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The city of Sitges is included to the community Catalunya and to the province Barcelona

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Sitges, Spain

Sitges is a sunny city on the coast of Garraf that is surrounded by mountains on the Mediterranean sea. A bohemian city with cultural monuments and carnivals that are fun and festive. It's long coastline and beautiful promenade with restaurants draw tourists each season. During the summer there are gay themed events that occur each evening. A holiday resort with local delicacies like xato and nightclubs that are open the whole night, visitors enjoy this city. Sitges is blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year, as it is protected by the mountains. March to June sees temperatures between 16 to 22 C. The waters maybe chilly for some visitors. Summer months between June to September are hot and humid with temperatures between 25 to 28 C. A perfect time to relax on the beach. It cools down by September to October and this is the best time to visit this city. December has cool temperatures of 13C.

Points of interests / things to see

Beaches of Sitges

Sitges is a happy town with lots of sunshine, it has 17 beaches that dot the coastline. Many of the beaches have fine golden sand and azure warm waters, that is a paradise for visitors. The main beach of Sitges is close to the beautiful Passeig Maritim and is bordered with quaint chiringuitos or beach side bars. Boarded by palm tree on the waterfront promenade with the cliffs overlooking the golf course, the beach is a visitors dream. The Sant Sebastià, Balmins and D’aiguadolç beaches are on the east and the magnificent Església de Sant Bartomeu is on the beach. The Balmins is a private bay and it is the nudist beach of this coast . The Bassa Rodona is the preferred beach by the gay community. Six of the beaches in Sitges has been awarded the ISO 14001 for it's pristine sands and clean waters with lifeguards on call. There are different activities on the beach from June to September, visitors will enjoy the water sports like diving and para-sailing and there are workshops in water aerobics. Contact the agencies near the beach. There is a treat of jellyfish in these waters during certain seasons, it is advised to avoid swimming during those times.

A walk through the city

Take a tour of this beautiful city and learn about it's culture and heritage. Walk through the Garraf natural park and you will be spellbound by the vineyards and scenic woods of Sitges. The 'Can Cabanyes' is a restored ancient stone farmhouse that will reveal the life in another era. Enjoy the Garraf Sweets with Malvasia de Sitges. The route to Can Ramon at the foothills of Montgros hills is picturesque, this is a century old masia that produces some of the best wines of this region. Walk through their cellar and at the end of the visit, indulge in their wines. A divine experience! The old town of Sitges is interesting, walk around the old wall, fisherman’s houses and notice the cannon that is on the bastion. The tour will take you through the residential area of Terramar, these are modern mansions from the beginning of the 1900s. Admire the modern style gardens, the beautiful Jardins de Terramar park and you could visit the old Terramar racetrack. Santiago Rusinol was a renowned writer and painter, who revolutionized Sitges with his festivals and his Cau Ferrat workshop. The village streets have interesting displays of numerous features aesthetically reflecting that period. Sitges Tourist BoardSínia Morera, 1Telephone: 93 810 9340


Sitges is a culturally rich city with beautiful museums and interesting art galleries. A beautiful town that attracts many tourists during the summer. This town has always embraced artists and you will find interesting works at the many museums of this town. The Museum Romantic is in the town center, and it is in a majestic 18th century building that was one of the poshest houses in this area during those times. Walk around and admire the famous collection of dolls and the game room and the ball room. Museu RomanticSant Gaudenci, 108870 Sitges, España Tel: +34 93 894 2969 The Museum Cau Ferrat was established by the renowned artist Santiago Rusinol at the end of the 19th century. He acquired two fishermen homes and combined them together to present awe inspiring art work created from glass and iron. This white washed mansion had been renovated with wooded beams and colored a bright blue to reflect these artifacts. On display are the his artwork and the work of his contemporaries, you will even say work of Picasso and a few of El Grecos at this museum. An enchanting museum in a tastefully renovated mansion, it is sure to impress the visitor. Museu Cau FerratCalle Fonollar08870 Sitges, España Telephone: +34 93 894 0364

- Festival of Sitges

The town of Sitges has many festivals, but the Festa Major between 21st July to 17th August each year is the important festival for the year. This is in honor of Sitges patron saint and the visitor will enjoy the impressive fireworks, traditional dances and the fire breathing acts. This is equivalent to the Mardi Gras with planning that begins for the next, as soon as the festival finishes for that year! The musicians play the Catalan wind instrument and lead the procession after the parish bells are rung, the party begins in the afternoon with folk dances, and costumed dancers dressed like the devil, dragon or the eagle. The afternoon is the staging of the Moixiganga, this is a traditional Sitges dance and it showcases the scenes of the Passion of Christ. Later in the afternoon, the civic procession takes the crowd from the home of the President of the Committee for that year's Festa Major and proceeds to the Standard Bearer of the Year, from here, they carry the image of the Saint back to the parish church. It is ceremoniously handed over and the procession continues the merrymaking as it winds it way through the streets of this joyous city, lots of color, music and dance follow the procession.

