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Fukuoka, cultural capital of Japan

At the northern tip of Kyushu Island in Japan is Fukuoka. Very close to China and Séél, this city has become an important cultural, economic and tourist pole. Its historical heritage and wealth have made it a top choice destination. The island of Kyushu also enjoys beautiful scenery and fantastic beaches. The relaxed atmosphere that reigns here will allow you to relax during an unforgettable stay. Small markets, shrines, temples and other parks are waiting for you to dream and discover a place quite different from what you can know. Fukuoka, also called Hakata, has an original identity that makes it different from other Japanese cities. If you've never been there, it might be time to fix this mistake and go off to discover this city of an archipelago full of riches where decadence and pleasure sâ € " ™ always associate.

Points of interests / things to see

A unique atmosphere

When you arrive, you will be very quickly impressed by this warm atmosphere that reigns there and you will appreciate very quickly the fact of moving around the streets of this charming city. You will notice very quickly the cultural dynamism of Fukuoka. You will come across many monuments and museums. The castle of Fukuoka is one of the historic places not to be missed. Also called the castle of Maizuru or Seki, it is now in ruins but is no less magnificent. In spring, you will be able to contemplate the plum blossoms, which are beautiful.

An exceptional historical and cultural heritage

Once you have taken advantage of these fabulous ruins and made a leap into the past, you will be able to visit some of the more modern buildings. For example, you should visit the City Art Museum. This impressive museum offers exhibitions of contemporary art. On the lower floor you will also find a collection of ancient Japanese objects as well as a collection of Buddhas. Traditional kakemonos are also exhibited and deserve the turn. Fukuoka Asian Art Museum offers sumptuous works of art from all over Asia. It is a good way to get acquainted with Asian art and to discover great works. More than 1700 pieces from more than 21 countries of Asia are present and it is a pleasure to discover them as we visit. If you want to know more about the more complex history of Fukuoka, you should visit the Fukuoka City Museum. This one will allow you to know a little more about Fukuoka and to contemplate ancient objects very well preserved, such as the seal of gold. The historical Genko museum is dedicated to the Mongol invasion of the region. Fukuoka therefore concentrates a very large number of museums that always offer exhibitions Integral © ressantes. Art lovers in general or history will find something to quench their thirst for knowledge. It is easy to understand by visiting these different museums why Fukuoka is considered as a city where culture is particularly emphasized. Although many museums focus on the history of Fukuoka and its region, there are also a number of museums rich in art.

Relaxing and sumptuous green spaces

You can also enjoy in Fukuoka many green spaces in the city. The Minami Park, for example, welcomes you and you can enjoy its zoo and botanical garden. The zoo, divided into five parts, exhibits various species. Some are endangered, so there is an opportunity to enjoy it before it's too late. When you see a Raggi paradise, a magnificent bird, you may be more aware of the importance of preserving nature. 130 different species are present in the zoo. Once out, the Botanical Garden is there to pamper you with its 2600 different plants. This botanical garden is a real pleasure for the eyes and will allow you to breathe pure air that will do you the greatest good. The garden Yusentei, located in an old villa of a feudal lord is also worthy of interest. You will discover another traditional Japanese garden in a place full of history. Rakusuien Park also deserves a visit. You can see the carp swimming in the pond in the center and drink a tea in the house there. Things to do to recharge your batteries. Fukuoka also has a large number of magnificent sanctuaries and temples that visitors should discover. The Shinto Kushida Shrine, built in 757, is the oldest in Fukuoka. The current buildings date back to 1587, but the building has not lost any of its splendor. The Yamakasa festival boats are exhibited in this temple throughout the year. The Sumiyoshi Shrine, created in honor of the Divine Guardian Seamen, is simply beautiful. There are 2,000 shrines that bear this name in Japan and all are splendid. That of Fukuoka is the oldest of Kyushu Island, or the oldest of all Japan. Do not miss the opportunity to discover this sanctuary with sumptuous architecture. The country's first Zen Buddhist temple, Shofukuji Temple, was built in Fukuoka by the monk Eisai, who also introduced tea into the country. This temple will impress you with its imposing building. In a wooded area, you will enjoy a pleasant visit that will help you recharge your batteries as much as possible. The largest Buddha statue in Japan is at Tochoji Temple. It is 10 meters high and must absolutely be seen. As you can see, Fukuoka is home to a very large number of temples that all have their own identity. These are quiet places where quiet mingling, green spaces and quality architecture. Visiting the temples is a great way to get to know Japanese culture and understand it better. They are indeed an integral part of the life of the Japanese and they are very attached to their temples and other shrines.

Theme parks

Fukuoka has two amusement parks. Sky Dream is undoubtedly the best known. It contains the third largest wheel in the world and the first largest in Japan. With a diameter of 120 meters, it alone is worth visiting the park and its size will leave you speechless. In addition to a large number of leisure activities on the Sky Dream site, you will also find various shops and boutiques. North of Fukuoka, in the Higashi district, is Uminokamichi's marine theme park. This large complex is home to various activities and you can enjoy an aquarium, gardens, attractions, beaches ... We do not miss a single second in this park as there is things to do. Amusement is the word to describe a visit to Uminokamichi and you will probably have a hard time leaving. Do not hesitate to spend a day there, you will not regret it.

A special cultural imprint

To fully immerse yourself in Japanese culture, the Hakata district is an absolute must. Considered as the cultural center of Fukuoka, this district allows total disintegration. Guests can enjoy Hakata ramen, a local specialty recognized throughout Japan. You may also be tempted by the purchase of a Hakata figurine. These figurines are today world famous. Take the opportunity to experience the warm atmosphere of Hakata. You may also have the opportunity during your stay to participate in one of the many festivals that punctuate the year in Fukuoka. The two best known are Hakata Dontaku and Hakata Gion Yamakasa. The Yamakasa festival is the oldest in the city and lasts two weeks. Each day is devoted to a particular event in addition to the training races. This festival ends with a race that takes place on the last day. Teams compete by carrying huge tanks, with the winners being the first to cross the finish line. Up to 1 million spectators are present each year and this festival is a great opportunity to have fun while participating in a traditional celebration that has lasted for centuries. The Hakata Dontaku also offers a lot of interesting things, and welcomes more than 2 million Japanese every year. You will find scattered scenes all over the city and can attend traditional shows as well as parades of tanks.

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How to get there ?

To go to Fukuoka

To reach the airport of Fukuoka, several choices are available to you. The nearest airport is Nagoya, but you can also fly to Tokyo or Osaka. Everything will depend on where you are. By train, you will have about 6 hours from Tokyo, 3 hours from Shin Osaka. You will have to be able to arrive in Fukuoka without too much trouble, the city being well served. Getting to the city by boat is also possible and can be a good alternative. Boats leave from Kobe, T'ky'o, Naha, Naoetsu, Iki, Tsushima and Goto. If you do not have seasickness, think about it. Once there, you will soon find that transport in Fukuoka is very popular and moving around is not a problem. The airport benefits from a metro station and the bus trains and metros are efficient. Depending on your preferences for transportation, you will therefore prefer one or the other but know that you will have no difficulty in reaching your different destinations. The Japanese transportation system is very well built.

Fukuoka city hall

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Fukuoka City Hall
Japan, 〒810-0001 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Chūō-ku, Tenjin, 1 Chome−8−8番1号
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+81 92-711-4111
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08:45 18:00
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