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The city of Rust de Winter is included to the province Limpopo and to the district Bosveld

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Rust, Germany

The adventure city of Rust is located in the district of Ortenau in Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany. Rust is a small city, but it has character and a sense of expectation. It is home to the largest theme park in Germany, the Europa Park. A historic city, it has old houses that date back to the 16th century that reflect the Renaissance and Baroque facades with beautiful windows and facades. The best time to visit is in the months of June, July and August. It is the rainy season in May and it goes on till September, but August is the warmest month of the year. Winters are cold in Rust, and January is the coldest month, while February is the driest month. A charming city, but summers are the time to enjoy the theme parks that this town has to offer. The Euro is the currency used.

Points of interests / things to see

Europa Park

The Europa Park is the largest theme park in Germany and it holds the record of being one among the most popular theme park resorts in Europe. It sees over 5 million footfalls every year and it is the most visited park after Disneyland Paris. It opens each year before Easter until the beginning of November during the summer months and from November end to January during the winter season. This park is split into sixteen different European countries and other regions of the world. It's mascot is the lovable gray mouse named Euromaus, he lives with other cartoon characters in the park. This 90 hectare park was opened in 1975 by the Mack family, who were designers of amusement ride. With 54 attractions, of which 11 of them are roller coasters and numerous shows, this is fun for the whole family. It is beautifully landscaped, explore the Grimm's Enchanted Forest that has on display popular fairy tales and the Adventure Land that is themed after the African jungles. The Children's World is meant for younger children and they have with the wonderful theme based rides. The high adrenaline rides are phenomenal while the many shows that include children's theater are entertaining. This theme park will live up to your expectations!

Freiburg Cathedral

One among the greatest of masterpieces of Gothic architecture in Germany, the Freiburg Cathedral is located just 16 kilometers from Rust. Take a trip to visit this cathedral that was built in the Romanesque style in 1200, but on completion in 1620, it had changed with the times and it reflected more of Gothic styles. Its most spectacular feature is the spire, made of filigree stonework, its steeple rests on an octagonal belfry that holds an amazing bell weighing 5 tons from 1258. Make your way to the south door and you will be astonished by the sight of the early 16th century sculpture of the adoration of the Christ Child by the Magi. Towards the left near the nave, close to the aisle that is beside the entrance to the tower is a beautiful 13th century statue of the Virgin that is adorned by two serene angels. The high altar's altarpiece was completed by Hand Baldung Grien in 1516. Notice the carved 16th century pulpit that lies against a beautiful Renaissance pillar with a stairway that winds around the curve of the column. There are figures below the stairs that bear likeness to the townsfolk beside the sculptor. The beautiful 14th century stained glass windows in the aisle add character to this beautiful monument. Website:


The Schlossberg is the fortified castle and it is a tree covered hill of 456 meters in Freiburg im Breisgau. This is a high hill that helped protect the village and was used in battles. Located about 38 kilometers away from Rust, the Schlossberg has fortified structures that have been built from the 11th century. Visitors can explore the grounds and still see the fortified structures that are still standing today. Efforts have been made by the local authorities to maintain this monument and the overgrown fortifications have been carefully cleared of vegetation and so that visitors may admire their architectural structure. There is a tower on top of the hill, the Schloßbergturm was built in 2002 and from the top visitors can get a panoramic views of the countryside and the city. Schlossberg can be reached on the hiking trail, the Burghaldering that circles the hill at half level, this is a beautiful trekking trail that is also used as a forest road though shut to motor traffic. Trek past the water tower than was built in 1876 to supple water to Freiburg and explore the bomb shelter nearby, the entrance is on the west side of the hill. Visitors could also take the Schlossbergbahn, a funicular railway that offers picturesque views of the tree tops.

