City of Franschhoek (Western Cape)

The city of Franschhoek is included to the province Western Cape and to the district Cape Winelands

Presentation of the destination

Franschhoek, a travel destination to advise

In Western Cape Province in South Africa is Franschhoek. This village located about 50 kilometers from Cape Town has become a popular tourist destination. It is now considered as the "French Quarter" of South Africa. Indeed, it was given to the French Huguenots in the seventeenth century for them to cultivate the land. Although Franschhoek does not speak French any more, some traces of the language remain. So, do not be surprised if you come across a lot of streets or restaurants that bear French names. In addition, the surnames of the inhabitants remain French-sounding. However, the total settlement in Franschhoek is complete. You will spend a pleasant and excellent stay thanks to the stupendous beauty of the landscapes that surround the city and thanks to the friendly and warm atmosphere that reigns there.

Points of interests / things to see

Mythical vineyards

Franschhoek is known for having wineries that produce excellent wines. Wine lovers will spend an excellent stay and will have the opportunity to taste high-end wines. This is mainly due to the influence of the Huguenots who were responsible for the first wineries. More than 48 winemakers are present on site to offer you truly delicious wines. You will be spoiled for choice. All the establishments are very easily accessible. Grand Provence and Boschendal are two highly recognized wine producers. Every day, you will have the opportunity to taste these wines and if you enjoy them a bit, you will spend a moment just enjoyable. La Petite Ferme is a restaurant where you can enjoy your menu while enjoying a magnificent view of the wine valley of Franschhoek.

A gastronomic offer of quality

And good restaurants in Franschhoek, there are a lot of them. Throughout the main road of Franschhoek and in the surroundings of the city you will find excellent stalls that will delight your taste buds. Each meal is pure pleasure and for relatively low rates you can calm your hunger very well. It is sometimes difficult to choose where you go, but do not worry, you will not be disappointed. Most of the dishes are from French gastronomy and are always accompanied by a tasty wine that fits the menu perfectly. Everything is therefore prepared with special care that makes the thing all the more enjoyable. You may be sometimes impressed by the amount of opportunity and you'll never get tired of always having so many choices. You will always find a place to suit your needs. Mediterranean cuisine, specialist cheese restaurants, African cuisine, everything is there to satisfy you as best as possible. So enjoy your stay to taste new flavors that will make you dream of a few corks. Let yourself be tempted and do not hesitate to eat new dishes, you and your stomach will not regret it.

Unforgettable landscapes

The Franschhoek Route will allow all visitors to discover the diversity of the Franschhoek Valley. You will be able to familiarize yourself with the region's culture and local products. Thus, you will start with a small restaurant located in a farm in Bosbou where you can taste traditional local dishes. You will then pass by a chocolatier, African Chocolate Dreams where the chocolatiers Bertie Groenewald and Joshua Juries will make you taste their delicious chocolates. You will then go to Artefact, a pottery studio. In a rather intimate context, you will discover the story of this potter and may even be able to try this practice. You will then eat at Batho's Place which is a restaurant whose menu is full of African dishes and where you can drink quality beer. The Dwarsrivier Valley, meanwhile, will allow you to know a little more about the region and its history while visiting magnificent monuments and passing by stunning landscapes. The Huguenot museum, which is a perfect testimony of the influence of the Huguenots on Franschhoek, is also part of the Franschhoek Round in Bont Route. You will also meet during your visit a crèche located in Mooiwater which will make you enjoy a warm atmosphere. The Franschhoek Round in Bont Route ends with a visit to an excellent wine shop a bit far from Franschhoek. Here you can savor delicious local wines. For tourists, the Franschhoek Rond en Bont Route is perfect for discovering the region and all the treasures it contains. You will come out with a good knowledge of the place and will not miss any important establishment. If you do not know Franschhoek at all, then it is advisable to sign up for it. The Franschhoek Classic Cape Route, for its part, focuses on the wineries and offers a tour of leading wine producers. If you do not know where to start, it may be interesting to follow. However, there is nothing to stop you from exploring the surroundings for yourself and to make up your own mind about each and every hull. Everything will depend on your desires and your preferences. Among the establishments of the Cape Classic Road, there are the boutique Anthonij Rupert Wine, the Backsberg Estate Cellar or the God Donné Vineyards. Wherever you go, be sure you will not be disappointed. It is rare to see people dissatisfied with the offer and even the most difficult will succumb to these dramatic but enjoyable pleasures. If Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinotage are names that do not speak to you, you'll soon see what they mean if you stay in Franschhoek for a while.

A busy sporting life

But drinking wine and eating will not be your only hobbies in Franschhoek and a lot of other activities are available to you. Athletes will be delighted to learn that they will be able to enjoy themselves without any problem all along their trip. To digest, what better than a round of golf in a beautiful valley or go fishing in La Verdure? In addition to the opportunity to fish, La Verdure is also a fruit farm in a pleasant and refreshing environment. So do not hesitate to go for a walk to relax, it's good for morale. Franschhoek is also full of places where you can walk or to go cycling. Three great hikes are available to you and you will have every time for 3 to 8 hours of walking. These are perfect for all hikers and will greatly satisfy them. You will walk in beautiful natural spaces that will sponge you a good time. Whatever your level, you will be able to rub one of these trails and enjoy sumptuous landscapes. A guided tour of the surroundings of Franschhoek is also possible thanks to the company Koringberg Toere which offers an offer of guided tours at the quality more than correct. Rent a bike is also a good idea since the territory is particularly well suited to it. Here again, a guided tour of the wine producers is possible and you will enjoy it by moving in a pleasant and original way. You will be able to taste good wine throughout the visit and enjoy a picnic in an absolutely fantastic place.

An exceptional region

Walking in the valley of Franschhoek is also very pleasant and we do not get tired of the sun and the good weather reigning in the landscape. The trails are also very well built and everything has been done to make your ballad enjoyable. Your route will not be full of obstacles and you will be able to make the most of everything the region has to offer. So do not hesitate to explore the surroundings of the Franschhoek area as you may be able to come across beautiful pites that you are not ready to forget. Franschhoek is an ideal destination for those who love gastronomy and tranquility. This small village is rich in restaurants of very good quality and meals that will punctuate your stay will always be pleasant and enjoyable moments. On top of that, the landscapes surrounding the village are simply beautiful and the diversity of the environment makes it all the more attractive. You can just as much go to the beach at Gordon's Bay and enjoy the sea as you walk along the gorgeous valleys characteristic of South Africa.

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South Africa
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Western Cape
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Cape Winelands
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How to get there ?

Getting to Franschhoek

To reach Franschhoek, you will first have to fly to Cape Town Airport. It is located about 50 kilometers from the village and remains the easiest way to reach it. Once at the airport, shuttles provide the connection between Franschhoek and the airport. You will arrive at your destination in a reasonable time. If you are already in South Africa before going to Franschhoek, you will have to take the road from Stellenbosch or Paarl. If you want a more spectacular journey, you can take the "Franschhoek Pass" which crosses the mountain from Villiersdorp. This road is quite impressive and will allow you to enjoy a landscape blazing all the way. From Stellenbosch and Paarl, taxis also provide a connection to get you to Franschhoek quite easily and quickly. Once in the village, you will be able to sign up for a number of guided tours that will take you to all of Franschhoek's main attractions by tram, bus or horseback ride. Depending on your preferences, you will choose what suits you best. In any case, be sure that you will have no trouble getting around, because the transport infrastructure is particularly accessible to tourists who flock to Franschhoek en masse.

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