City of Hermanus (Western Cape)

The city of Hermanus is included to the province Western Cape and to the district Overberg District Municipality

Presentation of the destination

Beautiful Whale Watching Town

This southern coastal town is famous for the magnificent winter whale watching opportunities.   You can see these wondrous animals from the cliffs around the town center. Today the whales are fully protected from any and all hunting. Each year about 60-100 whales come from the antarctic. In addition to these gorgeous creatures, this charming town is home to some amazing beaches, lively nature reserves, and even a theme park for the whole family. With so many interesting adventures, Hermanus is sure to make your vacation unforgettable. If you love natural beauty and modern convenience, this is a great getaway.

Points of interests / things to see

Grotto Beach

This beach was voted Traveler’s Choice for 2013 by trip advisor. Its famous for the massive stretch of beautiful sandy beach along the gorgeous waterfront. From this sandy paradise, you can see the charming mountainous regions behind. Here visitors swim, suntan, enjoy games, and long relaxing walks. At 18 kilometers long, this beach offers plenty of space for all who come. If you enjoy body boarding, the waves of summer are perfect for you. If you are traveling with kids, there is a wonderful little park for them to play on. And, if you are traveling with your dog, this beach is 100% dog friendly. You can access this beach by driving right through the heart of Hermanus. You will see signs directing you to the beach road on the right. Once there, you will be able to enjoy a variety of charming little restaurants around the beach. You can find a wide variety of drinks, snacks, and meals for the whole family. During peak season at the Grotto, Lifeguards are always nearby. This helps keep everyone happy and safe while enjoying the natural beauty. At this time, there are not only many happy tourists, but numerous educational and charity events take place on the beach. Previously such events included Coastcare Working, environmental education, and Adopt-a-beach.

Rantanga Junction Theme Park

This exciting theme park boasts more than 30 attractions. 23 of these include rides for the whole family. Some of the most popular rides include Monkey falls and Nashua Mobile Thrill Ride. Monkey falls is a log flume attraction with a whopping 18.5 meter drop. It is one of the highest attractions of its kind in the world. In order to safely enjoy this thriller, patrons must be at least 1.07 meters tall and anyone younger than 8 must be accompanied by an adult. With good weather, Monkey falls runs from 10am-5pm every normal operating day. Another popular thriller, Nashua Mobile Thrill Ride, is a recent addition to the park. Opening in September 210, this attraction is located at Ratanga Junction. This suspended looping rollercoaster allows guest to travel four times faster than the force of gravity. Your feet fly free as you catapult about the track. If you love thrills, you are sure to love this attraction. For those seeking a few less thrills, there are also numerous child oriented rides as well as family friendly shows. Some of the most popular of these include: World of Birds Show, Animal Petting Zoo, and Maggie’s Picnic. To learn more click here:

Fernkloof Nature Reserve

Officially determine to be a reserve in 1957, this piece of South Africa is a unique example of the original plants and animals which inhabit the region. This 2,000 hectares full of wildlife and indigenous plants, it is one of only size Floral Kingdoms on earth. If you love nature, this is an absolute must see on your trip to Hermanus.So far 1,600 distinct species are known to be within the Herbarium at Fernkloof. That is more than is housed in the entire UK. Recognized as a valuable environmental resources worldwide, the reserve continues to grow. Today you’ll find an exhibition hall, visitor’s cottage, and different maintained trails through the reserve. You will find amazing plants including the indigenous Fynbos, daisy, iris, and pea. If you enjoy bird watching, you’ll be delighted to get an eyefull of the Cape Sugar Bird, Sun birds, and Cape Batis. So far 130 different types of birds have been seen in the reserve. There are numerous other animals to see during daylight including baboons, klipspringer, and dassie’s. If you are about during nightfall, be on the lookout for  porcupine, grysbok, and hare.

Old Harbour Museum

Originally opened in 1972, this museum is a must see for any Hermanus visitor. It consists of two portions including: the Fisherman’s Village, and the Historical Fishing Harbour. You can see artifacts from the history of the fishing industry. Be sure to see the “Selkirk Collection” which includes items owned by the famous shark catcher by the same name. You can also see examples of the variety of sea life found in the region. This is a great place to learn about Whales and the whaling.This museum is located in the Old Harbour which was the center of the town up until the construction of the New Harbor. This change had to be made due to the growth of population and boating demands on the city. Old Harbour often required seamen to go through a dangerous process in order to dock their boats. Today Old Harbor is a National Monument. The Old Harbour Museum is completely open air and is always open. Inside the on site cottage, you will see a photographic exhibit displaying images as far back as the 19th century. Old Harbour played an essential role in the history of Hermanus. It is well worth a visit to the museum in order to better understand this charming little village.

