City of Gijón (Asturias)

The city of Gijón is included to the community Asturias and to the province Asturias

Presentation of the destination

Gijón, the Spanish city that combines sea, stone and vivacity

Located on the edge of the Cantabrian Sea, the city of Gijón, open to the Atlantic Ocean, is an attractive tourist destination with many facets, conducive to idleness, cultural activities and full activities. air, thanks to its architectural heritage intimately linked to the sea, its white sandy beaches, its historic marina and its typically Spanish gastronomic dishes, like the caldereta, the fabada or the frixuelo. Cradled by an oceanic climate, Gijón is a delightful destination for summer holidays that attracts tourists from all over Spain and Europe eager to enjoy A gentle warmth, little swelling. Animated by several festivities like Semana Negra in mid-July or Cider Festival in mid-September, Gijón combines culture, history and leisure to perfection. Location: ( county seat of) Costa Verde Population: 277,773 (2012 census)

Points of interests / things to see

Enjoy a nostalgic visit to the Museo del Ferrocarril De Asturias (Asturias Railway Museum)

At the Museo Del Ferrocarril De Asturias, visitors can discover the various exhibitions organized to discover the history of the railway, the operation and characteristics of steam locomotives, the railway heritage of the Asturias, among others. The visit of the Museum also allows visitors to discover the events, such as the industrial revolution, which led to the introduction of the railroad in the region, from one to another. ™ experience a journey on board a reconstructed train, immerse yourself in nostalgia for models of the past, and look forward to futuristic prototypes, but also to understand the future. impact on the economic, social and technological development of the locality as well as the region. Located in the old North Station of Gijón, the museum is spread over an area of ​​14 000 square meters. Website: http: / / Address: Plaza de la Estación del Norte, N - 33212 Gijón, Spain Telephone: 985 - 181 777 Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 9.30 am - 6.30 pm (winter) / 10 am - 7 pm (summer) Saturday, Sunday and public holidays 10 am â € " "18h (winter) / 10h30 â €" 19h Closed Mondays Entrance fees: 2.50 euros (general entry)

A site dedicated to art lovers: the Museo Nicanor Piolole

Consecrated to the painter Nicanor Pioleo, a native of Gijón, the Museo Nicanor Piñole houses a collection of more than 6000 drawings left by the widow of the painter and is part of the museums of the Beaux-Arts. Located in the heart of downtown, this regional art museum was housed in a building erected in 1905 by Miguel Garcia de la Cruz. Dedicated to the works of the painter Nicanor Pioleo, great actor of the Asturian painting of the XXth century, the Museo Nicanor Piño allows to discover his works, pastels, drawings, watercolors and sculptures, which show life, landscapes and daily scenes at the beginning of the past century. The Museum also houses some of his personal belongings. Website: Address: 28 Plaza de Europa, 33206 Gijón Telephone number: 985 â € "359 594/985 â €" 185 152  »Opening timesÂ: Tuesday to Friday 9:30 â €" 14h / 17h â € " "7:30 pm Weekend and public holidays 10 am - 2 pm-5pm - 7:30 pm Entrance fee: Free admission Audio guided tour 1.60 euro (1 euro if you have the Gijón Tourism Card)

Visit the Foundation Evaristo Valle Museum to combine culture and nature

In the Spanish city of Gijón, artists from the city are famous, like the artist Evaristo Valle who lived from 1873 to 1951 and created paintings as well. only manuscripts and portraits. The Evaristo Valle Museum Foundation which celebrates the works of the painter, has been home to a magnificent estate, La Redonda de Somio, walled by an extension of 16,000 square meters of remarkable gardens in which you can admire almost 120 species of shrubs and trees native to the region. The exhibitions of Evaristo Valle's works concern all those that he has preserved until his death and include, among others, the first paintings he has made. © alisa in Paris in 1903, from his latest paintings, portraits that he made about people as well as rural themes. Visitors can also admire his designs, his literary manuscripts and his collection of shells that began in the mid-nineteenth century. Website: http: // Electronic Mail: Address: Camino de Cabueà ± es, 261 - Somio, 33203 Gijón, Spain Telephone number Phone: 985 â € "334 000 Opening timesÂ: Tuesday to Saturday 17h â €" 20h (summer period) / 16h â € "18h (winter period) Sunday and holidays 12h - 14h Closed Mondays Entrance fees: 3 euros. Free entry for children under 12 years and for all Tuesdays

Attend the Gijón International Film Festival in November

If you go to Gijón in November, itâ € ™ s the perfect opportunity to attend the Gijón International Film Festival. This international festival, whose theme is cinema, was a nationally recognized meeting that has gradually gained international renown, to the point of attracting participants from all over the world. whole world. Created in 1963, the Gijón International Film Festival makes it possible to reward 5 cinematographic productions of all the countries and to compensate the winner of a Grand Prix Asturias. The next edition of the festival, the 51st, will be held from November 16th to November 24th. The main seat of the festival is the theater Jovellanos, but it is held in several cultural centers and cinemas of the city of Gijón, in Asturias. Several film productions are in competition during this international meeting, but one can also attend tributes, concerts, presentations of books or retrospectives. Website: Email: Address: Casa de la Palmera - C / Cabrales ° 82 PO Box 76, 33201 Gijón, Spain Phone Number: 985 -182 940

The Aquarium of Gijón (Acuario de Gijón), an essential step to take with the family

