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The city of Chianciano Terme is included to the region Toscana and to the province Provincia di Siena

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Chianciano Terme, Italy

Chianciano Terme is in the province of Siena in the Italian region of Tuscany. It is ideally located 90 km southeast of Florence. There is not much to do in Chianciano Terme, except give your body the pampering it deserves. The Thermal spa of Chianciano has been a healing source to this town since the Etruscan times. Soak in mineral waters that are enriched with healing elements that support your liver's health. The weather at Chianciano is moderate, with summers being warm. It is the peak season and but it is crowded and the city is expensive during the summer. The average temperatures are about 80 F and during the evening it will fall to 60 F. June and July have no rain. Winters are cold with highs of 50F and lows of 30F. This is the best time to visit Chianciano as the cold weather offsets the warmth of the warm mineral waters. The currency used is the Euro.

Points of interests / things to see

The Thermal Spa

Situated at 550 meters above sea level, you will be treated to panoramic views of this beautiful region. The Thermal spa has been in existence from the Etruscan times and the minerals in this water helps with rejuvenation of liver. Every year more than 120,000 visitors come to Chianciano to experience the curative powers of it's mineral waters. Chianciano has many mineral water springs and each one of them has a medicinal benefit. This city has been claimed to have been the site of a temple to Apollo the Healer in ancient times, and historians trace it's roots to the 5th century BC. The curative powers of it's thermal waters got international fame by the 20th century, when many visitors came to get cured of their ailments. Most of the thermal waters today were rebuilt during the 18th century as the Grand Duke of Tuscany led a war through this area and it was destroyed. A crowded city during the summer, it is best to visit during winter season when the prices are lesser and the waters are welcoming against the cold winds outside. There are many thermal springs that are located outdoors and these are free, but it can get crowded during the season. A beautiful view of the scenery around, while basking in warm mineral waters. Address: Chianciano, SITelephone: +39 0578 682923


This picturesque town is about 21.5 km away from Chianciano in Tuscany. UNESCO has declared it a World Heritage site and in 2004 the valley of Val d'Orcia, was included on the list of UNCESCO World Cultural Landscapes. This city was rebuilt from a medieval villaged called Corsignano. It was the birthplace of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomin who later became Pope Pius II. He had the village rebuilt as an ideal Renaissance town that was a retreat from Rome. This was the basis for the first application of humanist urban planning concepts and it was later adopted in other Italian towns and eventually spread to Europe. The rebuilding was executed by Florentine architect Bernardo Gambarelli and it is believed he worked under Leon Battista Alberti who was in the employment of the Papal Curia and the adviser to Pius. Construction began in 1459 and Pope Pius II consecrated the Duomo in 1462. A magnificent achievement in those times. Take a walk through the town square and notice the Palazzo Piccolomini, a trapezoidal piazza with four buildings that have beautiful twin lighted cross windows at each bay and pilasters on three levels. The Duomo dominates the center of this piazza and has a facade that was designed in the early Renaissance style.


Cetona is a charming town that is about 17.6 km away from Chianciano in the southern province of Siena in Tuscany. Archeological evidence proves that this area had human settlements at the base of Monte Cetona from 40-80th century BC in the Gosto cave and in the Lattaia cave it is said artifacts prove settlements from 9-10th century BC. The Belverde park has 25 prehistoric and Bronze age caves like the San Francesco cave. There are many other sites of Etruscan finds. The city of Cetona is on the hillside around the Rocca fortress. It has a square tower from 900 AD and an inner fortress wall. A formidable monument, it was renamed as the Scitonis Castle. The city expanded under the blessings of Pope Gregory VII, who granted feudal rights to a member of his family, the Aldobrandeschi. Take a walk around this picturesque city and view the archeological finds that are prominently displayed at the Museo Civico per la Preistoria del Monte Cetona. The Parco Archeologico Naturalistico del Monte Cetona is about 3 km before Mont Cetona, this is an interesting visit to learn about the history of this city. The Rocca is still privately owned, but you could admire it's stunning views from the outside.

Arezzo Cathedral

The scenic city of Arezzo is about 74 km away from Chianciano. It is in the Tuscany district. The Arezzo Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral and it is built on the site of an ancient Paleo-Christian church that may have ties to the city's acropolis. The majestic facade was designed by Dante Viviani and has a beautiful sculpture description by Enrico Quattrini and Giuseppe Cassioli. The right hand side of this church stands from the original medieval building and is made of sandstone. The middle portion is from the 14th century portal in the Florentine style. The tow porphyry columns that stand here, have been taken from an ancient temple. Observe the polygonal apse with the beautiful double mullioned windows, these date back to the 13th century. The nave and the two aisles are divided by pier with the ogival arches with the five spans covered by cross vault that is typical of that period. A serene atmosphere, the interiors with the seven stained glass windows cast a glow when the sun hits them. These stained glass windows were created by Guillaume de Marcillat in 1524. Intricate reliefs by Donatello like the Baptism of Christ grace these walls. There are a few tomb of local heros like Ciuto Tarlati(1334).

