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Mexico, the effervescent city

The city of Mexico City, capital of Mexico, is remarkable for its immensity. It is a giant city rich in history and culture planted in the valley of Mexico at over 2000 meters above sea level. Mexico City is full of surprises of all kinds. Each neighborhood has its own identity and hidden mysteries. From one street to another, you will discover a new city in the city. The various facets of Mexico City are the charm of mariachi country. For all those who love art, you will not be disappointed to discover hundreds of exhibition venues that unveil a rich and abundant artistic culture. In Mexico, we like to celebrate, to celebrate life through the art of living and to be oneself without complex. Discover this nation, which was long bruised, and its excitement that makes a whole country live.

Points of interests / things to see

Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world

Mexico City, also known as Mexico City's Distrito Federal, is the capital of Mexico and one of the largest cities in the world. Mexico City is located in the center of the country in the valley of the same name. The peculiarity of the city lies in the fact that the Mexico City Valley is a flat endorse stretch over more than 1,000 kilometers, at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters. Mexico City is therefore a city perched in the air, flat and surrounded by three mountain ranges. In fact, to the north is the Sierra de Guadalupe, to the south the Sierra de Ajusco-Chichinauhtzin and to the west the Sierra de las Cruces. These mountains line the city, but they are not the only ones. Some volcanoes spice up the landscape of Mexico City, such as Iztaccihualt or Popocatepelt, both of which are part of the Sierra Nevada from the Neo-Volcanic Cordillera. These volcanoes are asleep and are covered with eternal snow and glaciers, their altitude well over 5,000 meters. The city of Mexico enjoys an exceptional setting and a huge platitude that has allowed it to develop in a dazzling way. If you decide to visit the capital of Mexico, book several days because the activities are varied. The city of Mexico is thus divided to order its immensity. The Mexicans thus distinguish three zones in the capital: the metropolitan zone which counts sixteen districts and forty municipalities, the metropolitan area of ​​the Valley of Mexico which gathers fifty-eight municipalities and the megalopolis from the center of Mexico City with more than two hundred and forty municipalities. The climate of Mexico City is rather good compared to its geographical position. Indeed, thanks to its elevated altitude, the temperatures are pleasant, so you will have mild and dry winters, hot springs and rainy summers.

The center of Mexico City and its attractions

In order to have a global view of Mexico City, it is preferable to take a tour of the city by district to precisely delineate the interesting points of the capital city. The Centro Historico de Ciudad de Mexico, in other words the historic center of Mexico City, has some tourist attractions to visit. Let's start with the Constitution Square, also known as Zocà lo, which is the largest place in the world. That's where all the Mexican political and historical claims took place. In this square you will also find the Metropolitan Cathedral of Mexico, which is the largest cathedral in America and the Palacio Nacional, the seat of state power. from Mexico. The Parque de la Alameda is a huge park, the lung of the city, the ideal place to breathe a little during your visit. Not far away, you will see the Palacio de Bellas, the first opera of Mexico, which imposes itself by its architectural style from art nouveau and Piazza Garibaldi where you can enjoy the concert of several mariachi . In the Roma district, you can admire the remains of colonial houses and many parks and gardens, do not hesitate to go for a walk. The most important avenue Belle de Mexico is the Paseo de la Refoma, which stands out for its length of more than twelve kilometers. Throughout this avenue you will find various monuments dedicated to the Mexican people such as Ninos Heroes, various statues including that of Christopher Columbus, El Angel de la Independencia or the monument of the revolution. In the upscale neighborhood of Condesa, you will find a plethora of restaurants, bars and cafes to spice up your evenings. While in the district of Zona Rosa, you will find many cultural and artistic attractions and shops to do your shopping.

