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The city of Adeje is included to the community Canary Islands and to the province Santa Cruz de Tenerife

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Adeje is a town south-west of the island of Tenerife in the Spanish archipelago of the Canary Islands. Ravines, cliffs, volcanoes and mountains, it is in an atypical and multiple landscape that this city does not cease to develop, while preserving the beauty of its inheritance. The treasures of the ocean here abound in colorful natural parks and luxurious hotels still resonate with the sounds of the Silbo Gomero, the region's typical whistling language. Athletes will find a wide range of activities: scuba diving, sailing, hiking or golf. Kids will whac the whales, or enjoy the waterslide water slides. And for lovers of relaxation, boat trips or day spa will meet all your expectations of quietness. Adeje, dream resort, certainly, but the curious will not be left out, the story that makes it is always accessible to who wants to discover it. From Church to Guanche archeological site, walk the paths that the cave-dwelling aborigines lead to, before siping on the beach a small glass of Aldea rum, typical of the region. region. Let yourself go to the song of the cicadas, in the shadow of the canary tree par excellence, the dragon tree! Adeje will have no trouble conquering you.

Points of interests / things to see

Between aboriginal vestiges and religious arts

In the center of the historic heart of Adeje stands Santa Ursula, a church with two naves. It is perhaps the city's chief town (or chief of culture), or at least the best known. The Spanish conquistadors have, for centuries, erected many religious buildings more beautiful than the other in the archipelago, and have developed a remarkable craftsmanship. To get a glimpse of it, the Sacred Art Museum will open its doors, exhibiting an impressive collection of tapestries dating back to the era known as "Gobelin", as well as pieces of art religious of all kinds. You will identify an architecture with Portuguese and Andalusian influences in the city walls, not to mention the characteristic caves of the Guanche era. The major tourist complexes and the economic strength of the city have not erased the deep roots of the country, the guanches, these warriors were the only masters of the archipelago until 1496 , surprising by their strength the Spanish military. For those who would like to further their research on this pre-colonial culture, you will be able to admire the deposits of engraved panels near the city, in the archeological areas of Morro Gruesco, Tijoco Bajo and El Roque del Conde.

A city turned towards the ocean

The story fascinates you, certainly, but holidays mainly rhyme with blue lagoon and bikini, is not it? Put on your swimsuits and throw yourself in the Atlantic Ocean. The most courageous will ride a jet-ski or grab a windsurfing, while lovers of aquatic flora and fauna will discover the submarine underwater diving, or will go watch whales and dolphins in their wake. natural environment. The beaches Playa del Duque, Playa Fanabà © and of course Las Americanas will stretch out under your feet their gold sand as far as the eye can see, lined with restaurants and bars of all kinds. A boat trip tempting you? Tours are organized by maritime clubs such as Charter Freedom and Freebird Funcat Sailing. The Dotsy Too will allow the Fà © rus of fish to practice the coastal fishing in addition to the cruising. Would you rather rent a boat for yourself and your family? On Playa Fanabà © you will find your happiness. Speak to the Euronotic, they will direct you to the boat best suited to your needs. And for the little ones who would like to wade safely and with a whole host of amusing attractions, go to one of the water parks, there is a dolphinarium or a water park offering extreme sports for the sturdiest!

A volcano facing the ocean

If we turn our backs to the sea, we quickly remember that Adeje is built in the shadow of Teide. Who is he? It is the impressive volcano, extinguished, you are assured (the last eruption dates from the year 1909), which overhangs the whole island of Tà¢ à¢ à ¢ â,¬Å¡ÃƒÂ ¢ à ¢ â € šÃ, © nà © rife. The latter offers a breathtaking landscape of hikers, and allows for sumptuous walks in the shade of umbrella pines and dragon trees. Take the giant's storm, and choose your favorite means of transportation: pedestrian or long-distance hikes? ATV rentals are also offered everywhere by the municipality. The island of Teneriffe admires no matter what, and we salute the efforts of the municipality to preserve the local fauna and flora. To this end, natural reserves have been created throughout the island. Ride the "real caminos" (trails in Spanish) of the Barranco del Infierno Reserve or go to the picking of the Canarian violets that grow at the top of Teide. The guanches chose the caves as their home, but some are still available, if the heart tells you! The island is famous for its prodigious underground cavities and other volcanic tubes. Some will take advantage of the cliffs to take out their paraglider and throw themselves with the winds of Atlantic in the air to see Adeje from the sky.