The Markets of Hermanus

While visiting Hermanus, consider visiting any of the number of different markets. One such market is called “The Market in the Garden.” It is beautifully located in the artsy and gorgeous Hemel en Aarde Village. On Saturdays from 9am-2pm you can get a taste of local life in Hermanus. There is a huge array of distinct types of food, drinks, jewlery, and fresh produce. You’ll also discover live music and an all around good time. Another market to visit is the Onrus Craft Market. Held the first Saturday of every month, this fun and eclectic market is sure to have you buying gifts for all your loved ones. Be sure to get your bargaining hat and try to get a great deal from the local vendors.If after all that you still want more local life, try out the Food and Wine market at the Wine Cellar located in the Hemel-en-Aarde Village. Here you’ll find free wine tasting and gourmet food nestled in an elegant setting.Another great market is The Hermanus Country Market. Held at Hermanus Cricket Grounds every Saturday, this little gem is home to a huge array of organic produce and herbs. Be sure to check out the jams, pickles, and deli treats. Enjoy the plentiful marimba music and tour this very relaxed and popular weekend market.

-Aarde Valley

The Hemel en Aarde Valley is absolutely stunning. If you are ready to experience this area like you never have before, then this is the perfect place for you. One of the best ways to tour the area is by car. Driving toward Harmanus along R44 turn left to R320. This route is designed as an alternative way to get to Caledon. Formerly a gravel road, today it has been paved to make the 35 kilometer journey to Caledon absolutely enjoyable. You’ll be able to stop at various wine farms as well as amazing restaurants. For even more adventure, try touring the valley on horseback. There is much to do in this gorgeous valley.

Rotary Way

This little road will take you to the very top of the mountain range which starts in Hermanus. You’ll get there by traveling towards Cape Town for around 2 kilometers outside of Hermanus. Just after you see Spar, turn right into Malva Road and follow the signs to Rotary Way. The end of this charming road is a viewpoint which gives you a stunning outlook over the ocean and bay. Along the way you can stop at radion station. Here you’ll be able to see all the Western areas of Hermanus. Continuing your journey, a look to the left and you’ll get an eyeful of  Hemel en Aarde Valley. There is so much to see along, Rotary Way, you will not want to miss it.

Wine Route Experience

Take a tour of the 15 wine farms throughout the Hemel en Aarde wine route. Each of these farms has a distinct twist on wine and food. You’ll get to experience amazing wine and food in the incredibly picturesque Hemel en Aarde valley. For completely worry free wine farm touring, consider booking an organized tour. Every tour will provide you with an in depth look at the history of both the valleys and wine farms. When booking, you will have the opportunity to select a wine only adventure or a wine and food adventure.

Shark Cage Diving

This particular activity has recently skyrocketed in popularity. If you love an adventure, what better activity than swimming with sharks. You can get in on the action at Gansbaai which is around 40 minutes outside of Hermanus proper. You’ll need to pre-book your dive. Upon booking, you’ll be able to work out all transportation and safety needs. Although it will get your adrenaline pumping, this is an entirely safe activity. Everything you need will be supplied and you will even be able to purchase a DVD capturing the whole experience. No prior diving experience is necessary.

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UTC +2:00 (Africa/Johannesburg)
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South Africa
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Administrative area 1 :
Western Cape
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Overberg District Municipality
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How to get there ?

Numerous Ways to Reach Hermanus

If you want to get to Hermanus by air, there are several options.The closest airport to Hermanus is Cape Town International and is about a 1.5 hour drive. At Cape Town, you will be able to hire a car, taxi, or shuttle to get to Hermanus. The drive itself is beautiful. There are many beautiful sights along the road through Sir Lowry’s pass. For some additional excitement, consider taking a helicopter or small plane to get an absolutely sunning view of Overberg. No matter where you are coming from in South Africa, there will be a paved road to take you to Hermanus. Getting to Hermanus by land is never a challenge for visitors. You can get a variety of interesting views depending on which roads you take. The time needed to travel to Hermanus by road will depend both on the road you select, and how frequently you choose to stop and admire the beauty of the area. If coming from Cape Town, consider taking the N1 via Paarl, Stellenbosch, and/or Franschoek. This route will give you an absolutely stunning view of the mountains. If you decide to rent a vehicle for your adventure, there are a number of companies which allow you to do so with convenient pickup and drop off locations.

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