City of Knysna (Western Cape)

The city of Knysna is included to the province Western Cape and to the district South Cape DC

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South African life from within

The beautiful city of Knysna is only 73 kilometers from George's airport. With an approximate population of 75,000 inhabitants, it is located in the Western Province of the Cape, in South Africa and in the area of ​​157,000 hectares proclaimed as a National Park, the Garden Route. Nestled between the shores of the estuary, the Indian Ocean and thousands of hectares of forests is home to numerous species of fauna and flora. Knysna has become famous for many things. In addition to their excellent oysters, tourists can tour the beauty of these lands by mountain biking, hiking or whale watching and can stay in the city in places like houseboats. But it also has three magnificent golf courses and is the host city of the famous Knysna Speed ​​Festival, making it an international destination for cars.

Points of interests / things to see

Knowing local life

Perhaps one of the most important things to do when visiting a city or a different country is to know the local life, to know the place and its secrets, to understand how people live and then to enjoy everything what it offers Perhaps this first part often we skip it but without doubt, if there is the possibility of doing it, the experience of the trip changes completely, as well as the perceptions of the rest of activities and visits. In Knysna, we have the opportunity to do this with a company that has spent many years dedicating itself to bringing visitors to local life. With respect to the city of Knysna they organize visits that mix the spectacular nature of their landscapes such as the cliffs, the lagoon, etc ... with the history of this land and this city that begins in the 17th century and allows them to understand why © Today Knysna is how she is. Not only this, but you can also enter the forest, observe the works of art that are in the trees and the craftsmanship that the local people perform there. An experience that is truly worthwhile. Phone: +27 (0) 82 338 6289 Email address: More information:

Cruises on Lake Knysna

The beautiful city of Knysna is located on the edge of the lagoon that forms the estuary of the Knysna River. It is one of its star attractions and an interesting way to enjoy this place is making a wonderful cruise through its waters. At Springtide, a fully qualified staff can take you on a cruise that runs through the lagoon, heads towards the Strait called Heads that separates it from the Indian Ocean and ends up in the Bay of Buffalo and in the waters of this ocean. . On the way back, you can drop anchor in the calm waters of the lake, enjoy a refreshing swim and a delicious snack of various foods before mooring at the arrival dock. Cruises can be done at different times of the day, if you prefer to enjoy the sunset and end up with a glass of champagne you just have to propose it. But there are also other options such as private honeymoon cruises and others ... It is absolutely necessary to book the cruise before going sailing. Address: St Gray 1, Knysna 6571, South Africa Tel: +27 (0) 82 470 6022 Contact: More information:

Knysna oysters

One of the reasons why the city of Knysna is famous is for the quality of its oysters, which provides the lake of Knysna. There is a place in the city, the Knysna Oyster Company, where you can learn everything about breeding, breeding, collecting oysters. This company opened in 1949 and owns its own oyster breeding point in the lake of the city. Visitors can go to observe the plantation processes and make a tasting about the differences between cultivated oysters and those raised wild, all accompanied by a glass of wine in the restaurant that is attached to the facilities. For larger oysters you will need a knife and a fork and they are somewhat more expensive. If you prefer cooked oysters you will also find them combined with bacon or even with ginger and mandarin! For the most romantic, at the bar they also offer champagne. Keep in mind that place is usually quite busy, for a good reason! Address: Thesen Island Tel: +27 (0) 44 382 6941 Visiting hours: from 10:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. from Monday to Saturday More information and reservations:

Whale watching

Of all the activities that can be done in Knysna, the ones related to nature and the animals that live around these lands stand out. The strategic situation of the city makes everything related to the sea a priority for its visitors. In this way, and being a place of passage for the great cetaceans, the routes for whale watching are one of the star activities among tourists. On the one hand, the trip starts from the calm waters of Lake Knysna, enjoying its landscapes and crystal clear waters. Then we will go through the geographical accident called Heads, which separates the lake from the Indian ocean and forms, in a natural way, a kind of entrance and exit to one or another place. Its imposing cliffs make this place a wonderful experience for the eyes. Both from a boat and from the top of the cliff the landscape is spectacular. Finally, once we have reached the open sea we can follow the cetacean route to see whales that pass through these waters on their annual trips, but we can also see dolphins, seals, birds and even sharks. They are unique opportunities in life that are worth taking advantage of. More information:

Festivals of the city

Apart from the famous Festival of Speed ​​that is held every year in the city and where car lovers and speed can enjoy 3 days of action to the maximum, there are many others that bring us closer to the culture and way of life of the region. On the one hand we find the Oyster Festival of Knysna which also takes place every year in Knysna and has become one of the most important events in the whole country. It offers a whole world of sports and fun. Designed for everyone to enjoy it from families to youth and adults. It is celebrated for a week with numerous activities, all with free admission and usually held in the month of July. The festival includes famous activities such as the wine festival, the oyster competition, the bowling tournament and many more. Another important event that takes place in the city is Festival Rasta. This culture has deep-rooted customs in this city and a large community of followers that can explain and show all its traditions apart from the most famous ones like their hair dreads or smoking marijuana. Speed ​​Festival: The Oyster Festival: Rasta Festival:

The local beer

One of the gastronomic options offered by the city of Knysna is the tasting of local beer. The famous Mitchell's beer began its adventures in 1983, here in the city, hand in hand with its founder, Lex Mitchell. Lex started offering only one type of beer in the city but with time and fame harvested was expanding the offer. Currently there are 5 types of beer and a cider that are already distributed throughout the country, not just in Knysna. Mitchell's beer is characterized by being totally natural without chemical additives or preservatives. You can learn more about this beer at:

The golf courses

The golf courses distributed around the city are another of the attractions valued by the visitors of Knysna. There are courses for all levels, but some of them perfectly combine the beginners' practice with the enjoyment of the most professionals. On the Blackwaters golf course you can take really challenging courses to learn with the longest hole at 152 meters and the shortest at 52 meters. In addition, the course is designed so as not to lose in any way the natural beauty of the valley where it has been located. More information at:

Garden Route by mountain bike

The National Park of the Garden Route offers unlimited adventure opportunities and there are different companies that facilitate the experience accompanying you on their trails in a unique trip. In this case we propose the option of doing it on a mountain bike. If you like cycling and have dreamed of discovering South Africa here, you will discover the wildest way to do it. The routes all start from the city of Knysna and you can choose between half-day routes, a whole day and even routes where you spend the night out. For more information, visit:

Featherbed Nature Reserve: ecotourism

This reserve located right on the banks opposite the town of Knysna is a good example of eco-tourism. For this reason and to influence as little as possible in this natural habitat the visits are controlled and limited in number per day. The Featherbed routes start with a boat trip of about 25 minutes and continue with 4x4 routes through the Reserve area where we can see the mountains and the lake. We end up with a little trek downhill to whet our appetite and have a free buffet under the typical trees in the area. More information:

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How to get there ?

How to get there and move around the city

By car: the city located in the middle of the Garden Route is easily accessible by road from both Cape Town and Port Elisabeth. The first is about 500 kilometers and the second about 270. By bus: most important companies of South Africa that have the established route between Cape Town and Port Elisabeth makes stops in Knysna. Even the Baz bus (more information at has a stop here. This bus is very popular with backpackers. The theory is simple: buy a ticket with final destination that you choose and you can go up and down as many times as you want in the intermediate cities. By plane: the closest airport to the city is George, but for international flights you will have to get to Cape Town. You can find more information at: By train: there are no train stations that reach Knysna and even the one in George suffered severe alterations with the rains and landslides. Moving around the city: the best way to get to know the city is by walking, it is a healthy and not at all heavy way of traveling the streets of Knysna. However if you have planned longer tours you also have the option of renting bicycles. Except the minibus there is no more public transport in the city but you have the option of taking a taxi if you want.

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