City of Jastrzębia (Lower Silesian Voivodeship)

The city of Jastrzębia is included to the province Lower Silesian Voivodeship and to the neighborhood Góra County

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Beauty Galore

This delightfully small town on the Baltic coast is considered to be a part of nearby Wladyslawowo. It is located on the coast of the area known as Pomerania. It features beautifully white sandy beaches and many have called it the most beautiful portion of the Polish coast. The very closeby Rozewie is often thought of as part of the larger Jastrzebia-gora. The town features cliffs immediately next to the ocean. To the east you’ll see Jastrzebia Mountain which is located in the Lisi Jar ravine. The main road in the city is No. 215. Popular among foreign and local tourists, Jastrzebia has everything that you need to have a truly delightful vacation.

Points of interests / things to see

Lighthouse in Rozewie

This iconic lighthouse is administered by the Marine Board in Gdynia. It is open to the public. There are two different lighthouses standing on this fifty four meter high cliff. The most famous of these is the older one. It was built in 1822. The first light source was a rapeseed oil lamp, but it was swapped out by the Fresnel oil system. The newer one was created to better signal passing ships. The lighthouse is about thirty three meters tall which leaves it standing a total of eighty seven meters above the ocean. The light flashes approximately every three seconds. You can see this light on a clear day at about twenty three nautical miles out. One nautical mile is equivalent to one thousand eight hundred and fifty two meters. The lighthouse gets its fame from the famous story written by Stefan Zeromsku. It is said that this author wrote his famous novel “Wiatr od morza” in this lighthouse. As history would have it, Zeromski did visit this lighthouse while composing that work, the piece itself was really written in Warsaw. However, this legend has stuck in the hearts and minds of many. As a result the lighthouse is frequented by many visitors.

Dom Whisky

This Scottish Pub is popular among visitors to Jastrzebia-gora. The pub is full of iconic decoration and staffed by incredibly friendly costumed employees. The decor of Dom Whisky consists of Scottish style wood and leather. One of the most endearing aspects of this pub is the traditional Scottish outfits which the staff wear. It adds that extra level of enjoyment to this delightful local pub. You can get a wide range of different drinks here. The staff are all quite knowledgeful of their Whiskies and more. For your designated driver, or younger party members, there are a particularly diverse set of non-alcoholic drinks to enjoy here as well. At different times throughout the year, famous singers and instrumentalists perform at Dom Whisky. You’ll hear everything from regional Scottish Music to modern Rock and Roll. One of the nice things about these performances is the acoustic set up. The music here will make you feel energetic but will not bust your eardrums. Dom Whisky is set up to allow you to enjoy the music without being overwhelmed by it. During the evening you can grab a delicious traditional scottish meal, or something a bit more local if you would prefer. Learn more here:

Jastrzebia Gora Beach

Since this area has a reputation as the most beautiful part of the Polish Coast, it is no wonder that it has a truly memorable beach experience. It is truly one of the most fashionable seaside resorts in Europe. The beach here has wonderfully soft white sand perfect for all your favorite beachside activities. Sandy areas here are quite wide and perfect for extensive fun and games. The impressively high cliffs and delightful gorge highlight the natural beauty of the area. Interestingly, it is here that the most northern point in all of Poland is located. You will see a mix of visitor accommodations, elegant villas, and more along the seaside here. Many of these are quite beautiful on their own and add significantly to the charming atmosphere of the area. During the summertime, there is always something interesting to see in the area. There are numerous dramatic and music street performances and concerts to visit. Many bars and nightclubs also feature local artists for those who want to sip and enjoy themselves. Overall, the beach at Jastrzebia-gora is a must see for those who are in the area. Grab a towel and your swimsuit and enjoy the beauty of the Polish Coast.

Lookout Tower

This lookout tower is a total of forty four meters high. It was designed to match the shape of an hour glass. The engineering that was used in this construction is impressive. There are a total of two hundred and twelve steps leading to the lookout terrace at the top. For those who would rather not hike that many steps, there is an elevator to ease the journey. Next to the tower there is also a botanical garden and recreational park to visit. At the very foot of the tower you will find an eighteen hole mini golf course for the whole family to enjoy. For the younger members of your party, there is also a pirate ship playground to explore. In with the mix there are also two life sized model dinosaurs and a large chessboard to play with. The entire complex is known as Kaszubski Oko. It is located on top of a hill and includes an enjoyable restaurant. SInce the park is located a one hundred and fifty meter high hill, you will get a gorgeous vies of the beaches and wooded areas surrounding the delightful Zarnowieckie Lake. You can see people enjoying water sports on this lake since it is one of the few places in the region where such activities are permitted. With so much to see and do at the Lookout Tower, a visit here is sure to entertain the whole family.

