City of Eforie Nord (Județul Constanța)

The city of Eforie Nord is included to the region Județul Constanța and to the county Orașul Eforie

Presentation of the destination

City of Relaxation and Enjoyment

Located in Romania, Eforie was originally established in 1899. Upon noticing the absolute beauty of the location, the aristocrat Ion Movilă established the first hotel named Băile Movilă. Located in Constanţa County, Romania, this charming little town is only about fourteen kilometers south of the larger city of Constanta. The total area of Eforie 3.56 square miles. Tourists from around the world come to this city to enjoy real Romanian hospitality and to enjoy the black sea.

Points of interests / things to see

Black Sea Beach Side

One of the main reasons people come to Eforie Nord is the beach. Beautiful white sand and a lively atmosphere make a day on the beach in Eforie Nord worth the excursion. On summer days when the beach is full, you will find music spreading around the area as kids, families, and young adults enjoying their time. There are numerous restaurants close by the beach, so when lunch time comes, you will not need to go far. The water is often deeply blue and wonderfully warm. Some areas of the water are particularly shallow which is great for families with little ones. Due to the close proximity to the big city of Constanta, many locals come to Eforie for the beach atmosphere. You'll find traditional Romanian food and hospitality throughout the area. This is a great opportunity to mingle with both the locals and many of the travelers from around the world. You can broaden your understanding of Romania and more with a beach visit.

Spa Sanatorium

Imagine emerging yourself in a special mud bath which both rejuvenates and invigorates your body in a way that can only be found in Romania. At Spa Sanatorium, you can have just that experience. This spa offers numerous different treatments for everything from chronic diseases to stress. You can relax in a mud or herbal bath. Take a spin in the underwater shower, or enjoy a dose of hydrotherapy. If you want to relax in Eforie, this spa has everything you need. If you are looking for some Romanian treat to rheumatic disease, chronic gynaecological disorders, trauma based disorders, or chronic peripheral neurological disorders, the medical staff at the Spa Sanatorium can recommend a variety of treatments.

Lake Techirghiol

The waters of this lake are five times saltier than the sea. Within comfortable walking distance from Eforie Nord, this lake is worth the visit. If you choose to go for a swim, avoid swallowing the water as you’ll get a salty surprise. The name of this lake translates to “Striped lake.” This refers to the stripes along the water you’ll see when the wind blows. This phenomenon is a direct result of the salinity of the lake. A story surrounds this lake. It is said a disabled and blind man was riding his donkey when they stumbled upon the lake. The donkey took the man directly into the lake’s mud. Despite the old man’s attempt to get the donkey to take him out, the donkey mysteriously refused to move. The man was displeased until he realizes upon getting out that he could see and move properly again. Spend some time to play in the mud and see if you notice and changes in you.

Hotel Europa

One of the many world class resorts in Eforie Nord, this hotel has a lot to offer. Take a dive in the seawater swimming pool, or visit the beauty salon offering products utilizing the special mud in the region combined with anti-aging agents. You’ll find ancient relaxation rituals combined with state of the art technology coming together to create an amazing experience for all. If you are looking for more adventure, this hotel offers various cruises and water sports. You can opt for kayaking, black sea cruising, scuba diving and more. Enjoy wonderful sea views and world-class accommodations and dining while visiting this hotel. To learn more check out this website:

Sensation NightClub

This lively nightclub is a great place to grab a drink and relax after your day of exploring the beach. Particularly popular with young adults who visit Elorie Nord, this club is always open and always full of opportunities for fun. Conveniently located in the center of Elorie Nord, this club is easy to access and frequented by those who stay in the nearby resorts. The club frequently hosts local musicians and artists to perform for their customers. With a distinctly modern feeling, you’ll have the opportunity to connect to both locals and the young tourists that travel from around the world to taste the nightlife of Elorie Nord.

Romanian Navy Museum

If spending so much quality time with the Black Sea has you interested in the Navy, this museum is worth a visit. Located in Constanta, you will walk through Romanian Naval history and experience every interesting development. Items of interest include a dug-out canoe, and a celestial globe produced in the 17th century. This museum is open air with different artifacts you can explore.


This is another popular beach resort near Constanta. It is a popular weekend getaway for the citizens of Constanta. You can stop by Mamaia’s casino or visit Lake Siutghiol. Stop by the Aqua Magic Park to experience Romanian water fun. On the way to Mamaia, you can get in more fun at Satul de Vacanta an amusement park with rides, bowling, and an open-air market.

National History & Archeology Museum

Located in Constanta (Piata Ovidiu 12) a visit to this museum will give you some insight to this area and its past. You’ll discover statues of two of the cities protector’s within this museum:  "Glykon - The Fantastic Snake," and "Goddess Fortuna and Pontos," god of the Black Sea. Come anytime Mon. - Sun. 9:00am - 8:00pm and expand your understanding.

The Casino

Located in Cazinoul at Blvd. Carpati 2 The Casino was completed between the two World Wars. Built in classic nouveau style it has hosted plenty of royalty in its day. WIth a wonderful sea view and built in pedestrian area, it makes for a beautiful location to visit during sunset. You’ll see many couples and families enjoy the view at that time of day.

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UTC +3:00 (Europe/Bucharest)
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Winter time UTC +4:00


Country :
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Eforie Nord
Administrative area 1 :
Județul Constanța
Administrative area 2 :
Orașul Eforie
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Surrounding towns

  • Eforie Nord ~1 m
  • Techirghiol ~4.0 km
  • Costinești ~18.5 km
  • Agigea ~4.3 km
  • Eforie Sud ~5.0 km
  • Cumpăna ~13.9 km
  • Valu lui Traian ~22.6 km
  • Topraisar ~16.8 km
  • Tuzla ~7.5 km
  • Schitu ~16.6 km

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How to get there ?

The Many Ways to Reach Eforie Nord

The most common way to get to Eforie Nord is from Constanta. Many visitors elect to first fly into Romania by way of Bucharest. Its possible to take an airplane, a train, or a taxi to reach Constanta from Bucharest. By airplane it takes approximately thirty five minutes. Train takes considerably longer at 4 hours and thirty minutes; however, if you continue to travel by train, many train lines go directly to Eforie Nord. Check the particular route you are considering to see if you might be able to travel directly from Bucharest to Eforie Nord by train. To reach Constanta by car or bus takes around three hours and thirty minutes. The airport in Constanta is called Constanta Mihail Kogalniceanu International Airport (CND). It is about 15 miles south of the city itself. Many visitors who wish to travel to Eforie Nord grab a taxi at the airport and get driven directly to their hotel in Eforie Nord. A few airline companies with service to Constanta are: Blue Air - and Ryan Air - Those who choose to travel by train will want to arrive to Constanta Train Station (Gara Constanta)with a street address of: Blvd. Ferdinand 45. You will find trains run daily to and from Bucharest, Lasi, and Suceava at this station. If you need to travel directly between Bucharest and Constanta, you can grab the INTERCITY Express train. This is the fastest train option between the two cities because the train stops much less often than the other trains. If you choose to visit Eforie Nord in the summertime, you will find trains running every half-hour which stop at all of the Black Sea resorts, including Eforie Nord. Here is a website that will give you the most up to date train information:  www.cfrcalatori.roIf you need a ticket for same day travel, you will need to go to the train station directly to make the purchase. However, if you want to purchase a ticket in advance, you will need to visit the SNCFR's advance booking office (Agentia de Voiaj SNCFR Constanta) located at Str. Vasile Carnache 4, Constanta. Here you will be able to make those reservations up to twenty four hours in advance.

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