buses are infrequent and do not run on time. It is easy to drive around this city if you rent a car parking is not a problem, but you hotel will book a taxi from an agency that will take you to all the tourist spots. This is a convenient way to see the city.

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