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The city of Terrassa is included to the community Catalonia and to the province Barcelona

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Terrassa, Spain

The city of Terrassa lies on the coastal plains in the northwest of Barcelona province, Spain. Located in the autonomous community of Catalonia, Terrassa was once a Roman town named Egara. With a population of over 210,000, this city is an important urban center of the Valles sub-region and it is in the middle of the metropolitan region. Today, Terrassa is an industrial hub being leaders in the manufacture of woolen clothing, glass, mosaics, carpets and cotton. It has one of the leading Textile school for engineers in this country and the home to the Biosca Museum of Historic Textiles. A historic city that showcases the rich legacy of churches from the 12th century that reflect different architecture designs from the Gothic, Baroque and the Romanesque period. Having a beautiful Mediterranean climate, visiting this city any time of the year is recommended. The currency used in Spain is the Euro.

Points of interests / things to see

The monumental group of the churches of Sant Pere

Terrassa was the ancient city of Egara, it had a beautiful cathedral that was built in 450, but it was destroyed in the 8th century and the site was the location for the three churches of Sant Pere that are standing today. This group of churches reflects the Byzantine model of antiquity. The group consists of two churches, Santa Maria and Sant Pere with a baptistery, Sant Miquel. Construction took centuries and it was finally completed in the 12th century. The church of Santa Maria has spectacular works of art, notice the murals that were created from the Romanesque period to the Gothic era and the altar stone that has been dated to the 10th century. There are medieval and Romanesque tombstones that give an insight into that period. The old Cathedral of Sant Pere has geometric mosaic designs from the 10th century and a beautiful nave from the 12th century. Admire the Gothic frescoes from the 13th century that are still vibrant and the stone altarpiece of this ancient church from the 10th century. The baptistery of Sant Miquel has the shape of the Greek cross and the walls are from the original church of the 6th century. The beautiful altarpiece of Sant Miquel (1450-51) was created by Jaume Cirera & Guillem Talarn. Link:

Vallparadís park

Terrassa has given a lot of importance to maintaining the heritage of its past and the Vallparadís park is one among them. The city took the initiative to preserve this green area and convert it into one of the biggest urban parks in Catalonia. This park has ancient monumental structures in its care, like the medieval bridge, the old castle, the Carthusian monastery of Vallpard, the Gothic building of Mas de la Castlania and the Churches of Sant Pere. Close to its boundaries are the modern marvels like the University of Terrassa, Textile museum and the Sant Llatzer hospital. Take a walk under the ancient trees and landscaped gardens and relax near the lake. This is the venue for concerts that have international and famous national artists along with Jazz musicians, entertaining the people in a beautiful green open zone. Terrassa celebrates many festivals and this park plays a major role in hosting them. Enjoy the carnival the arrival of Carnestotles, with a colorful street parade. The Kings Parade in January enacts the coming of the three wise men and their pages as they offer sweets and gifts to the children. There are regular theater and dance recitals throughout the year and the Jazz festival is popular in this city. Website:

Sant Cugat Del Vallés Monastery

Sant Cugat Del Vallés is a scenic town just 14 kilometers from Terrassa and it has one of the most important monastery in Barcelona, the Sant Cugat del Vallés monastery that was constructed in the 9th century. The church in this Romanesque cloister was built in the 12th century and it has the Chapter House and the monastery buildings nearby. In the 16th century, rooms were built at the upper Renaissance cloister and visitors can see the ruins of the ancient Palaeo-Christian monument inside the monastery. There was a development in agriculture and farms like the Can Rabella have been in existence from the 14th century. Notice the antique bell tower, dome and the altarpieces created by Pere Serra of All Saints. Spectacular artwork is displayed at the monastery and they highlight the work from the Romanesque to the Baroque. There are more than seventy capitals that are decorated with religious artwork in the cloister and it is acclaimed all over Europe. Surrounded by the natural beauty of this area, Sant Cugat has a few hermitages that can be found in the townships, take a visit to see Sant Audjutori and Santa Maria de Campanya. Visitors will enjoy the picturesque medieval castle Castell de Canals and the Gothic bridge, Can Vernet. Jardines del Monasterio s/n08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona (Catalonia)http://www.museu.santcugat.catTel.:+34 935896366

The Sagrada Familia Church

This church at Barcelona is about 36km away from the city center of Terrassa. A unique monument that was created by Antoni Gaudi at the pinnacle of his career. The Sagrada Familia church is a monumental church that is an engineering marvel with different shapes, curves and surrounded with breathtaking sculptures. A majestic structure that soars high into the sky, signifying the rise of the Sagrada family. This historic monument is one among the most visited in this country and it is a symbol of the Catalonian capital. Admire this perfect structure from the highest focal point, there is a lift or the adventurous can climb up the spiral staircase and reach the top at one hundred meters from below. Antoni Gaudi's creation is breathtaking and visitors will be able to admire the massive stained-glass windows, the religious sculptures and the decorations that enhances the appeal of this beautiful church. Gaudi took more than 40 years to design and construct this church after his death in 1926, they continued with the construction according to his original drawings. With 18 towers and the highest tower touching a majestic height of 170 meters, this church is an architecturally religious marvel. Notice the famous facades of the Birth and Passion of Christ, the brilliant Rosario doorway and the spectacular nave. Visit the museum to get a better understanding of the efforts put into this phenomenal work of art.

