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The city of Canazei is included to the region Veneto and to the province Provincia di Belluno

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Canazei: Northern Italy's unforgettable skiing, history, and scenery

Canazei is a town in the Trentino province in the South Tyrol Region of Northern Italy. This small town is a base for exploring the Dolomites in the southern Alps and is close to popular ski areas. South Tyrol has an interesting blend of culture due to the fact that it was part of Austria before being officially incorporated into Italy after World War II. Locals in Canazei name Ladin as their first language which is a Romance language but has some major differences from Italian. This reflects Canazei's (and the region's) independent streak. Canazei is in the Val di Fassa region which is known for its spectacular skiing and an interesting local culture with a blend of Austrian and Italian cultures. Combine skiing with sunshine and wonderful Italian cuisine and you will get an idea of the highlights you can experience in Canazei.

Points of interests / things to see

Dòlaondes Water and Fun

If you're looking for some family fun or some relaxation, Canazei's Dòlaondes Water and Fun is the place to go. Featuring a huge external water slide which is fun for kids and adults alike, Dòlaondes also offers five different pools that will suit everyone's taste including a salt water pool. Both kids and adults will enjoy the "fun pool" with jets and a water vortex. For the youngest children up to age 3 there is a kids pool with a mini waterfall and slide. The complex also features a jacuzzi. The spa, featuring a sauna and  a relaxation area, is part of the complex but costs extra. The spa area is also adults only. There is also a gym and a full service cafe. Swimming lessons are offered for children and adults and there are also "aqua fitness" classes. The complex is located at Strèda del Piz, 7 - 38032 Canazei TN. Admission prices  for the Water and Fun Area are € 13 for an adult and € 6,50 for a child for up to 3 hours. There is a supplemental fee for a longer stay. The spa costs € 23 for up to 2.5 hours. Adults can also purchase a combined spa + water and fun area ticket for € 30.

Sass Pordoi

Take an excursion by cable car to Sass Pordoi, one of Val di Fassa's most beautiful panoramic viewpoints, just 12 km from Canazei. The cable car departs from Pordoi Pass and reaches the viewpoint at Sass Pordoi in under five minutes. Visitors have described the Sass Pordoi as unforgettable and magnificient. One can see all the way to the Swiss and Austrian Alps on a clear day. There is also a restaurant at the viewing platform so you enjoy the stunning views over a meal. The cable car return ticket from Pordoi Pass is € 15,00. For the more adventurous Sass Pordoi is also accessible by hiking trails (which will take approximately two hours from Pordoi Pass) or by a combination of hiking and climbing. The interesting landscape of the mountains of the Sella Group make the hikes and climbs quite rewarding as they can seem to be almost like an alien landscape. The climbs can be very dangerous however, especially for inexperienced climbers. Hikes and the cable car would be the safest way to go, but either way, making a stop at Sass Pordoi is a must if you are in Canazei.

Trek of the Legends

For hikers and for fans of traditional stories and legends, the Val di Fassa offers a unique experience called "Trek of the Legends." This set of hikes are a circular route of approximately 200km. There are many myths and legends that are unique to this region and to Ladin culture. One of the unique things about this trek is that it incorporates these legends into the route. These fairy tales have been passed on through the centuries and make this hiking experience unique. Examples include the tale of the dwarf king Laurin and his rose garden, which he destroyed as revenge for being captured so that no one could look upon it. However, it is said that the pale mountains in the Catinaccio grow red at sunset because of the magnificence of the roses. These and many more legends are ones you will learn. There are many different hikes suitable for all levels of experience and adventurousness. The trek is on well-kept paths and the itinerary is available at the Val di Fassa Tourist Information Office which is located at APT  Val di Fassa, Strèda Roma 36, 38032 Canazei. For more information you can visit the website:

Ladin Museum of Fassa (Museo Ladin de Fascia)

