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The city of Guadalajara is included to the state Jalisco and to the Municipality Guadalajara

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A trip to Guadalajara, that's getting ready

500 kilometers west of Mexico City, in the state of Jalisco, is Guadalajara. This city, near Lake Chapala, at an altitude of 1561 meters, is today a tourist destination of choice thanks to its many riches. Its pleasant climate and colonial heritage have greatly contributed to its popularity. It is easy to see why Guadalajara is often referred to as the "pearl of the west". It is indeed a very dynamic city both culturally and economically. She has many fantastic things to offer. Discovering Guadalajara and its surroundings is pure pleasure. We never tire of walking there and each walk is punctuated by beautiful discoveries. The capital of the state of Jalisco continues to surprise. Each traveler can find his account.

Points of interests / things to see

An impressive cultural heritage

One of the main attractions of Guadalajara rests first in its cultural richness. Indeed, the historic center of the capital, where the city was founded, is home to many treasures of the colonial era. The Gualajara cathedral is a perfect example of what the city can hold of best. The construction of the cathedral was begun in 1560 and finished after 50 long years but it has lost nothing of its splendor. Its architecture mixes Gothic and neo-classical elements for a result more than sumptuous. Within this one, you will be able to contemplate a magnificent painting of Bartolomé Esteban Murillo which will not fail to enchant your look. So do not miss a visit to this grandiose monument that has become a symbol of the city. The Guadalajara courthouse is also a must-see monument in the city. . Its colonial style architecture is sumptuous and you will be delighted by its interior and its courtyard. The courtyard houses stone arches and a fountain that radiates throughout the patio. You will also find a mural that traces the history of the country. The visit of the courthouse is unmissable for anyone wanting to discover the cultural heritage of Guadalajara. In addition, the Guadalajara courthouse is located in the heart of the historic center of the city, so you can not miss it. After this rewarding visit, you can head to the Degollado Theater, another unmissable building located near the courthouse. Inaugurated in 1866, this theater benefits from a neo-classical architecture and will not fail to impress you. The theater of Degollado is renowned for its interior decorated with murals that give its walls vibrant colors. The outside is characterized by mosaics equally stupefying. If you can, do not hesitate to attend a show in this theater. You will enjoy a quality performance in an ideal context. Once out of the theater, you still have many historical sites to visit and enjoy. Guadalajara has a number of places that every traveler must visit to know what the city has to offer. Guadalajara Square is located right in front of the cathedral and hosts a fountain of impressive size. Under the fountain, you will find a shopping center that will allow you to make purchases of any kind. You will be able to bring back some memories of your stay. The place of liberation is worth, too, greatly the turn with its two large fountains and its imposing statue of Miguel Hidalgo. It also houses the Degollado Theater. You will most certainly take pleasure in discovering all these places and historical sites since they are an integral part of Guadalajara and make it as rich and interesting.

A true leap into the past

Guadalajara is home to several historic districts in which you will feel a great pleasure to walk around. The district of San Juan de Dios has a very warm atmosphere and is famous for its market where you can find quality products for a relatively modest price. The Analaco district is also very pleasant and was once an indigenous district. You will enjoy a warm atmosphere under the sun of Guadalajara. Throughout your stay, you will spend a lot of time enjoying these moments walking and discovering the various interesting corners of the city. Each district benefits from its own identity and wealth and you will be constantly enchanted by the cultural heritage and dynamism of Guadalajara. Squares, monuments and other must-see buildings will delight your eyes. In addition to a very culturally rich center, the periphery is also home to interesting sites and monuments. To the west, for example, you will find the expiatorio temple which is a Gothic cathedral whose construction began in the late nineteenth century. The municipalities surrounding Gudalajara are numerous and provide a wealth of discoveries of all kinds.

Rich surroundings

Do not hesitate to go to Zapopan and discover its magnificent basilica and the Arcos! This place is sumptuous and houses a large number of bars and restaurants in which you will find something to eat. Also discover Tlaquepaque, located 20 minutes from the center of Guadalajara. This place is a small village known for its small craft shops, where you will find quality objects that will serve as beautiful souvenirs of your trip. Tlaquepaque is also home to some very beautiful colonial houses. The atmosphere in this city is very nice and its people always smile. Do not go next to Tonala, known for its crafts. It was also in Tonala that Guadalajara was founded the second time. His unique ceramics greatly contributed to his international popularity. Tonala is also home to a huge market where you can shop interesting and bring back quality items. You will understand, the surroundings of Guadalajara are full of beautiful places to discover. And once you've gone around, there are still many activities you can do. Athletes can enjoy the many tennis courts that surrounds the city and its surroundings but also do some golf. In the plaza de toros, you will also be able to attend bullfights with a phenomenal atmosphere. At the omnilife stadium in Zapopan, you may have the opportunity to see a football match where you will discover a very lively atmosphere that will allow you to have a great time. Moreover, this stage is sumptuous and will undoubtedly impress you by its gigantic size.

Many events

If you are in Guadalajara at the right time, you may be able to visit the International Book Fair. It takes place every November and will allow all lovers of writing to have fun. If you are passionate about reading, it would be a shame to pass by this fair that is internationally known. The international film festival is also of high quality and will allow you to see interesting films in an ideal context. Guadalajara is also known for its great nightlife. lively © e. The party can enjoy an atmosphere of madness and have fun all night long. You will be able to taste tequilas with exceptional flavor in bars where the atmosphere is lively and warm. Whether you enjoy your drink in peace or have fun in more frequented places, Guadalajara has no doubt what you need. Many discotheques are present everywhere and will make you dance on the dancefloor until the early morning. Do not wait any longer and enjoy even a night of the festivities in Guadalajara. As you can see, Guadalajara is a destination rich in sensations. Thanks to its cultural and historical richness, it has become a Mexican city where life is good. Architecture enthusiasts will be extremely satisfied with the fabulous monuments available to them, while those who like to stroll through the alleys will be able to enjoy its warm atmosphere. So do not hesitate and leave for this dream destination!

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The closest airport to Guadalajara is Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport. It is served by a very large number of international airlines. From there, you can take a taxi that will take you directly to your destination. Once arrived, you can move to the city using buses, taxis or metro. The bus network is the most developed and will allow you to go wherever you want it quickly enough. Taxis can also be useful but are a little more expensive. The metro network is weakly developed but will allow you to reach the most famous places in record time. According to your preferences and your desires, you will therefore privilege one of these means of transport.

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