A bright and luxurious city

Enough sports activities for the day! Adeje has for some years become one of the most luxurious resorts of the archipelago, with one of the most modern hotels in the country. The hotels are multiplying while respecting the heritage, and offers offers for all budgets. After a moment of well-deserved relaxation at the edge of the pool, hit the ball at Golf Costa Adeje, championship golf course, with lush green spaces as far as the eye can see. The city, rich in so many tourist infrastructures, has obviously not forgotten the shopping streets! Your swimsuit does not match your par? You will find your happiness in one of the shopping centers adjacent to Playa del Duque and Playa Fanabé. Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque will delight those in search of luxury and salesmen available to accompany them during their purchases. Centro Comercial San Eugenio has an area of ​​more than 10,000 m2, four floors and a huge parking lot. This center offers everyone a variety of stunning services. For those who wish to take a holiday to a piece of creators, there are also the most chic shops in the Canary Islands.

What do we eat ?

Who says holidays abroad says foreign cuisine! Canarian specialties are a subtle mixture of European, African and South American influences. The gourmands will be satisfied in front of the twenty-three kinds of potatoes presented here. Accompanied by Canarian condiments, red sauce called mojos, they accompany almost all dishes. In Adeje, the recipes are certainly studied and subtle. These are especially carefully chosen products that give dishes their full quality. Soups, stews, and the famous conejo frito salmorejo, marinated rabbit Canarian, will surprise you and awaken your taste buds. It will be served in a warm family atmosphere in the small restaurant La Rambla, in the heart of the city. The Cueva del Guanche, meanwhile, will welcome you to a cave where you can lick your chops against a volcanic wall. The ocean is generous, lovers of fish and seafood will be filled. Boiled, dried, skewered or simply grilled, we eat them all! The curious traveler will choose to taste the octopus-vinaigrette entree. And drinks will you ask me? Well children will drink gallons of mango and papaya juice while the bigger ones will taste their palates with the flavors of local wines such as Negramol. Not to mention the rum-honey culture, drunk as a aperitif and / or digestive! For those who have chosen to rent an apartment and therefore a kitchen, go for a walk to Agromercado d'Adeje. It is the village farmer's market, open every Saturday and Sunday from eight o'clock in the morning to two o'clock in the afternoon. Here you will find all the fruits and vegetables grown by the local farmers.

For the night birds

At the end of the day, couples will admire the sunset before exploring Adeje's nightlife. Put away your flip flops and put on your dance shoes, the music will pulsate until the end of the night! Here the party is not a secret, we find on the coast a large number of different establishments, bars, restaurants, discotheques, concert halls, casinos ... The bars will open first light of the evening their dance floor, the musicians will take place, and from midnight, Spanish time requires, the DJs will install their turntables. Try your luck at the Playa de Las Américas Casino, or go spinning on the dancefloor to the sound of Latin music so popular in the Canaries. The most popular bars sought after by families are around San Eugenio, where every age group is reunited! Rock 'n' roll fans will meet at Soudchaser and dance to DJ mixes, or their excellent hits from the greatest rockers.

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Tips on how to get to Adeje

When to go to Adeje? The sun remains at the rendezvous practically all the year, only November can be rainy. As for housing, you will understand it there is only the embarrassment of the choice! From the big hotel complex, to the rental of an apartment through small campsites at attractive prices, such as Bajamar. For those who would like more privacy and would like to immerse themselves in Canarian culture, agritourism develops itself in Adeje. The farms offer you lodging and food throughout your stay. How to get to Adeje? It is 83 kilometers from Santa Cruz, capital of Tenerife. Many travelers will reach Santa Cruz by air, via a direct flight from Paris. It is the only island that does not require tourists to stop in Madrid or Barcelona. Many promotional travel offers will offer you a plane-hotel formula, very popular with French backpackers. On site, the bus company Tista will take care of you wherever you want on the island of Tenerife. Canarian buses, nicknamed "guaguas", are easily recognizable by their green color. Buy your tickets directly on board, or purchase a subscription of twelve or thirty euros if you are thinking about exploring the entire island. These subscriptions are not nominative. From Los Rodeos Airport, about 85 km from Costa Adeje, take bus 102 to Santa Cruz, followed by bus 111 or 110 to Adeje. You are finally here!

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