City of Costa Teguise (Canary Islands)

The city of Costa Teguise is included to the community Canary Islands and to the province Las Palmas

Presentation of the destination

A trip to Costa Teguise, that's getting ready

On the east coast of the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Archipelago is Costa Teguise. This resort is perfect for those who love the sun and the beach. This is one of the most important in the island of Lanzarote and promises to spend a fantastic stay. The windsurfing lovers will be particularly delighted as this place is the most windy of the whole island. Temperatures are always warm and guarantee a total tan. Its different beaches will offer you the best of themselves and you may regret the Spanish sun a good time after your return. We understand very quickly why it has become a prime tourist destination. For the moment, discover a very pleasant resort that will surely charm you with its many riches and its sports activities ideal for your body and your physical health.

Points of interests / things to see

Water sports very developed

If you go to Costa Teguise, you should definitely try to windsurf. It is indeed a destination of choice for tour operators around the world. You can enjoy the wind that blows constantly to slide on the water in all freedom. The resort has mainly developed around this activity and everything is done so that you can practice and enjoy the sport as it should. A windsurfing school is on site and many other establishments will allow you to rent the equipment needed for skiing. Whether beginner or experienced, you will find an offer tailored to your level and will discover the joys of this sport that provides unique sensations. You will feel free and proud on the waves and will never stop you as the experience is incredible. Although a bit difficult to handle at first, you can quickly familiarize yourself with the technique that requires this activity and can make the most of the waters of Costa Teguise. So go for it and climb on the board to have fun and practice this sport in optimal conditions. To tan and swim, Costa Teguise has several beaches that each have their own particularities. The beach of Las Cucharas is mainly dedicated to windsurfing, but it is also the biggest and main beach of the resort. This white sand beach is rather nice, although very crowded, and you can rest there relatively quietly. The beach of Los Piscines resembles that of Las Cucharas except that the sand is not white. It is located right next to it and you can rest there too. The beach of Jablillo is a smaller size but is just as nice and more suited to idleness. You will be able to sunbathe in all tranquility. South of the city, you will find Bastian beach. The beach is composed of a mixture of sand, small stones and volcanic ash of the most beautiful effect. Small stones are known as picon. This beach is interesting to see. It is worth a look and you should go for a walk, if only to better know Costa Teguise and its surroundings.

A sumptuous environment

From Costa Teguise, you will have easy access to all the attractions of the island of Lanzarote. Thus, you will be able to visit the island in its totality and discover all the treasures that it recollects. The mirador del Rio is one of them. From there, you will have a breathtaking view of Graciosa, the neighboring island of Lanzarote. We are blown away by this beautiful panorama and it is difficult to look away from this magnificent view. There is also a gift shop at the Mirador del Rio. The viewpoint is located on a promontory of volcanic rocks and overlooks the sea at 475 meters above sea level. You will have an impressive view. In another register, you will also be able to visit Cueva de los Verdes. In this cave, you will find original rock formations and pass through different tunnels that contain the crypt, the oven of the devil or the skylight of Hartung. The visit of this cave is quite impressive and enjoyable. The tour is very well built. If you like underground caverns, then you will fall in love with the Jameos del Agua. They are located north of the island of Lanzarote and you can visit in a relaxing atmosphere these undergrounds. You will come across an underground lake of salt water, among other things fascinating. As you exit, you will come across an amazing white pool surrounded by palm trees. Beside this pool you will find a concert hall and if you are lucky you may be able to attend a show. We wish you because the setting is ideal and the sound of the room is perfect. The cactus garden is also a place that is well worth the trip. This garden is home to more than 1400 species of cactus different about 5000 m². The result is impressive and one wonders how many cactuses can be concentrated in this place. The garden was built using volcanic stones and has a form of amphitheater. We also find small ponds covered with water lilies and populated fish that give a touch of originality atypical. At the cactus garden, you will find a traditional souvenir shop, as well as bars and restaurants. Also in Lanzarote is the Timanfaya National Park. This park, proclaimed eighth national park of Spain, is also called Mountains of Fire. We understand very quickly why. In the south-west of the island, you will find an impressive landscape made entirely of volcanic rocks. This sight is quite disturbing and the vegetation is almost non-existent. A panoramic restaurant has also been built. This restaurant, called El Diablo, or the devil in French, uses a grill over a volcanic chimney. You will probably remember a long time of this atypical meal as the context is particular and original. The visit of Timanfaya National Park will take a little while. We experience quite strange sensations when we walk on these lands once inhabited and now devastated. The main eruptions took place in the 18th century. It almost feels like there was life again not so long ago. So you should really linger in this place that will make you look at volcanoes in general. Do not worry, you will not only see landscapes in ruins visiting Lanzarote and the island still reserves you pleasant surprises. The sea cave of Los Hervideros or the beaches of Papagayo are waiting for you impatiently and are just as fantastic places. Once back in Costa Teguise, you will be able to walk in the city and discover the many gardens it contains. A small walk in these gardens will allow you to relax in the most wonderful way. Many cafes will punctuate your walk and you can stop there to take a break and enjoy the gentle breeze of Costa Teguise. The cafes are of good quality, as are the restaurants. It will not be difficult to find something to satisfy the needs of your taste buds and stomach. Costa Teguise is an ideal city for walking and you will feel refreshed by the fresh air and the mildness of the atmosphere. Do not forget to enjoy the beautiful sunsets along the beach, this show is beautiful and will long be engraved in your memories.

A fantastic nightlife

After that, you can go to party in the many bars that Costa Teguise has. The resort is ideal for a night of madness and you will find a large number of thematic bars that will probably charm you and make you dance a good time. Without being crazy, the nightlife in Costa Teguise is dynamic enough to have fun. Enjoy a warm and friendly atmosphere for a night out. The restaurants are also open late at night. Costa Teguise is therefore a destination full of surprises and riches and to visit and discover the different places of the island of Lanzarote is a real pleasure. The resort is perfect for enjoying the sun and the heat. You will also appreciate the opportunity to practice windsurfing in a particularly adapted context. The city is always lively and your vacation will be full of encounters and pleasant surprises. Whether you are with family or friends, you will have fun and spend an excellent stay in Costa Teguise.

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Costa Teguise
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Canary Islands
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Las Palmas
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How to get there ?

How to get there

To reach Costa Teguise, you can fly to Arrecife Airport, located twenty minutes from the resort. From here you can take a shuttle that will take you directly to the city. Once in Costa Teguise, you will see that the small size of the city will allow you to walk without too much trouble. However, you should rent a car to enjoy the surroundings of Costa Teguise. You will be able to visit the whole island of Lanzarote and discover all its treasures and secrets that will not fail to enchant you. In view of the strong attendance of Costa Teguise by tourists, however, it is advisable to reserve the car in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Apart from that, nothing will prevent you from spending a day of dreams under the sun and you may fall in love with this very charming Canary Island. When you come back, you may miss the sun a bit and you will probably have one thing in mind: go back and leave enjoying all that Costa Teguise has to offer.

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