Mexico through its cardinal points

After visiting the center of Mexico City, let's get on with the cardinal points. In northern Mexico City, you can visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe which is the largest place of worship in Mexico. If you are there in December, come celebrate the anniversary of the Blessed Virgin of Guadalupe! The colony of Santa Maria la Ribera contains several architectural examples from old Mexico. For those who would like to go shopping, go to the Lindavista or Punta Norte colony where you will find great shopping centers of all kinds. In the south of Mexico City, the district of Covoacà n concentrates a large number of museums of the city and the houses of great artists such as Frida Kahlo. The Col del Valle district is one of the most prestigious in the city thanks to its contrast between colonial-style residences and modern buildings. It offers an interesting panorama of Mexico. You will find luxury boutiques, large parks, a chocolate workshop and gourmet restaurants at W.T.C Mexico. UNAM, the University of Mexico offers temporary exhibitions as well as a concert hall, the Nezahualcoyotl. The district of Xochimilco, a World Heritage Site. UNESCO, is interesting because it offers its visitors to discover floating gardens that we cross aboard a trajinera, sort of boat. Know that in Xochimilco, every day, a feast is celebrated, the celebration of corn, flowers and many others. This area is the object of attractions of many tourists, do not hesitate to take a tour to buy flowers. In the west of Mexico City, you will find the Tacuba district and the Noche Triste tree. In Polenco you can visit the museum Soumaya where you will have the chance to observe the biggest collection of sculptures of Auguste Rodin.

A city of art and culture

Let's talk about museums now! For all those who love art, you will not be disappointed in Mexico City. Let's start with the museum of Frida Kahlo's house, "la casa azul", one of the most atypical personalities in Mexico City. You will be able to discover her work environment, where she was able to develop her creative genius next to her husband artist Diego Riviera. The National Museum of Anthropology will allow you to admire a large collection that showcases pre-Hispanic cultures, those of the Mayas to learn their way of life. If you want to deepen your knowledge of Aztec culture, run to the Temple Mayor museum that tells the story of this great civilization through the archeological digs of the Temple Mayor, destroyed by the Spanish settlers. The Palacio de Bella Artes, on the other hand, proposes to discover the museum of architecture, contemporary art and that of the Beaux-Arts, all in a building of singular architecture. which is worth the turn. And finally the museum of Franz Mayer, as its name indicates, puts on display the collection of art of Franz Meyer which gathers multiple objects decorated art but also objects of art resulting from the Pre-Hispanic period. You will understand through this tour of the city that Mexico also offers multiple green spaces to take a step back on the city and its disasters. Chapultepec Park has a huge wooded area around Grasshopper Hill. It is here that the Aztecs took a stand to found Tenochtitlan. You can admire ruins dating back to that time, but also the Castle of Chapultepec and the residence of the president, Los Pinos. It is the largest park in Latin America. You can also enjoy its artificial lakes and relaxing surroundings.

A rich and tasty gastronomy

To finish our tour of the city, we could not miss the rich Mexican gastronomy and its specialties that you are highly recommended to taste. Treat yourself to the mole poblano made of turkey meat coated with a sauce of chilli, spices, nuts and chocolate, but also chiles in nogada, which are green peppers stuffed with meat. with pomegranate pears. Also try the traditional tortillas, quesadillas, totopos, enchilladas and tacos to taste with the famous guacamole based on avocado. Know that Mexicans have a diet different from ours. Indeed, they often take two breakfasts, desayunos, a lunch, a comida, an aperitif or snack, antojitos and a light dinner, the cena. The prices at the restaurant are very affordable. Do not forget to leave a tip, about 15% of the bill. At noon, do not hesitate to discover the fondas, in a family setting! If you want to eat tacos and have a drink, go to taquerias. Also enjoy atypical drinks such as tequila, coffee liqueur, kahlùa, beers from the country, but also cocktails such as margarita or bacanora.

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How to get there ?

To go to Mexico

To get to Mexico City from Paris, the easiest way is to fly. Departing from Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle Airport, you will reach Benito Juarez International Airport with one or two stops on average in twenty hours. Mexico City Airport is the most borrowed of all South America. If you come from elsewhere than France, know that this airport serves, the United States, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia. Wherever you come from, you can without a shadow of a doubt reach the capital of Mexico. Arriving at the airport, simply take public transport to reach the city, including line 5 of the metro then change to the stop Pantilan to take the connection of line 1 to reach the center -city. You can also rent a car and drive south on Fray Servando Avenue to central Mexico City. And finally the most used solution is to take a taxi. The taxis specially assigned to the airport are yellow and white with the cycle of a plane on it. Remember to lock your doors once installed in your taxi or rental vehicle.

Mexico city city hall

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Gobierno Del Distrito Federal
Plaza de la Constitución 2, Cuauhtémoc, Centro, 06068 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico
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+52 55 5345 8118
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