Park Dinozaurow

This enchanting park gives visitors the power to travel back in time. It is the only place in Poland where you can experience twenty hectares of life sized replica dinosaurs. This educational adventure is great for animal lovers, kids, and those who appreciate natural history as well. There are a number of different activities to keep everyone entertained. You’ll be able to explore the park through a series of walking paths. Some of these include footbridges over bodies of water, marshes which require a can for maintaining balance, and walking through some dense forest. Many of the dinosaurs here are forty five meters in length. It is truly an adventure to go exploring and stumble upon one dinosaur to the next. At Rainbow Queue you will find a delightful play place for the younger children in your party. You will also find a dino train which takes you to the largest dinosaurs in the park. You’ll also have the opportunity to become a paleontologist for the day. Take your try at excavating a dinosaur skeleton just like real scientists do. Among the numerous extinct animals throughout the park, you can also encounter a number of living animals. These include kangaroo, deer, donkeys, sheep, rabbits, and horses. You can even feed some of these animals. Learn more here:

- Gdansk

Gdansk is within easy driving distance of Jastrzebia. The Old Town in Gdansk is truly charming. You can stroll along the riverbanks and enjoy the numerous monuments and churches in the area. There are also a wide array of bars, restaurants, and shopping opportunities to choose from. A trip here will give you an appreciation of Polish architecture and culture. This clean area is incredibly romantic and easy to navigate for visitors of all language backgrounds. With everything from culture to romance to shopping, Old Town has the perfect mix of attractions for the whole group.

- Gdansk

One of the interesting facts of Gdansk is that it was virtually demolished in World War II. Dluga Street was one of the most devastated areas. You can get a sense of this destruction by looking at the images on display in front of Town Hall. The before and after pictures are breathtaking. Today it has been completely rebuilt to maintain its original look. This street has a delightfully relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. It is a must see for anyone visiting this interesting area. There are a number of cafes which you can stop and appreciate the reality of this fascinating place.

European Solidarity Center Roads to Freedom Exhibition

This monument is something you truly must experience. It will inform you extensively of the important history of this area. In particular it is focused on the Polish movement for Independence. It is incredibly reasonably priced. You can choose to take the audio-guide for an even more informative experience. Visitors get to experience a number of very moving films and interactive exhibits which you will have a hard time leaving. There are a number of different language materials available to help you understand the content of this museum no matter what your native language might be. You will probably need at least two hours to explore the whole museum.

Stutthof Concentration Camp

This Concentration Camp is not as well known as some, but it is well worth a visit. The camp itself is quite large and well preserved. Although it has been out of operation for quite some time, there is a tangible atmosphere here that is unique. It was the very first concentration camp outside of Germany. It was the home to many of the Nazi experiments. There is a small entrance fee during peak tourist season, but the rest of the year it is free to visit. You can grab a free printed guide at the entry which will allow you to better follow the history of the compound.

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Lower Silesian Voivodeship
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Góra County
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How to get there ?

Air or Train

The easiest way to get to Jastrzebia-gora is to travel to Gdansk first. Then you can take a taxi or bus to Jastrzebia itself. The airport in Gdansk is known as Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport or GDN. It is just twelve kilometers from the center of Gdansk. This airport services a number of different international flights. Some of the commercial carries with service to Gdansk are Air Berlin, Lufthansa, Ryanair, and Eurolot. You can grab transport to the city center, or grab something to take you directly to Jastrzebia-gora upon your arrival. To get to the Gdansk city center, you can take Bus 210 which also stops at the train station. Another option is to grab the Airport Bus Shuttle. You purchase tickets for this shuttle on the shuttle itself. You can also take a taxi, although you probably do not want to utilize the unofficial taxis since they are known to take advantage of visitors. Another way to get to Gdansk is via train. The main train station in the city is known as Gdansk Glowny. The station itself is historic and quite beautiful. Its important to note that this option may be somewhat challenging to those who do not speak Polish as other language material is difficult to find. PKP is one company which offers long distance trains that stop at Gdansk Glowny. SKM offers more local service.

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