The Wine Trail

The Malayasia route takes the visitor to where Malyasia de Sitges is produced. The Malyasia is a white grape that makes the sweetest and the most aromatic of wines. The temperature and the salt in the air of Sitges, contributes to it's unique flavor. This cellar has been in existence from the 19th century, but it was donated by the Sitges diplomat Manuel Llopis I de Casades. The Llopid family bequeathed their wine business and properties to the Sant Joan Baptista Hospital on the condition that the legendary Malvasia wine will be continued to be produced. This is honored even today. The visitor can visit the modern hospital and the cellar where the different Malyasia de Sitges wines are produced. The house of the family of Lopis is now converted to the Museu Romantique. Take a drive to the Catalonia’s world famous Penedes vineyards. The tour will let you explore the vineyards on a mini train. During the ride on the mini train, visitor will learn about the vineyards on an audio presentation. Enjoy the tunnel of aromas and the tasting of these delicious wines at the end of the trip. You could buy a few of the wine bottles at the store. Miguel Torres: 0034 93 817 7487

Cementari San Sebastia

The Cementari San Sebastia is on a higher level than the city of Sitges. This ancient cemetery looks down on the village and gives panoramic view of the sea. Take a walk to this serene place with beautiful old sculptures that decorate the tomes. The old tombstones are intricately decorated and it is common to see fresh flowers and offerings beside the tombs. These sculptures have been created by artist like Frederic Marés, Manel Fuxà and Agapit Vallmitjana and they reflect the funeral art from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Cementari San SebastiaPlaca del Doctor Bartomeu Robert Opening Hours: Summer: Monday -Saturday: 08:00 - 13:00 and 15:00 - 17:00

Esglesia Sitges

The iconic church of the city of Sitges sits on a higher level over looking the beautiful beach of La Fragata. This white washed building is on the square of Placa Baluard, a charming place to sit and enjoy the scenic views of the coastline at the the background of the church. A steep flight of stairs leads down from the church to the coast, so visitors can go for a swim in the warm azure waters after visiting this ancient monumental church. Esglesia SitgesPlaca del Baluard

Local Cuisine

Sitges has a fine number of restaurants to taste the local delicacies of fresh fish, paella and tapas. There are different places that serve the traditional food, depending on your budget, you could visit the luxurious restaurants and sit down to a three course meal or get into the chirunguitos or the beach front restaurants and enjoy the scenery with your food. Try the Menu del Dia that lets you savor all the delicacies. Highly recommended are the Mezzanine on Carrer de Espalter, La Salseta and Fragata. Be aware that there will be no fresh seafood on Mondays as it is a day off.

Sitges Carnival

The city of Sitges comes alive during the annual carnival of the Gays during February and March. The city is invaded with party goers, who enjoy the carnival. Amazing floats of different themes and creatively designed line up throughout the streets. This procession passes the main streets and proceeds to the beaches. Fun, laughter and music are the attractions as loud music welcomes the floats of costumed participants. This is a time of happiness! Sitges is the city to be during the festivals on the northern Mediterranean coast of Spain.

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How to get there ?

Getting into Sitges and around the city

Sitges is a popular Catalunya city to visit and is perfect for a day trip from Barcelona. The Barcelona Airport (BCN) is about 32 km from Sitges and it takes about 30 minutes to reach the town center. There are direct coaches on a regular basis to Sitges. The train is another option to get into the city of Sitges. Bus: The MonBus runs from outside Terminal 1 into the city of Sitges, if you flight arrives at terminal 2, there are free shuttles to terminal 1. The MonBus runs every hour between the cities, but lesser during the weekends. Train: There are no direct trains from Barcelona airport to Sitges. Take the RENFE train C2 from the airport, disembark at the first stop El Prat de Llobregat and get a connecting train to Sitges. Car: Renting a car is a good option, if you will visit the neighboring cities from Sitges, the roads are good and the winding coastal drive is breathtaking. Getting around the city The city of Sitges is a beautiful city by the coastline and walking is the best option to visit the city center for shopping or visiting the museums. The beach is walking distance from the city, but taxis are easily available and the bus service is frequent and on schedule.

Sitges city hall

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Ayuntamiento de Sitges - Oficina de Atención Ciutadana
Passeig Marítim, 1, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona, Spain
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+34 936 36 08 33
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