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The city of Moscow is included to the district Moscow and to the region Moskva

Presentation of the destination

A city with a lot of history and tradition

With its 11.5 million inhabitants "intra muros", Moscow is the most important city in Europe and the capital of the Russian Federation. Beside the river Moskova, on the European side of Russia, Moscow offers visitors the chance to discover its architectural and historical riches on foot or by boat to have another perspective. Known for its rich architectural heritage, the visitor is surprised and dazzled by the famous Red Square with St. Basil's Cathedral, the Kremlin with its palace and churches, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Danilov monastery, the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church. Moscow is also reputed for its great theaters and auditoriums for musical performances such as the House of Music, the Bolshoi Theater. Art is omnipresent in the alleys, in the numerous parks and gardens of the city. Moscow delights its visitors with its originality and diversity.

Points of interests / things to see

The Moscow Kremlin

The Kremlin is the most famous historical-architectural center of the city. It is a group of religious and civil buildings located in front of the Moscova River, with the Red Square to the east, the Jardin de Alejandro in the west and delimited by the Kremlin wall. In the year 1156 Prince Yuri Dolgoruki ordered the construction of a wooden fortress that later became the seat of the prince of Moscow, thus were the beginnings of the Kremlin. Since then, this strength has been core, center and heart of the city. Throughout history many things have happened in this place, the first Kremlin burned with the invasion of the Tartars but has always continued to build and strengthen what was up to today's date where the Kremlin found several buildings of great historical and architectural value. In total there are 4 palaces and 4 cathedrals. In addition, the term of the Kremlin has evolved so that nowadays it is almost synonymous with the government of Russia, just as it happened in the White House with the government of the United States. More information:

The market of Izmailovo

If you have visited the Kremlin, you have already walked through the most important areas around, such as the Red Square and the church of San Basilio. So we can dedicate this space to different options that make your visit to Moscow something more than visiting historic buildings all the time. Surely you will want to take some memory back to your place of origin of your visit to Moscow, if so, this is the ideal place, if you do not want to buy anything, it is also worth walking through this market built as a small ± or medieval village in wood with buildings of roofs of tips and a thousand colors. In addition, it is located at the Partizanscaya metro stop, a station worth visiting alone. In this place you can find the largest offer of souvenirs in all of Moscow and at a great price. The variety and quality are assured. You will find the typical matrioskas and many more things from antiques to relics. When you finish seeing all the market stalls you can go to the nearby park, crossed by a river, from where you can take pictures or rest a bit. Admission: 10 rubles

The Patriarch's Park with references to Bulgakov

In Moscow we can also, if the weather is right, take a pleasant walk through one of its parks. In particular, Patriarca Park is a small park, with a bohemian atmosphere, located near the Mayakovskaya metro station. In the park we will find an artificial lake surrounded by lush trees and grass where, during the summer, people gather for a drink, chat and meet. This place is famous because here begins the work of the Russian writer Bulgakov, the Master and Margarita. In the novel it is here where the devil appears to two of the main characters of the story. We can follow the novelist's route around the park as we find some cafés that refer to Bulgakov, such as the famous Margarita coffee, in the background, in a corner of the park, which you will recognize by its striking door. It is interesting to take something in it but without reservation it is quite difficult. So maybe a visit from the outside will undoubtedly be worthwhile. More information: Entrance and schedule: the park is free and is always open

Bolshoi Theater

When we think of Russia, one of the first things that come to mind is the famous Russian ballet, well, the Bolshoi Theater is the birthplace of Russian ballet. It is one of the most emblematic places in Moscow, both because it is one of the sacred sites of opera and world ballet and because of its architecture and to be a symbol of the greatness of the Russian Empire. Of course the Bolshoi Theater is also home to the oldest ballet company in the world. This theater is located in the center of the city and is well connected by several metro stations. So lovers of ballet or opera can enjoy here classic works like Nabuco, Madamme Butterfly or Spartacus. Tickets can be purchased directly through the official page of the theater. Prices vary depending on the location of the seats but usually range between 500 and 1,500 rubles. Visiting the theater and going to one of his works is almost a must to capture the essence and majesty of the Muscovite culture. Location: Plaza del Teatro Website:

A walk on Arbat street

Actually the name of the street comes from â € œrabatâ € which means â € œon the outskirtsâ €. At first in this area lived the army of the Tsar but once they were evicted the land began to buy nobles. With the passage of time it has evolved and towards the 60s they decided to make it pedestrian, thus becoming the first pedestrian street in Moscow. Nowadays it is one of the most touristic points of Moscow and visitors can walk around it even hours if they wish. On both sides of the street you will find interesting monuments that you can visit but also numerous shops where you can buy some and restaurants with food both Russian and almost all over the world. The main points of the street are the New Arbat from where the church of San Simeon is very well seen. The Staro-Koniúsheniy alley where a bomb fell during the 2nd World War and the Apartment â € "Pushkin Museum, a famous Russian poet. It is best to intersperse purchases and stops to eat something between visit and visit to make it much more enjoyable. More information:

A walk on the Moscova River

This river has a length of about 500 kilometers, of which about 80 run through the interior of the city. There are numerous motorboats that make trips across the river with frequency and regularity. It is advisable, for example, to take one on the jetty near the railway station in Kiev and sail down the river to Red Square, more or less. The trip takes about an hour and a half and from the river you can see historical monuments, parks, gardens, bridges and many other things and perspectives that are not seen from the mainland.

Nightly Moscow

Perhaps the first thing that people expect to read in a section like this is, at least how is the nightlife of the city with respect to leisure and party. However, the highlight of Moscow at night is its illumination. It is probably one of the best cities illuminated at night. In fact, towards the 90s, the Moscow government was especially interested in illuminating the most representative buildings in the city, creating a very special atmosphere every night. Make a visit at this time and appreciate the differences and this particular magical atmosphere.

The new convent of the maidens

The enclosure of the convent is surrounded by a powerful wall of more than 800 meters in length and about 11 meters of height, with 12 towers and 2 churches located in the north and south doors respectively. In the center of the convent there is Smolensk Cathedral with 5 domes, but there are also other buildings of great importance in the precinct: the Assumption Church, the Transfiguration Church and the Intersection Church. We can also visit in the surroundings of the convent the old cemetery where the remains of great Russian personalities as well as heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812 rest.

-air museum

The old town of Kolomenskoye is located on the Moscova river. This place was formed and built to the taste and whim of the great Russian tsars. Here unique things of the Russian people were created, collected and kept and in the 14th century it was the official residence of the great princes and czars of Russia. Now occupies an extension of about 390 hectares with numerous historical monuments such as the Church of Our Lady of Kazan. Other buildings are also important, and the area of ​​oaks that have more than 400 years is a source of pride.

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How to get there ?

How to get there and get around in Moscow

On the plane: there are several airports in the city with flights connecting with other Russian cities and also with foreign cities. For more information about airports, go to: By train: Moscow has 9 train stations, all near the city center but each with different destinations according to the region of Europe or Asia to which you are heading. It is a very inexpensive way to travel around Russia and its surroundings and it is the preferred means of transport for Russians. Get more information at: Public transport: Moscow's public transport includes the metro, famous for its works of art, its murals and its architecture. If you did not need to use the subway at all in Moscow, you should visit it anyway. But it happens that it is also a very practical means of transport to reach any point in the city. In this way you move and visit a place of tourist interest at the same time. More information at: By bus you can also move. The Moscow authorities have distributed the bus lines so that, at least all the major avenues of the city have a stop. But you can also use the tram and trolleybus network that runs throughout the city.

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