Suitably designed, the Gijón City Aquarium, located in front of the sea, is home to more than 400 species from all continents and is a popular attraction that will delight families, and especially families. children. This aquarium, spread over an area of ​​4000 square meters, includes species from rivers, rivers, seas and oceans. With glass bubbles and portholes, the Aquarium allows you to see moonfishes, sharks housed in an impressive pond, turtles, strange aquatic animals called cucumbers that You can touch, otters, aquatic vertebrates, Magellanic penguins, among others. The visit, which takes about an hour, is done first in Spanish and then in English. Website: Electronic Mail: Address: Playa de Poniente, 33212 Gijón, Spain Phone number: 985 â € "185 220/985 â €" 185 221 Opening timesÂ: Everyday 10:00 â € "19h / 21h (Ã ©'Ã, ©) té) Weekend and public holidays 10 am - 9 pm Entrance fees: 14 euros for adults 10 euros for retirees 7 euros for people with disabilities and children 5 euros (per person) for groups 3 euros (per person) for large families

Take a breath of fresh air amid the flora at the Gijón Botanical Garden

A project initiated since the end of the 20th century, the Botanical Garden of Gijón, located 2 kilometers from the city center, opened in 2003. Spread over 16 hectares, the Gijón Botanical Garden is home to the 150-year-old Garden of the Island, a collection called Plant Plant that allows you to follow different routes depending on the applications given to you. plants and a collection called Itinerary Atlantic that allows you to browse the main landscapes of the typical flora of the North Atlantic. Visitors can enjoy this green lung of the Spanish city that is committed to sustainable development and the preservation of plant biodiversity. Website: http : // Email: Address: 2230 Avenue of the Botanical Garden, 33394 Gijón, Spain Telephone number © phone: 985 â € "185 130/985 â €" 130 713 Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 10am â € "9pm (summer time) Tuesday to Sunday 10am â €" "18h (winter period) Closed Mondays Entry fees: 2,90 euros for adults 1,80 euros for youths from 12 to 26 years old and seniors (+ 65 years old) Free entry for young people under 12 years old

Discover the historical remains of Gijón at the Archaeological Park of Campa Torres

Located high up in Cap Torres, 7 kilometers from the city center of Gijón, the Campa Torres Archaeological Nature Park is a must-see historical site for all lovers of art and history. The park, a sort of outdoor museum, is full of history and is erected on the remains of the Castro de Noega, the largest fortified maritime enclosure on the coast of Asturias dating from th © Antiquités € ™. While visiting the Archaeological Natural Park, visitors will discover a permanent exhibition dedicated to the history of the Castro de Campa Torres, visit the Cape Torres lighthouse and take an archeological route that allows them to patrol through the remains of the site to discover artifacts dating from Antiquity (Roman era). Address: 3834 rue de la Campa Torres Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10 am - 5 pm (winter period) Tuesday to Sunday 10.30 am - 7 pm (summer time) Entrance fees: Free entry for the park 2.50 euros (entrance to the museum)

Farniente at the Playa de San Lorenzo

Playa de San Lorenzo is assuredly the largest and most popular beach in Gijón. This shell-shaped white sand beach stretches for almost three thousand meters in the city center and is conducive to many activities (swimming, sailing, sea kayaking). , beach volleyball, etc.), but above all the learning and practice of surfing because of the absence of rocks that are found on the coast. The spot is also very well equipped and puts at the disposal of the holidaymakers, a carpark, bathrooms, fountains, toilets, cloakrooms, an information office, a police of beach , a first aid service and a rental of sun loungers, among others. To get there, visitors can take the bus lines 25, 4, 10, 20 and 14. Address: Rufo Avda Garcia Rendueles - Paseo Maritimo

Go to a local specialty, cider, at the Sidra Natural Fiesta

If you go to Gijón during the summer period, between the end of August and the beginning of September, it is possible to participate in the Fiesta of Sidra Natural, organized festivity. To pay tribute to cider, the flagship drink of the region of Asturias. Many activities are organized during this festival, such as the contest of escandiadores (experts in the traditional art of serving cider) which is held in the square of the hotel. city. One of the most important moments of the festival is the distribution of nearly 30,000 liters of cider in thousands of glasses tagged with the festival logo to people who have taken part in the festivities on the beach. The next edition, the 22nd, of this declared holiday of regional interest, will be held in 2014.

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How to get there ?

Move in Écoló mode to Gijón

Asturias can be reached by air through the Asturias Airport located in Santiago Del Monte, a half-hour drive from Gijón. From the airport, visitors then have the choice to reach the city between the taxis in service until the arrival of the last flight, the car rental agencies present in the airport. ALSA airport and shuttle lines that connect the airport to the city. Phone number to Airport: 985 â,¬ 127 500 If you opt for car rental, you will have to take the A-8, very fluid, which allows to join Gijón in half only hour from the airport. The city is served by a network of public bus lines, EMTUSA, and a network of night bus routes, BUHO. In the city, the bike is an excellent means of transport that combines both ballad, discovery and travel. Gijón, like European cities, is home to almost 19.5 kilometers of cycle paths to make the bike a green alternative to the car. The service Gijón Bici provides free of charge for all (residents and non-residents) 64 busses in 8 stops. Hours: 8h30 - 18h (winter period) / 8h30 - 15h - 17h30 - 21h (summer period) Another way it is eco-friendly and inalienable to move in rollerblading, skateboarding or scooter riding, especially since Playa de Poniente hosts a large number of skaters on weekends and skateboarding. Cimavilla Park offers experienced skaters 1700 square meters of skating field.

Gijón city hall

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Calle Río de Oro, 3, 33209 Gijón, Asturias, Spain
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+34 985 14 22 32
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