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The city of Bardolino is included to the region Veneto and to the province Province of Verona

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Explore Bardolino, an opportunity not to be missed

Bardolino is one of the most famous Italian cities in the Lake Garda area. Mostly famous for its light red wine, produced from the vineyards surrounding the surrounding hills, the small town of Bardolino is one of the most popular destinations in the south of the lake. Located at the edge of the latter, it is home to very beautiful landscapes and hilly lands on the other side of the lake. The clear water punctuated by small boats with hulls painted in various tones will delight its visitors. The port of the city group these hulls in a string of colors at the edge of which it is pleasant to walk. If the city is quite touristy and more particularly during the summer period, it is not less pleasant, keeping a human dimension. To get out there, you just have to rent a small boat and go for a walk on Lake Garda, along the many towns and countryside that surround it.

Points of interests / things to see

Bardolino, between land and water

If Bardolino is a destination of choice, itâ € ™ s above all because the place has the chance to combine land and water in a pleasant and enjoyable setting. The relaxing atmosphere provided by the proximity of the lake's water gives the city its charm and peace. The center of the old town is also charming, combining beautiful hotels, churches, old buildings of several centuries and charming small houses with colorful facades. Yellow, orange, or brick, old buildings form the urban landscape of this small Italian city. Walking in the streets of the center of Bardolino, it's like swimming in the atmosphere of a city with low buildings, bordering a nice port, where hotels and restaurants do not nothing the peaceful character of the place. The hotels along the shores of Lake Garda are often pretty colored buildings, with flowered balconies and terraces directly lining Lake Garda. On this lake, it is possible to enjoy multiple activities and simply to navigate there to discover the surrounding shores. Islands and peninsulas with a rich and lush nature are to be discovered from Bardolino. The Mediterranean climate makes it grow the famous grapes that produce the Bardolino, but, you will come across this part of the shores of the lake, orange and olive trees the summer.

A city animated all the year

Bardolino offers the possibility of multiple activities that are just as enjoyable and rewarding as each other. One of the particularities and riches of the city is of course to be planted on the edge of a large lake of clear water surrounded by mountains and valleys. Thus, to make the most of this atmosphere, you can rent a boat at the port of Bardolino or a paddleboat in summer and walk along the lake along its pretty coast that alternate villages and countryside. The city, ideally located on the shore of Lake Garda also has various beaches, more or less deep water. You can swim in the lake or practice various nautical activities, sailing, fishing and more. For those who prefer to keep their feet on the ground, the pedestrian or horseback riding tours around the lake offer magnificent views and colorful experiences. For those who wish to take a real breath of fresh air, paragliding over Lake Garda is possible. It is probably from here that the view will be the most beautiful on the countryside, village and water of the region. The city of Bardolino also houses a museum of lâ € Olive oil. This place edited by Umberto Turri at the end of the 1980s welcomes every year many visitors curious about the recipes of this little marvel, the basis of all the Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. You will discover the different means of manufacturing and production that have succeeded to give substance to this delicious elixir.

Events not to be missed

The most famous event in the city of Bardolino is undoubtedly its wine festival. The festa dellâ € ™ uva e del vino, festival of reason and wine, in Italian, creates animation in the city for five days each year. It is usually early October when the event takes place if you have the chance to go through the region at that time. The city is adorned with multiple small stands and stalls where it is possible to taste and buy local wines in a musical and festive atmosphere. This popular event highlights what makes the region's trump card, its delicious wine. Throughout the day year, other events enliven the city and are to be discovered. The music is often honored in Bardolino with multiple concerts, outdoors, in churches, around a small paved street. Every year, the flagship event that opens the calendar of upcoming events in Bardolino is its carnival. The Bardolino Carnival, otherwise known as the "Bacchus and Ariane" Carnival, is a celebration of both the young and the old, and is a reminder of the wine-growing tradition of the region. Celebrate every February every year is colorful. You will come across all types of costumes, from the most traditional to the most modern and wacky Venetian masks mounted on tanks created by the inhabitants of the city for the occasion.

Land of history

The region of Bardolino is steeped in history since it includes, as most of the surroundings of Lake Garda, traces of pre-Roman and Roman buildings. Archaeologists have also found pre-historic traces. It is on a land dating back several millennia that was built the current city of Bardolino, rich in its past, its culture. Like the other villages, the most important historical remains are those of the era of the Scala family, otherwise known as Scaliger, in the 13th and 14th centuries. This family who ruled the entire province of Verona left today old buildings, but especially the old fortifications of the city that can be seen at different places in the heart of the city. old town and pedestrian streets. If you want to walk in these historical traces, you will probably be delighted to enter the Roman church San Severo which dates back to Eleventh century, or the very beautiful church San Nicolo e Severo, built a little later in the nineteenth, not far from the port, in Piazza Bassani Raimondi. Sitting on the terrace of one of the cafes that give the Piazza its village atmosphere and conviviality, you can admire the imposing and clear facade of the church while drinking a cold drink or an excellent glass of Bardolino. Climbing a few steps, you pass between two large white marble columns and you can enter the parish church.

Bardolino, a wine

If you have never been to Bardolino, you may still know this name for the taste of wine produced in the region. It is first of all for this wine that the city is famous. The vineyards surround it from all sides, offering a pleasant, hilly and rich production back countryside. Bardolino is a light red wine that will delight lovers of fine wines. If you go through Bardolino, you will not be able to taste it. And even if you have the time, you can enjoy the opportunities offered by the vineyards, walks in the vineyards, wine tasting, visits to the cellars and cellars. If you do not enjoy this exhaustive discovery, you can visit the Wine Museum. You will discover the production and aging practices of the wine of the last centuries, replaced by more modern techniques. In addition, the building that houses these taditions is located in the heart of a vineyard, the Zénine vineyard where you can also visit the cellars and vineyards. Located in the hills of the city, on the hills on which the vineyards run, this place enjoys a panoramic view over Lake Garda. You will feel the atmosphere of a winemaking tradition and a love of wine passed down from generation to generation, since the Zeni family is passionately engaged in this production. for several years.

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How to get there ?

Getting to Bardolino

Located in the southeastern part of Lake Garda, Bardolino is very easily accessible by road from north to south, from Austria to Verona. The routes that make the Milan-Venice route also make it easy to stop in Bardolino. By car, if you come from the south or from the west, it is preferable to take the A4 or E70 roads, these are the ones that lead from Venice to Milan. If you come from the north, it is is possible to take the beautiful road that runs along Lake Garda. However, during the summer or summer periods, this rouete is extremely coveted. If you do not have a lot of time and a little patience, it's better to choose another alternative! So, to avoid the crowd, that you come from the north or from the east, it is preferable to take the A22 and the E45, roads that run along the Austrian border to reach the country roads that lead up to Bardolino. By plane, the nearest airport is Verona. But, it can be interesting, especially economically if you come from abroad to take a ticket at the lowcost fare for Venice, Marco Polo Airport or for Milan and then direct you by car or by train to your destination. Finally, it is also possible and not less pleasant to reach Bardolino by train. The nearest train station is in Pescheira, 15 kilometers south of Bardolino and on Lake Garda. Thus, one can reach the city by ferry on Lake Garda. Now, arriving by the lake up to Bardolino offers a lovely route and quite charming views.

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