A Trip to Strasbourg

Rust is so close to the French border that visiting Strasbourg that is 56 kilometers away is a pleasure. This is a unique city as it amalgamates the flavors of both Germany and France. A picturesque city with beautiful neighborhoods at the riverfront with buildings of timber and flower boxes brimming with color. Take a walking tour of this city and admire the home of the European Parliament, the impressive cathedral and in season one of France's oldest Christmas markets. Notice the signposts are in both French and German and most of the restaurants serve beer and wine with popular German dishes like the sauerkraut. The architecture of this city is predominantly German and the Ill River caresses the city like the city of Venice. Walk into the Strasbourg Cathedral, a stunning example of Gothic architecture. This is one of the most beautiful monuments in Europe. The facade is in stunning pink sandstone, enter the cathedral and admire the intricate carvings with an interesting nave and altar. The circa-1800s astrological clock with it amazing show is entertaining. Stop near the cafes and boutiques nearby and the courtyard normally hosts the Christmas market. La Petite France is the most enchanting neighborhood, stroll along cobbled streets and over the bridges to admire the beautiful timber buildings. Website:

Münster Cathedral

Visitors to Freiburg are always impressed with the towering 381 foot high square tower of the Münster Cathedral that dominates the skyline of this beautiful city, which is about 32 kilometers from Rust. Created with red sandstone in the Romanesque style with Gothic influences in 1513, the numerous sculptured figures and stain glass windows are impressive. Care has been taken to create a beautiful monument that has stood the test of time. The open worked pyramid of the slender tower looms high over the rooftops of the old city. This cathedral was built with the generous donations of the local families after the ruling family's dynasty was over. The rich interiors are marvelous and from the tower, enjoy the picturesque view of the vineyard hills and the Black Forest. Walk around and admire the square base of the tower that has at its center a octagonal star gallery. The tower tapers and at the top is the spire. This Gothic church tower with 19 bells survived the bomb raids and this is attributed to its lead anchors. The two altars inside are beautifully maintained, while the nave windows have the symbols of the guilds on them. Notice the deep red color on the windows, they are caused by the suspension of solid gold nano-particles and not dyes.

A Bicycling Trip

This province has gained popularity as a beautiful location for cycling. Visitors come for the weekend to take the eight different cycling tours that are on offer at Rust. Pick a trail that matches with your level of fitness, and depending on the weather, you can set off for a fun filled day. Cross meandering meadows and beautiful old farmhouses along the path and you can take a break at any of the pubs along the way. Indulge in some beer and local cuisine before setting out again. Bike rental:Johann SchneebergerRathausplatz 167071 Rust Tel: +43 676 / 64 62

Christmas Market

The season of Christmas is beautiful, the whole village comes alive with the sounds of the Christmas season and the delicious yuletide treats are available at the Christmas Markets around the village. Take a stroll through the seasonal market at Rust and indulge in some festive baked treats. The glühwein and other regional specialties are mouthwatering. Browse through the beautifully decorated stalls that have on display handicrafts created for the season by local artisans. Most evenings there will be choirs and brass-bands that provide entertainment for the entire village. A pleasant experience!


Take a trip to explore the beautiful Swabian Gate or the Schwabentor at Freiburg that is 32 kilometers from Rust. This is one of the two surviving gates from the Middle Ages when Freiburg was a walled and fortified city. The Swabian Gate is from the early 1200, there are beautiful paintings on the tower. The most outstanding painting is that of St. George, the city's patron saint. This area is picturesque and is called the Insel, with cobblestone streets and old houses that were occupied by tanneries and fishermen. Relax at the old quarter in Freiburg near the Bächle or the streams.

Restaurants in Rust

Some of the best restaurants are at Europa Park in this city. Depending on your mood you could pick a courtyard restaurant with vine covered canopies that offer a friendly atmosphere. Indulge in the local eel that is served with whipped cream and horseradish as a starter. Anstaendiges is a beautiful dish made of chunks of smoked bacon with juniper and house bread and the nut-pastry log is delicious. Select a local wine to go with this dish and you will not be disappointed! Europa-Park-Str. 4-6, 77977 Rust, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

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How to get there ?

Getting to Rust

The Airport Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden (FKB) is the airport closest to Rust. Visitors can take a taxi into Rust, but this will be expensive. There is a shuttle service that will bring you into the city center, but you will need to book online for it ahead of your arrival. Outside the arrival gate are many international car hire companies, this is a good option for visitors who will be visiting the neighboring cities around Rust. Hire a car and make the memorable journey into Rust, The roads are easy to maneuver on and driving is a pleasure. Rust is located close to the borders of France and Switzerland and driving over from these countries is an option. Take the Motorway A5 to Europa Park and exit at 57b to Rust. Train service is available at Rust, visitors can travel to Strasbourg with Eurostar and SCNF and can get the connecting train into Freiburg and then Rust. There are regular shuttle buses that run at frequent intervals between Strasbourg and Freiburg, the journey is less that 30 minutes.

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