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Presentation of the destination

Petrovac na Moru, the little paradise

At the heart of Montenegro, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, nestles the small city of Petrovac na Moru. This small village is a real paradise thanks to its sandy beaches, turquoise water and splendid coves: a real postcard! Guests can enjoy many water activities, such as diving or jet skiing, for the most memorable days. Petrovac also promises wonderful walks in the Black Mountains and pine forests. do not hesitate to visit the neighboring islands of Katic and Sveta nedjelja located a little further south. To continue your visits, to push to the cities of Kotor, typical village of the Balkans or Budvar, a tourist city favorable to the party and to the endless nights. Lovers of hikes, idleness, festivals or heritages, Petrovac can boast of being able to seduce all its visitors!

Points of interests / things to see

The Adriatic coast has the wind in its sails

It is only recently that new trendy tourist destinations have arisen and are preparing to demolish the traditional Riviera and other Spanish shores as places of towns for Europeans in search of sunshine. . Indeed you have certainly heard the praises of a member of your entourage income delighted with his holidays in Croatia or more widely on the Adriatic coast. These destinations have nothing to envy to traditional balneal cities. The Montenegro offers today as a dream destination for a successful holiday at a reasonable price! Montenegro is an equally charming alternative to Croatia, which, victim of its good publicity lately, is becoming a more expensive destination every year. Going to Montenegro, it is the promise to discover sumptuous landscapes, a particular atmosphere of the Balkan countries while engaging in many activities at prices still accessible. The main asset of the Adriatic coast lies in its Mediterranean climate which results in mild and wet winters and very hot summers. July and August are very hot months, where the temperature often approaches 35 ° C. The late season or spring are often more peaceful periods, far from the high season, at which time Petrovac is extremely popular. The Montenegro, it's is the promise of a splendid coastline where you can visit many typical fishing villages and paradise islands. But not only: the country is also known for its impressive reliefs and national parks like the park of Mount LovÄ ‡ in, 1h20 drive from Petrovac.

Petrovac, great for families

Numerous are the coastal towns that border the Adriatic coast. Petrovac is definitely the place to choose if you are planning a family vacation. Indeed the real tourist center of the region is located in Budva, 20 kilometers from Petrovac. Budva is a bigger city known for its very active nightlife. It therefore more young adults come to enjoy the beach and the many clubs. Bar is a place to visit, however it does not have beaches as pleasing as Petrovac. In Petrovac, there is a more peaceful and intimate atmosphere waiting for you, where many activities are available to you and to your children. In Petrovac, the activity Queen is swimming in calm water at 26Â ° C the summer. You can indulge in more sporting activities such as jet skiing, water skiing or the "banana boat" that will delight your teenagers. Even if the city has no official diving club, however, you can go by boat and indulge in this activity with a professional who will certainly lead you to anchor on the islands of Katic and Sveta nedjelja whose seabed are awesome in beauty.

A breathtaking heritage

History buffs will have something to do in the Petrovac area. Only 1 hour drive from the resort, you will discover the city of Cetinje and its cultural heritage, which makes it the historic capital of Montenegro. Today this city hosts the main residence of the president of the country's republic. The pride of this city is also to house very old libraries, the oldest being that of the monastery of Cetinje, founded at the end of the fifteenth century at the same time as the rest of the city. Cetinje also has many museums. Another key step is the Kotor region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kotor is the perfect city to enjoy the tradition and heritage of the Balkans. The site also offers a sumptuous panorama of the bay. The old town was built between the 12th and 14th centuries and has marvels of medieval architecture. The must-see sights are the city walls and the fortress of Saint Ivan. Another stage of your strand 20 kilometers south of Petrovac, the old town of Bar, a real treasure for history lovers. To reach Stari Bar (Old Bar), you will have to travel 4 kilometers from the current city. This rather large site had been abandoned in the late nineteenth century following the victory of the Montenegrins over the Turks. Although severely damaged by the 1979 earthquake, the site is home to architectural treasures from Byzantine, Venetian and Ottoman times. In Petrovac, you can discover the old castle of Lastva, built in the late eighteenth century, which gives the city this atmosphere so special and much more authentic than others quoted bathed baths.

1000 excursions to do

For hikers or adventurers, Petrovac is for you! In the immediate vicinity of the city, the options are numerous. Go on the assault of the Black Mountain, but do not forget to team up. Some trails are very steep and not necessarily maintained. Know your limits before leaving because it climbs quickly and to steep but breathtaking summits. National parks accessible by car are also beautiful places and offer an alternative to the beaches crowded in summer. For those less sporty, no worries: the excursions are varied and you can go explore the creeks by boat or discover the nearby cities by bus. In both In this case, departures are daily: you can embark to go to beaches or coves within 10 km from Petrovac otherwise inaccessible and spend a quiet day with often the opportunity to eat on site. The routes are fast and not very expensive, and allow you to move away from the beaches of the village stormed by other tourists.

The unavoidable

Some events are unavoidable and if you are lucky enough to find yourself in the region at the right time, do not miss them! Carnival attracts more than 30,000 people each year to Kotor. Largest carnival of Montenegro, it comes from the Venetian Renaissance. It is organized in the early days of February before being repeated early August for the delight of tourists. The events are diverse and varied: you can discover folk dances and colorful processions, cheerleading parades and many opportunities to discover local traditions. Finally, do not miss the great masquerade that pays tribute to the most beautiful masks of the year and the largest regatta of Montenegro which celebrates its sailors at this time. Do not leave Petrovac without having visited the seaside and you are in the restaurants that will offer local meat or seafood specialties. Also enjoy local wines, Vranac and Krstac. The Montenegro is also renowned for its production of varietals of wines from around the world. You will also have the opportunity to visit Å vineyards or wine cellars. ipÄ anik, from Ä † emovsko polje and LjeÅ¡kopolj. Above all, do not miss out on the Montenegrin Cognac or one of the innumerable and powerful fruit brandies. As a visitor, you will certainly be entitled to a glass of grape rakije, offered as a sign of welcome. Finally the mythical mead is the last of the curiosities to taste during your stay in Petrovac. Finally, fans of the James Bond saga will make a trip through the Petrovac casino that was used as a treat for the Casino Royale opus.

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How to get there ?

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The easiest way to reach Petrovac is definitely to fly from Paris. The airport of Tivat, near the city of Kotor, is only 2h30 flight from the capital. To reach Petrovac which is 45 minutes from the airport, two options are available: taxi or car rental. In both cases, prices are cheap, so everything depends on your program once there! Be aware that the bus network is a practical and economical solution. You will also be able to take the boat to reach the surrounding islands and coves. But the best option will certainly be to walk in order to enjoy the climb up. To accommodate you in Petrovac, several solutions are available to you. The traditional room at the inhabitant is the best option to discover the typical living environment of the Montenegrins and remains a cheap solution! For more safety, contact your landlords before leaving. The hotel can also prove to be an economical solution, especially if you plan to leave outside the high-season tourist. On the other hand, do not plan to stay at the campsite as there are none near Petrovac.

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