Santa Cova in Montserrat

This religious site is often called 'The Holy Grotto' and it is an important place of pilgrimage for the devout. Located about 19 kilometers from the city of Terrassa, legends claim that the image of the Virgin Mary was first seen inside this cave by young shepherds in 880, when a bright light descended from the sky. This occurred for the second time the following Saturday and their parents witnessed it too. The Bishop of Manresa came to confirm the reports of a mystical sighting and when he saw the image of the Virgin, he ordered the stone to be moved to Manresa, but decided against it, when it was not possible. This became a famous place of worship and a chapel was constructed just beside the Holy Grotto. The Chapel of the Holy Grotto was built with high walls to protect it against the slope of the mountain. The protocol demands that one remain silent inside the chapel. The altar has a reproduction of the image of the Virgin, while the original is at the Montserrat Basilica. A beautiful chapel with a hemispherical dome that naturally lets light onto the the place that the statue rests. This chapel is connected to the small cloister and there is a room for the pilgrims, a landscaped garden and a room for the monk, who still lives on site. This religious site has survived the war and a number of fires with divine intervention.

Catalonia Science And Technology Museum

This museum highlights the industrial heritage of Terrassa. It is a well planned museum that has permanent exhibitions and demonstrations to help understand the evolution of certain industrial equipments. On display are equipments pertaining to transport systems, textile industry, mining and factories. There are dramatized visits that will make the visitor understand the energy and effort involved in becoming an industrial city. Open: Tuesday to FridayTimings: 10:00 to 19:00

The Virgin of Montserrat.

The Black Madonna sits on an ornate throne decorated with Venetian mosaics in the chapel that was constructed in 1885 by Francese de Paula del Villar and Gaudi. This wooden idol was carved in Jerusalem and Pope Leo XIII declared it the Virgin of Montserrat. There are nine silver lamps around the sculpture and they represent the eight dioceses of Catalunya and Montserrat. The sculpture is enclosed in glass and her hand holding the sphere is left open for pilgrims to pay their respects. The beautiful doors of the room are made of embossed silver and were sculptured by Rafel Solanic, Josep Obiols and Manuel Capdevila.

Montserrat Natural Park

Located close to the Llobregat River and in between the Plain of Bages is the Montserrat National Park. A beautiful open area with many mountains, flora and fauna unique to this region. Explore St.Jerome, it is the highest peak in the area, the hermitages and rocks along the path are breathtakingly beautiful. Watch out for the wild goats and boars that can be spotted on the mountains along with the vipers! Birdwatchers will enjoy spotting the different types of birds at this park. There are five routes to discover this scenic setting and they begin from the Montserrat Monastery. Mountain climbing is another popular sport at this park. Stunning scenery and a pristine environment beckons you!

The museum of Montserrat

Just 19 kilometers from Terrassa lies the massive museum of Montserrat that houses six permanent collections and a couple of temporary exhibits. Take a stroll around the museum and discover works of Picasso and Caravaggio next to over one thousand other artwork. Majority of the artwork has been donated to the museum by private citizens. There are artifacts from Egypt, Cyprus and Mesopotamia. The iconography of the Virgin and the evolution of her depiction over the years. On display are many religious paraphernalia and engravings. Goldsmith Liturgical Objects that highlight the change in style and technique over the centuries.

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How to get there ?

Getting into Terrassa

The Barcelona Airport (BCN) is 40 kilometers from the city center of Terrassa. The quickest way to reach Terrassa is by the taxis that are available just outside the airport. Visitors can hire a car from the many international car hire companies that are located at the arrival terminal. Driving is a pleasure on these roads and it gives the flexibility to explore the surrounding sights. The RENFE operates trains between the airport and the railway station and from there embark on the regular trains to Terrassa. There are trains every 30 minutes and the journey by train takes about 40 minutes. The FGC railways connects Barcelona with Terrassa. The C58 and C16 connect Terrassa with Tarragona, and Manresa. There are several buses that connect this city with other towns like Castellar del Valles, Martorell, Sabadell, Sant Cugat del Valles, Rubi and Vacarisses. Getting around the city Buses are the cheapest way to move around the city, there are 14 bus lines operated by the Municipals d'Egara. Taxis are available and parking is not a problem if you are hiring a car.

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Ajuntament de Terrassa
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