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An introduction to the wonders of the city of Bratislava

Placed in the heart of Europe, Bratislava radiates throughout the Slovak territory. This city became capital in 1993 is a real cultural crossroads. Less touristy than a city like Prague, it has many jewels. Benefiting from a rich history of events, a stay in Bratislava is a good opportunity to learn while having fun. Numerous historic monuments dot the streets, and these sumptuous buildings open their doors. In a city of original and enchanting architecture, discover the charms of the capital of Slovakia and embark on a destination full of surprises. Whatever your desires, you will find something to satisfy them. Despite its harsh winters, the atmosphere is always warm and inviting. From its small streets to the largest buildings, you will always be amazed by the wealth of places. But before you discover all of this for yourself, read these few lines.

Points of interests / things to see

An architecture rich in details

The main attraction of the capital lies in its architecture marked by the centuries and the periods that passed in this historical place. Historical monuments are a good way to get acquainted with the culture of Bratislava. You will fall very quickly on beasts of a phenomenal magnitude. The city center concentrates for example Baroque style houses of the most beautiful effect. You will find very quickly that walking in the capital provides some excitement and we are constantly curious to see what lies behind these streets. The small sister of Prague does not lack resources to impress you. The castle overlooking the city is a perfect example of the cultural diversity of the capital. Built by the Celts and then inhabited by a whole bunch of historical figures of great importance, the castle now houses the Slovak Parliament. There are also several museums: the Slovak National Museum and the Museum of History. These museums are an excellent source of knowledge that will not fail to interest you even if you are not necessarily history buffs. The exhibits show us real pieces of history, which can only leave you speechless. The list of historical monuments does not stop there. Bratislava is full of unmissable places for any self-respecting traveler. Built during the second half of the eighteenth century, the Primatial Palace is a Dantesque establishment. In a purely neo-classical style, the palace will open its doors and you will discover a fantastic place. Its long corridors and breathtaking interior decoration make the place a little strange and quite fascinating. You will probably stay in front of this florilège objects so well preserved despite their advanced age. But the Primatial Palace is not the only interesting building, far from there. It would be too long to mention them all, but among the must-see buildings, you'll find Devin's castle or the gates of Saint-Michel. Castle Devin is an archeological site dating from antiquity that has continued to evolve to become today one of the most visited places in Bratislava. The doors, meanwhile, house a museum exhibiting the various weapons of the region and the fortifications. History lovers will be delighted. You can also climb to the top of the Saint-Michel tower and enjoy a breathtaking view. Once back down, you can visit the old town hotel for a moment. This one enjoys a sumptuous Gothic architecture and is a real symbol of the city. Its red tiles covered with multicolored mosaics will enchant your eyes for a long time. It is also home to the Bratislava Municipal Museum, another visit that will enrich your historical knowledge in a very pleasant way. The dungeons are visitable and will take you straight into a dark place with a heavy atmosphere. Do not worry though, you will come out alive and a little amused from this rather original experience. Once back on the surface, you will appreciate the fresh air all the more.

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But Bratislava does not only house historical monuments, and you can practice many other activities. If you are with your family, it is for example advisable to spend a day at the zoo. You will be able to walk in the middle of wild animals coming from all over the world while spending a pleasant moment. Covering an area of ​​96 hectares, the wildlife that inhabits this place is rich and varied. Each pavilion is home to some type of species, and you will come across mammals, monkeys, birds and other rodents as you walk. The zoo has undergone major improvements over the last few years, and there is now a pavilion for particularly impressive wild beasts. Within this area you will also find the dinosaur park. This one exposes in a forest area of ​​3 hectares 22 reptiles real size dating from the mesozoic era. Palaeo -ological games will entertain the little ones, and you'll be able to catch a glimpse of them in a 3D cinema that projects documentaries that will teach you more about this particular era of Earth's history. For a more than reasonable price, you will be able to enjoy this unique place. Bratislava is also attractive for its many shops. Your wallet will probably suffer a little bit from your stay, but you will not regret it. In the old town of Bratislava you will find for example traditional objects that each have their own identity. The capital also has some of the most famous and very attractive shops. So you will find shoe on your foot, whatever your size. Many markets are also scattered all over the city. The most popular is the street market Mileticova, in which you will find quality clothes. Shopping in Bratislava is therefore highly recommended, whatever your budget.

Tasty and varied dishes

Do not forget to stop and eat in one of the many restaurants to discover Slovak gastronomy. The Preego Restaurant is reputed to be the best in the city and is a great way to discover local specialties. Your stomach will ask for more and finishing your plate will be more of a pleasure than a chore. Enjoy the delights available to you, your taste buds will not tire of it. The list of good restaurants is long, but there is something for everyone. Whether local or international cuisine, we are rarely disappointed by the menu and we never tire of eating dishes always different and always tasty. The Ludwig Restaurant also has a menu full of tasty dishes such as duck liver cooked in wine sauce. You have to taste it to believe it, and especially do not dare to devour these dishes in a hurry, but disappoint them, because the opportunities to eat as well are not commonplace. So expect a budget enough to overcome all your culinary desires. Be careful however to monitor your line! Drink a coffee after these hearty meals will allow you to digest effectively while continuing to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that reigns in city. The old cafes around the castle are a perfect place to rest a bit and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere in complete tranquility. You can also enjoy your drink in an idyllic setting overlooking the Middle Ages. To quench one's thirst is therefore not a problem in this city full of resources. Many tea rooms will also have a good time, alone or with others.

A life of festivities

And if you like to party, you will not be disappointed. After dark, the city comes alive more beautiful. Many bars are present throughout the city, and each offers a lot of surprises. You will be able to dance in clubs such as Jazz Cafà ©, where you can taste the best Slovak beers sitting at a table with friends. There are all kinds of bars and we can not say that the nightlife in Bratislava is bleak and uninteresting, quite the opposite. Moreover, if you visit the city during a national holiday, you will find that the party is in full swing throughout the capital. Shown, fireworks at the New Year, everything is there for you to spend a dreamy evening. And if that is not enough for you, then you still have the possibility to go to Vienna, located not far from there. Whether by train or bus, the city is very well served and you will have no trouble getting to Vienna. So you will be spoiled for choice to occupy your evenings in the most wonderful way. If you are a meloman, many concert halls blessed have a very interesting programming. Fans of classical music may be able to attend a concert by the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. One thing is sure, your ears will keep a good memory. At present, you will understand why Bratislava is an ideal destination. The Slovak capital is full of riches and will satisfy anyone who visits it. History, architecture, cultural dynamism, we continue to list its quality. Less dense than Prague, the atmosphere is more provincial. This makes the stay even more enjoyable, which will undoubtedly pass very quickly. Be careful if you go in winter, especially in January. The winters are indeed very rigorous and the temperatures can sometimes surprise.

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How to get there ?

How to get there

Bratislava is benefiting from the presence of an airport. So you can fly there. Once arrived, shuttles or taxis can take you to your destination in record time. Arriving in Bratislava, you will notice very quickly that the city center is relatively small and so you can walk it. Otherwise, trams and other buses will transport you across the city. If you want to explore the surroundings and explore other cities, you should rent a car. You will be able to reach Prague in a few hours. Note that buses or trains will also take you there but the journeys are often a little longer. Depending on your budget and your preferences, you will choose the formula that suits you the most. The region is full of other interesting cities to visit, and if you spend a few days in Slovakia, do not hesitate to explore the area a little. You will discover charming and welcoming cities. And if you only have time to stay in Bratislava, have no regrets: you will not be bored in the capital. So you just have to board and head straight for Bratislava.

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