The Ladin people are the people of the Dolomites with a rich history and culture dating back to Ancient Rome. Learn about this independent and charming people at the Ladin Museum of Fassa, located at Loc. San Giovanni, 38039 Vigo di Fassa (Tn). The museum contains exhibits on the origin of the Ladin language and the traditional customs and way of life of the Ladin people. Today Ladin is still taught in primary schools alongside Italian. The museum is very participatory and encourages visitors to experience traditional Ladin rituals such as a wedding and the carnival. There are also recreations of Ladin artisan workshops including a cooper's workshop, a cheese monger, and an 18th century mill which are located outside of museum grounds in the surrounding areas and cost extra. In the summer season (June 10 - September 10) and the Christmas season (December 20 - January 6), the museum is open every day except Christmas day and New Years Day, from 10am - 1230pm and from 3pm to 7pm. During other times, the museum's standard hours are Tuesday through Saturday 3pm -7pm. Admission is 5 €  for adults with a reduced price of 3  €  for seniors and students 15-26. Children under 14 are free. You can consult the museum website at

Mountain Refuges

One of the special locations you need to visit in Canazei and Val di Fassa are the Mountain Refuges. Whether in ski season or not, these refuges provide a special atmosphere of hospitality and warmth for visitors, whether you are tired after a long hike or climb or a long day on the ski slopes. Each year in autumn the high-level refuges in Val di Fassa, Catinaccio, Sassolungo, Sella, Monzoni, and Costabella hold a festival called "Refuges of Taste" that give visitors a taste of delicious regional cuisine and a glass of spumante. The traditional meal is usually a steaming homemade soup with flavors such as barley, goulash, and/or a traditional toasted broth. In the winter, many of the huts and refuges are still open and become the center of apres-ski gatherings and happy hours. For some you can even ski in for dinner and then be taken down the mountain by snowmobile afterward. Visiting one of the refuges will definitely give your ski or hiking holiday a unique flavor. You can sit back and relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and beautiful views as the sun sets. One of the refuges even has a spa located at 2,200m! For more information visit:

Sella Ronda Ski Tour

The Sella ronda ski tour gives skiers the option to tour the mountain passes and valleys of the Dolomites with 26km of trails. Over approximately five to six hours the entire tour can be completed. Most of the options are of medium difficulty with some optional runs that are more advanced. There are signposts (green and orange) that allow you to follow the path. Experts caution that you should begin skiing by 10am at the latest in order to ensure completing the trail before sundown. Sella Ronda offers a unique experience in that you never use the same trail twice in order to get back to your destination.


Visit: For the average holiday cyclists, the thought of biking in the mountains may bring anxiety and seem like more hard work than one would want to take on during a vacation. For these people, luckily there is Bike Express Fassa-Fiemme. This bus service makes three different runs to fifteen stops throughout the valleys of Fassa and Fiemme. Riders can customize their route to their tastes. Indeed it is possible to take a path entirely downhill!

Ski touring and mountaineering

For those seeking adventure and a ski experience that is quite literally off the beaten path, there are opportunities to take advantage of “off-piste” routes that are a more untamed way to ski. There is an extremely wide variety of routes for skiers of different skill level and tastes. It is possible to hire an independent mountain guide (information available through the Val di Fassa tourist office, website: who is an expert in the region and can help you choose an itinerary. Val di Fassa is also home to ski touring competitions each year.

Canazei Top Wine Symposium 2950

Each fall the wine producers of Trentino join together for a festival located in a mountain refuge. This festival affords visitors the chance to taste the region’s best wines with the panoramic view of Sass Pordoi as a backdrop. The price for October 2013 was € 30.00 per person which included a round trip cable car ticket. The ticket included a tasting of wine, a tasting of port, and a sampling of snacks, capped off with a plate of risotto. Reservations are not required.

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Getting to Canazei

The closest major international airport to Canazei and the Val di Fassa region is Venice (174km away). There are many flights scheduled in winter and a weekend shuttle during ski season which also goes from Verona airport to Val di Fassa. Airport shuttle transfers can also be arranged by travelers independently during the off-season. By train the closest railway stations are Trento, Balzano, and Ora. There are daily buses from those stations to the Val di Fassa region but service may be infrequent and might require transfers. You can also take a taxi from those train stations to your resort in Val di Fassa. Within Italy there are also coach buses that connect major Italian cities. It is possible to take a bus from Canazei, for example, to Milan, Genoa, Venice, and even Florence. Taxis and shuttles are the most convenient options for travelers, short of renting a car. Avis and Hertz car companies both have offices in Trento and Balzano.

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