Archaeological Etruscan Museum

The Archaeological Etruscan Museum is a small museum that opened in 1997 in Chianciano. It houses all the artifacts that were discovered in this area during the Etruscan period. This museum is located in the 19th century building at the start of Via Dante. This building was a barn of the Simoneschi farm next to the villa. The Etruscan Necropoles is in the basement of this museum, on display are the several outfits found in an Etrusan Sepulcher and they date back to the 5th century BC. The tombs on display have been excavated in the two main necropoles of Chianciano Terme, Foce and Pedata. Notice the funeral urns with decorated with human forms and copies of Cinerary statues. At the Etruscan temple, you will find the ruins of an Etruscan temple that dates back to 2nd BC. This was excavated near the thermal spring Fucoli. The statues appear to be, the god Dionisio. On display is a late Etruscan wine making farm that was excavated at Poggio Bacherina. The most impressive exhibition is the archaeological ruins near the great Imperial Roman Cistern, 'The Camerell'. They have displayed the thermal spa that dates to the 2nd AD. This was the first ever big bath and thermal spa of this region. On display are Etruscan pottery and beautiful Roman vases.


Take a bus trip to the scenic city of Montepulciano. This is about 11 km away from Chianciano. Wander around the wonderful streets with the decorated store front and walk on to the magnificent stone churches of this city. These ancient churches have a serene and calm atmosphere. Visit the Sanctuary of San Biagio. The thermal spas in this town have salty water that helps with your skin conditions. Walk to the Grand Piazzo, and have lunch at one of the authentic Italian cafes on the square. Enjoy the local wines with Cianti and Pecorino cheese. You could visit a vineyard on your return. Terme di Montepulciano Via delle Terme, 46 Località S. Albino, Montepulciano, Italy Telephone: 0578-7911

Piazza del Campo 

The Piazza del Campo is in the historic city center of Siena in Tuscany. This is about 49 km from Chianciano and it is one of the greatest medieval squares. A beautiful and graceful square in an architecture that was typical of that period. To the northwest is the Fonte Gaia. The Palazzo Pubblico and it's Torre del Mangia, along with the various palazzi signorili surround this breathtaking shell-shaped piazza. Sit at this square and absorb the atmosphere of this ancient square that has stood the test of time. The scenery of the sunset bathing these ancient buildings is amazingly beautiful.

Pinacoteca Nazionale 

About 49 km away for the city of Chianciano, stands the Pinacoteca Nazionale in Siena, Tuscany, Italy. This is the national museum and it was inaugurated in 1932. This museum houses the late medieval and Renaissance paintings from great Italian artists. The museum is located in the Brigidi and Buonsignori palaces that is in the city's center. The Brigidi palace was built in the 14th century, historians claim that it has been in the family of the Pannocchieschi and it is their family's residence. Buonsignori Palace, was constructed in the 15th century. It was renovated and today has a 19th century neo-medieval facade that reflects the city's Palazzo Pubblico.

Cortona Cathedral

The Cortona Cathedral is in the scenic town of Cortona in Tuscany. This city is 41 km away from Chianciano. This ascetically pleasing cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. This church was built over the ruins of an ancient Roman temple. This church was commissioned in the 11th century. In 1325, the diocese of Cortona was founded, but for some reason this church was not selected to be it's cathedral. The building beside this church was used as the Bishop's residence. In 1507, Pope Julius II moved the cathedral seat from the suburbs of San Vincenzo church and this edifice's interior was renovated in the 15th century. A Cathedral with a lot of history and a graceful presence.

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Getting into the city of Chianciano and around the town

The closest airport to Chianciano is the Peretola Airport (FLR) at Florence, Italy. This airport is about one hour away from the city center of Chianciano. BY TRAIN: This city is well connected to other major cities by train. Main railway Rome-Florence-Bologna-Milan. The train stops at the Railway Station Chiusi-Chianciano, this is 17 km from Chianciano Terme. You can take a taxi into the city center, or many hotels offer a complimentary transfer service will be available at the Chiusi-Chianciano Railway Station to bring their guests to their hotel in Chianciano Terme. BY MOTORWAY The roads are excellent and well connected. The A1 Motorway that is the Autostrada del Sole- Sun Motorway connects Rome-Florence-Bologna-Milan. The nearest exit to Chianciano Terme is the toll-booth n. 29 (A1 Chiusi Chianciano). Around the city This is a small town and it is easy to walk around the city center. There are bicycles that you can hire to make your trip faster around the city. There are bicycle lanes and the traffic is not heavy. You can hire a Vespa, the iconic Italian mode of transport. Taxis are easily available, but it can be expensive. The bus station is convenient and the bus service is good with frequent buses to the neighboring cities.

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Via Alessandro Manzoni, 7, 53042 Chianciano Terme SI, Italy
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+39 0578 62160
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